Between this intentional move to differentiate himself as a candidate and his spotlight on the border issue, the alternate headline could be “Rick Perry officially announces 2016 run.” There’s no other explanation for his choice to specifically pick a fight with Rand Paul over what Perry flatly calls “isolationism.”

Report from the CSMonitor:

Since then, he’s been considering another run for the White House, weighing in on important issues, as he did this week in meeting with President Obama about those thousands of Central Americans – many of them children – streaming into the United States, crowding into detention facilities, and raising more questions about this country’s failed immigration policy.

Also this week, Gov. Perry laid out some of his ideas about US foreign and national security policy while taking on Rand Paul, the leader among 2016 GOP presidential hopefuls and an outlier among Republicans in how the US deals with the rest of the world.

Writing in The Washington Post, Perry said, “I can understand the emotions behind isolationism.”

“Many people are tired of war, and the urge to pull back is a natural, human reaction,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, we live in a world where isolationist policies would only endanger our national security even further.”

“That’s why it’s disheartening to hear fellow Republicans, such as Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), suggest that our nation should ignore what’s happening in Iraq,” Perry continued. “The main problem with this argument is that it means ignoring the profound threat that the group now calling itself the Islamic State poses to the United States and the world.”

Paul “advocates inaction,” Perry charged, “going so far as to claim … that President Ronald Reagan’s own doctrines would lead him to same conclusion. But his analysis is wrong. Paul conveniently omitted Reagan’s long internationalist record of leading the world with moral and strategic clarity.”

For Perry to toss out terms like “isolationist” and accuse Paul of ignoring what is going on in Iraq is as close to a direct attack in a Republican primary as you can get.


  1. Remember when Perry was complaining that we were not pouring enough money into ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State–in order to bring down the Syrian government?

    On every topic, Perry’s “thinking” is two-dimensional.

    While it would be nice if someone could stop every war in the world, smite every dictator, avenge every wrong, and, well, give us an economic advantage, that “someone” will squander its wealth and accomplish nothing. I have felt that our involvement in Afghanistan and especially Iraq is not only counterproductive, but a modern version of the Spanish Armada, which was intended to “teach the English a lesson,” but ended Spain’s run as a world power.

    The fact is, if you can’t convince people to stop fighting, you have to let them hash it out, like kids on the playground. Getting involved just makes you the enemy of both sides.

    First, we knocked down Saddam, the Sunni counterbalance of Iran. Now, Perry wants us to fight the Sunni “Islamic State,” which is the enemy of Iran. If we really want to control the Sunnis, shouldn’t we just form an alliance with Iran, and get it over with??

      • Shouldn’t be. Our foreign policy should be, simply, “Don’t Tread On Me.”

        People like Perry want us to tread on EVERYBODY.

    • Goethe — good post.

      Wonder if Rand Paul will take this silly bait (” being isolationist”) and try to “redefine” himself….

      Or will Rand Paul stick to his guns and state that he is not an isolationist, but a REALIST, while Perry is a two-face demagogue — trying to secure the US border at no cost, but willing to spend Billions on more Foreign wars…?!

  2. Perry is making a mistake — the American People would rather be “isolationists” nowdays, instead of allowing the Gov to start war after war, when none are won so far, nor can any more wars be financed without bankrupting US further!

    Perry has justly had his 15 minutes — but, come 2016 he’d be forgotten just like he was in 2012.

    Rand Paul is the only sane choice for US President 2016 — all others from the GOP are non-entities, bordering on Dems in Rino disguise….

    • Surfisher;
      The one statement you make which I totally agree with you is that America today doesn’t want to get involved in foreign engagements and the Democrats realize this.
      President Obama gave 60 seconds to a statement on the airliner attack before cracking jokes and swooping off on Air Force 1 (wheels up @ 3:07 PM) for two fundraisers to NYC. Asked by television interviewer Charlie Rose about the aircraft going down in the Ukraine Hillary Clinton responded “So the Europeans have to be the ones to take the lead on this. It was a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpar over European territory. There should be out rage in European capitals ” After noting that the world should put Russian President Putin on notice and not “stand idly by” Mrs. Clinton assured Mr. Rose that the United States would stand idly by. Possible 2016 Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren outlined in a speech to liberal bloggers at a “Netroot Nation” convention “The 11 Commandments of Progressivism” ….all of which focused on domestic issues. When asked for a comment on Israel /Hamas fighting she declined. And finally Sen. Harry Reid assures us that our southern border is secure.
      Not only are we supposed to ignore any lack of experience for our presidential candidates but any knowledge in foreign affairs as well. Republicans might want to take note before they talk themselves out of another election as being “OVERQUALIFIED”.

