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Gamblers See Tighter 2020 Race

We recently did a full article about the betting site, and how tilted it was toward Joe Biden. We said we anticipated...

Think You Know Who Will Win the Presidency?

We like to check in on PredictIt from time to time, to see how the gamblers are viewing the presidential race. It...
Trump 2020 Reelection

Gambling Site Betting Against Trump in 2020

We want to give you a full view of the 2020 campaign. There are polls, of course, but there are also betting odds. The...
Halloween Midterm 2018 News Roundup

Trick or Treat: Halloween 2018 Midterm News Roundup

Alright, folks, we're less than a week out now from Election Day next Tuesday. The month of October seems to have flown by and...

Forget the Polls—Many Signs Point to Trump Win

At least artificial intelligence thinks Donald Trump will win. No kidding. That really is the story. CNBC reports that Trump is...

You Can Bet on Lots of Debate Angles

Nearly everybody says the current campaign is “insufferable,” or words to that effect. We are being bombarded every day to vote for one...

Trump’s Behind in Polls, But it’s a Long Way to November

Nothing is certain this year, and change is the only constant. So we are not predicting the outcome in this piece. This is just...

Could Ted Cruz Win Indiana?

Could Ted Cruz surprise everyone with a win in Indiana? Most of the polls say he’ll lose. The odds-makers give him almost...

Tuesday Should be ‘Music to the Ears’ of Clinton and Trump

Since everyone is remembering “the artist formerly known as Prince” this week, let’s look at “Just Another Manic Tuesday” of primaries. And regarding...

Polls and Odds for New York Primary–Plus a Look Ahead

Going into the New York Primary today, let’s look at the numbers. They point to big wins by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, though...

Polls, Odds, States, Delegates, Popular Vote–Where We Stand

This page is our effort to give you a view of both what to expect from Wisconsin primary, and where we stand in the...

Divergence in Spudland: Polls and Bettors differ on Idaho

We are watching polls AND the betting table. A lot of times, this year, the polls have been so old as to be...