In a field where no Republican has risen out of the teens in terms of voter support, it appears Jeb Bush has moved the needle slightly in his favor according to a new CNN poll. Following his announcement that he’s “actively exploring” a 2016 campaign, the new poll now finds him with 23% of GOP primary voters lending support.

Report from CNN:

Jeb Bush is the clear Republican presidential frontrunner, surging to the front of the potential GOP pack following his announcement that he’s “actively exploring” a bid, a new CNN/ORC poll found.

He takes nearly one-quarter — 23% — of Republicans surveyed in the new nationwide poll, putting him 10 points ahead of his closest competitor, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who tallied 13%.
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Physician Ben Carson comes in third, with 7% support, and Sen. Rand Paul and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee are both tied for fourth with 6%.

That marks a drop in support for all but Christie and Bush from the last CNN/ORC survey of the field, conducted in November. That poll showed Bush in the lead, but only taking 14% of the vote, while Carson came in second with 11% and Christie tied Rep. Paul Ryan for fourth with 9% support.

Bush’s 10-point lead is a milestone for the potential GOP field — it marks the first time any prospective candidate has reached a lead beyond a poll’s margin of error in the past two years. [Emphasis added]

Before you point out that at least 77% of GOP primary voters would prefer someone other than Bush, I emphasized the last sentence of that article as a rebuttal. For months, there has been little to no movement in the polling trends with candidates topping off around fifteen to seventeen percent in most cases on the Republican side.

A similar poll from January, 2011, found Mitt Romney the leader of the pack with 17% support. Therefore, I’d conclude Jeb Bush is at least in the same position that Romney was in 2012, if not better.


  1. I appreciated Jeb for his efforrt to save the life of Terri Schiavo when the tragedy of her death was happening and could vote for him for that reason but think it is extremely unwise to run “another Bush” which furthers the likelihood of being accused of running a dynasty, making him one of the few Republicans who could lose to Hillary and for that reason the DNC would go into overdrive trying to compel us to accept him as the nominee of the party. No, if the party with which I have been voting these past 40+ years really wants to win for a change, they will nominate Ted Cruz for President in 2016 instead, to the rescuing of America.

  2. Americans like leaders–people who do stuff. That’s why Obama’s numbers have jumped from 40% to 48% in just six weeks of taking charge. In this case, Jeb was just an “option” before, whose mother seemed to be against him. But now, he has taken action–made a commitment. He’s in the news, and that makes him visible.

    The best thing about Jeb beginning to set up a campaign is that nobody’s talking about Romney, anymore.

    • Goethe — “The best thing about ‘Jebediah’ beginning to set up a campaign is that nobody’s talking about Romney, anymore.”

      That’s your best post this year!

      Funny as can be, and thankfully SPOT ON!

  3. Looks like i finally got verified by Discus – so I’ll comment now and then – but not active as I used to be. I notice Goethe and Bob and Surfisher are still going strong.

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