      • Bob — Republicans are done unless the Tea Party has major wins.

        Dems = Repubs = insane Big Nasty Gov.

        Tea Party = Return to the Constitution and Sanity!

      • The irony is that Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Obama’s foreign policy, but when asked about specific issues, they want us to do EXACTLY what Obama is (and is not) doing.

  3. On Foreign Policy — what is Rand Paul’s, Perry’s and your take on this?

    ***US, Europe escalate economic sanctions on Russia***:

    My take — having no major Muslim terrorists left to star a war on…let’s now pick one with Russia (after all, the only way this insane government of ours can hang on to the ultimate power they desire (removing all our freedoms and thus subjugating US) is to keep on warring non-stop with anyone!

    The best way to subjugate free people is to make them so poor, that they’ll have to work so much more to make ends meet, that the People will have no time to pay attention to anything else — such as what crooked politicians are up to, so the Gov gets to do what it wants, while the citizens are too busy working JUST to put bread on the table!

    Sanctions work both ways — hurt the “enemy” but this also hurt us economically! The rich get richer, and the poor…..

    But wars are best! Billions upon of billions of Dollars can be wasted over just a few weeks — and the longer the war goes on, the more money it costs! What a monetary bonanza for the International Jews that own our National debt, and charge US interest for it!

    Has anyone EVER STATED to WHOM we owe these Trillions of US Debt?

    What private enterprise could possibly make LEGITIMATE PROFIT to finance a nation — the USA — let alone the world?! The HONEST WORK to produce such an immense fortune is mathematically calculated that from 50,000 years ago TILL NOW, all humans had to work 120 hrs a week for one company to make such an amount HONESTLY!

    Who are these people that we OWE Trillions of Dollars as a Nation (names and address)…?!?!

    None will EVER be mentioned in the media — but they are the profiteers from every war they started in memorable history!

    Read Henry Ford’s writings!

    • The most telling work on who owns US, and thus has the most say on Foreign Policy is :

      The most revealing book: ‘None dare call it Conspiracy’ — by Gary Allen (published 1971) gives the best info on these usurers that own most of the world finances. Since their exposure in 1971 many have morphed by now to evade exposure, so no-one talks about them as a matter of fact now-days. It all started with the Rothschilds in the early 1800’s — good luck tracking this evil over the next 200 years, and the many, many minions they’ve spawned!

      ALL must own a copy of this book — and while it was banned (“out of print”) for many years, now it is available here:

  4. I like Goethe’s “Don’t Tread on Me”; but we need to carry a much Bigger Stick and a POTUS that will roar! stay the fk out of the Middle East but ship some Nukes to Israel and say, “feel free if Hamas and Iran don’t pay attention. Keep a wary eye on China and sick NATO, the UN, and rest of the world on Russia – and cut off their economic balls.

    • Sam:

      Israel already has gotten free nukes from US since the 1960’s — we don’t need to give them more, but take back the ones we gave them!!! (for Israel is a Terrorist Rouge State, that depends on our Gov to protect their expansionist policy, THUS CREATING MORE MUSLIM TERRORIST THAT HATE US, since their AIPAC Lobby gets to elect their chosen in our Gov, that promote Israel’s policy, not OURS)!

      The more we support Israel — the more Muslims will hate us, and will TRY to do harm to US!

      Cutting off Israel will be a big step in reclaiming our Free Republic, and will put a stop to INSANE Muslims targeting US!

      Cutting off China will go a big way in restoring our Economy!

      As far as Russia — why go after them?! They are teetering economically and thus represent no longer a threat like the USSR did!

      Our biggest Enemies are China and Israel:

      1) China has taken over our economy by substituting their inferior cheap slave-labor goods, replacing quality American Made products, in EVERY SINGLE STORE IN THE USA…try and buy something that’s not Made in China)!

      China not only owns our market, but also a lot of our Debt and is buying up most of the Gold Bullion!

      2) Israel — using their AIPAC elected officials to CONTROL OUR GOVERNMENT and make US war on Muslims (have we had any war that has not been against Muslims and for Israel’s benefit in the last 20+ years..?!)!!!

      Wake up Americans — know thy enemies, and stop them!

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