There have been numerous articles touting 2016 as the year when libertarian political philosphies may be poised to make a splash into the mainstream debate of presidential politics. Most reference Rand Paul as the vehicle by which these policies are gaining a spotlight within the Republican Party. The issues of limited government, fewer regulations, and the protection of personal privacy have been hot-button issues since the NSA spying revelations and the continued growth of government in general.

Report from Breitbart:

Recent polls indicate that libertarian ideas are gaining traction among voters, especially with “Millennials” under the age of 33, a group whose strong support was critical to the election of Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

According to a February 2014 Pew Research Poll, only 31 percent of Millennials believe there is much difference between the Democratic and Republican parties (compared to 49 percent of Baby Boomers.) Even more significantly, a majority of Millennials support such classic libertarian positions as legalization of pot, gay marriage, and a less interventionist foreign policy.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), the son of libertarian icon and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul, is well positioned to harness this growing libertarian sentiment in a likely 2016 run for the Republican Presidential nomination. Robert Draper argued in the New York Times Magazine last week that while a national “libertarian moment” may have arrived, Senator Paul may be unable to exploit it.

I’m skeptical to think that the mainstreaming of libertarian thought is going to make huge waves in the Republican primaries but there is no denying that Rand Paul is attempting to harness these issues to expand the voter base. Young people who may not be in line with social issues will, however, be enticed by a message of less government intrusion into their personal lives, specifically in the area of the internet and communications.

Is 2016 the year of the libertarian?


  1. Sen. Paul’s views in many cases are MORE NUANCED today than they have been in the past in order to attempt to attract young libertarian voters and to APPEASE THE ESTABLISHMENT wing of the party in case he gets the 2016 nomination. Especially regarding his foreign policy views which has been branded “ISOLATIONIST” by the establishment wing. As I questioned previously I wonder how the current Middle East situation is going to further affect his foreign policy outlook?

    Below is the “Politico” article entitled: “Rand Paul’s Biggest Flip-Flops”

          • Yeah. Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook is as important an invention as the printing press. The ego on that guy. I’d say the INTERNET is as important as the printing press. Facebook just has the importance of a Fort Knox printing press.

  2. I don’t see any indication that the country wants to go Libertarian by furthering individual freedoms and shrinking government. Quite to the contrary it seems the country wants to further the culture wars while demonizing anyone who disagrees. America in 2014 is short sighted and childlike in the sense it doesn’t want personal restrictions by government,religion or any authorities but is extremely sympathetic to extending the nanny state. As was witnessed in 2012 Americas 47%’ers don’t want to give up government subsidies. The country is looking no further than TODAY by the citizens and the next election by our elected officials. Democratic Presidents will have no qualms about sending troops to war not because it is in the national interest but to paint it as “humanitarian or peacekeeper” missions using slogans like “pin prick actions”. Our president uses children as human shields just as Hamas does to justify his means ( border crisis) and Progressives publicly denounce and crucify Conservatives and Christians that disagree with their elitist world views. This is hardly the road to Libertarianism !

    It would seem Sen. Paul realizes this and is evolving his views to one size fits all.

    • ZioBob — what claptrap (“I don’t see any indication that the country wants to go Libertarian by
      furthering individual freedoms and shrinking government.”)

      Of course you don’t see it — since you watch what MSM tells you is “true”.

      In none other recent period of time has the Cause for Liberty — Individual Rights, Constitutional ONLY Law, and Limited Gov — been espoused louder an clearer than today!

      Just look at all the Ron Paul rallies, College Campuses, NRA conventions, etc. — that are seen on alternative media…and get THE REAL PICTURE what the SILENCED Real American Majority STAND FOR!

      Silent for now (by your Zionist likes), but not for long!

  3. Ron Paul — the last honest American?!?

    Watch this 15 minute video:

    “Ron Paul has rekindled the Fire of Freedom…make no mistake, this is the cause of our lives, and like it or not, Liberty is on the way” !!!

    If you think for a second that his son, Rand Paul, will deviate from his father’s teachings once elected as US President…you’d be wrong!

    Rand Paul knows how to play this disgusting “dirty pool” that is DC Politics — the Zionists scene of politically bought by AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee) members of Congress and Senate…and still survive by pretending not to rock The Zionists owned boat that is today’s USA Gov!

    If you think me wrong — watch the future from now till 2016 election …and I’ll be proven right. Rand Paul has avoided ALL TRAPS that OUR Zionist owned MAIN STREAM MEDIA could possible make him a into a villain. But, they’ll invent stuff TO STOP HIM, because they know he is his Father’s Son, and as US president will return us to Liberty !

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