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Full Video: President Trump ‘Keep America Great’ Rally in Wildwood, New Jersey (Jan 28)

President Trump speaks in Wildwood, New Jersey, for a "Keep America Great" campaign rally. Alternate Video Links: Fox News (YouTube), PBS NewsHour (YouTube) Date: Tuesday, January...
2018 Midterm Senate Races

2018 Midterm Senate News Update

There has been movement in some U.S. Senate races where Republicans have gained ground in Arizona and Texas. Democrats are also pouring some money...

Trump Rebuked In 2017, Obama Rebuked In 2009

There is an unwritten rule of modern politics that concerns Virginia and New Jersey elections. Since 1989, the party that wins the White House...

Election 2017: Recap and Analysis

Democrats won big Tuesday night, including Virginia, New Jersey, and a slew of smaller races around the country. Some analysts are calling it the...

Election Day 2017: Watching Virginia (and New Jersey)

It's Election Day, and most localities will be voting on town council seats or state referendums. Except in Virginia and New Jersey, where voters...

Democrats Might Lose a Senate Seat to Chris Christie

With the nonstop Trump-a-palooza of news coverage, the upcoming corruption trial of Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) has gone largely unreported. As it stands, Menendez...

Cruz Citizenship Case Goes to Court in New Jersey

For many years, there have been arguments about the exact meaning of the Constitutional phrase, “natural born.” It’s a requirement for one to become...

Video: Chris Christie announces 2016 presidential run

As of this morning, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has officially joined the 2016 Republican field. This makes a total of fourteen Republicans with...

Report: Chris Christie launching 2016 campaign next week

The speculation has continued in recent months as to whether New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would forgo a 2016 campaign in light of faltering...