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Which Candidate is “Most Electable” in 2020?

Well, for Republicans, it eventually didn't matter in 2016. The arguments against Donald Trump all started with the premise that he was unelectable in...
Beto O'Rourke 2020

Warren Falls While O’Rourke Becomes 2020 Flavor of the Month

Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and progressive activist, has been slowly fading in terms of her 2020 star power. A series of missteps recently,...

Blue Wave Rises as Kavanaugh Fades?

Well, Democrats see it rising in their quest to take back the House, but maybe not the Senate. New data which follows the post-Kavanaugh...

First 2020 Democratic Primary Debate Looms Over Large Field

The 2018 elections haven't happened yet, but many Democrats are already looking toward 2020 with an eye on the very first 2020 Democratic Primary...

Why Is Trump’s Approval Tanking?

In our reporting on Tuesday’s primary, we noted that Donald Trump is on the upswing, according to the RCP average of reliable polls. His...

Pollsters Puzzled by Possibilities in Alabama

There’s a myth that the polls were wrong in last year’s presidential race. They were not. Certainly, the polls swung wildly, but that’s not...

Trump Called “Idiot” By Poll Respondents

The big story these days is Donald Trump’s firing of FBI head James Comey. But the conservative Washington Examiner notes that a new...

Sanders Looks for Upset in Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri

The Democratic primary is becoming more of a competitive race as Bernie Sanders continues accumulating delegates and claiming some upsets, like when he won...

Movement in New Hampshire: Rubio to 2nd

It didn't take long for the reverberations from Iowa to start having an effect on New Hampshire polls for the Republican side. As it...

Christie, Paul most at risk of losing primetime debate spots

While other GOP candidates, such as Carly Fiorina, have built on a successful debate performance and are hoping to move into primetime on September...

Hillary support erodes in Colorado, Iowa and Virginia

For the first time in this election cycle, Hillary Clinton is topped by several Republican candidates in key battleground states according to the latest...

Rubio pollster: GOP needs 40% Latino vote to win White House

The Republican Party has been wrestling with this topic for years now. Every time the question of immigration reform comes up, it is tied...