The remaining primaries and caucuses to be held in March have all been postponed essentially clearing the calendar for a minimum of several weeks, perhaps longer. The Democratic Primary is in a shambles with regard to any ongoing campaigning or public events for Sen. Bernie Sanders or former vice president Joe Biden.

So far, here is the list of primaries and caucuses canceled in March and April due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. This list is as exhaustive as it could be up to this minute, but things are changing by the hour as states and local officials continue to assess the situation and announce their plans publicly.

Please check with your local election commission or the state authorities at the links below to get the most up to date information.

Alaska Primary and Hawaii Primary
Original Date: April 4
Status: Both state primaries will continue as planned but they’re encouraging voters to vote by mail. Limited in-person voting hours will still take place on April 4, check with your local precinct or election officials.
More Information: Alaska Board of Elections or Hawaii Office of Elections

Connecticut Primary
Original Date: April 28
Rescheduled Date: June 2
More Information: Connecticut Secretary of State

Georgia Primary
Original Date: March 24
Rescheduled Date: May 19
More Information: Georgia Secretary of State

Indiana Primary
Original Date: May 5
Rescheduled Date: June 2
More Information: Indiana Secretary of State

Kentucky Primary
Original Date: May 19
Rescheduled Date: June 23
More Information: Kentucky State Board of Elections

Louisiana Primary
Original Date: April 4
Rescheduled Date: June 20
More Information: Louisiana Secretary of State

Maryland Primary
Original Date: April 28
Rescheduled Date: June 2
More Information: Maryland State Board of Elections

Ohio Primary
Original Date: March 17
Rescheduled Date: June 2 has been proposed but not finalized
More Information: Ohio Secretary of State

Puerto Rico Primary
Original Date: March 29
Rescheduled Date: April 26 at the earliest but an exact date has not yet been set
More Information: Puerto Rico State Election Commission

Wyoming Caucus
Original Date: April 4
Rescheduled Date: In-person caucusing is canceled but Democratic voters may pick up a paper ballot and drop it off on either March 28 or April 4.
More Information: Wyoming Democratic Party

We are attempting to keep the 2020 Primary Schedule updated as these changes roll out publicly and states make their final decisions on postponing a primary or caucus.