Full Video: Trump Rally in Wildwood, New Jersey (May 11)

Former President Trump held a massive rally on Saturday in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Here are all the rally details including the live stream, start time, and how to watch Trump’s rally online.

Trump Rally in Wildwood, New Jersey
When: Saturday, May 11, 2024
Time: 5:00 pm ET
Where: Wildwood Beach in Wildwood, NJ
Full Video: Watch Below

Full Video – Trump Rally in Wildwood, NJ (May 11)

Watch the full video below below provided by RSBN and Rumble:

Alternate Stream Links: RSBN-TV, RSBN (YouTube)

For Trump, this will be his second visit to the city of Wildwood at a rally expected to draw tens of thousands this weekend according to local news reports:

Wildwood, New Jersey, is gearing up for its second visit in four years by now-former President Donald J. Trump.

Saturday’s upcoming campaign rally is expected to add many more people to what was already expected to be a busy weekend for the Jersey Shore town.

The January 2020 rally for then-President Donald Trump was held in the dead of winter inside the Wildwoods Convention Center.

“Security’s very tight. It’s very tight,” Wildwood Mayor Erinie Troiano Jr. explained.

Saturday’s event will take place several blocks north on the beach at a location that can accommodate a much bigger crowd. Access to the site has already been restricted.

The 5 p.m. ticketed rally for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is expected to add tens of thousands of people to what was already set to be a busy Mother’s Day weekend.

Meanwhile, a popular spring boardwalk car show and a cheer competition at the convention center are also on the calendar.

Some estimates put the crowd size as high as 50,000 with Trump publicizing his rally on live television outside the courthouse in New York this week:

Watch Trump’s rally live at the stream above starting in the early afternoon. Follow the Trump rally schedule for details and notifications on all upcoming Trump rallies and events.

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