There has been movement in some U.S. Senate races where Republicans have gained ground in Arizona and Texas. Democrats are also pouring some money into New Jersey to support embattled incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez despite his double-digit lead. The fear is that Menendez is on shaky ground, and Democrats may have decided that he needs to be protected. Here is a rundown of what’s been happening in the past few days. Check the 2018 Midterm Senate Ratings and you’ll see some movement toward Republicans in key races such as North Dakota and Texas.

Missouri Senate: Missouri Senate race goes down to the wire as battle over health care heats up

Incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill is still the favorite to win this race, but the contest has started getting ugly. Republican challenger Josh Hawley is challenging McCaskill on issues such as healthcare and the nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, two topics which continue to make waves with Missouri voters. McCaskill, ever aware of her political survival in a red state, has been gentle in criticizing President Trump, though is not afraid to say where she disagrees with him. Hawley has accused McCaskill of playing nice with Trump in front of Missouri voters yet still voting with liberal Democrats in Washington, DC. – Read on CBS News

Montana Senate: Trump’s remarkable third trip to Montana could ‘nationalize’ Senate race

Republicans really want to unseat incumbent Democrat Jon Tester in Montana, and President Trump is all-in on the race making a third trip to the state. Republican challenger Matt Rosendale has run a strong campaign and the higher-than-usual level of interest from the President has plucked this race from obscurity and thrust it into the national spotlight. Tester has continued to play more toward the middle but has voted against the President on some key issues which have become an opening for Rosendale. Trump won Montana by 20 points in 2016 so it makes sense for him to campaign there and give Rosendal much-needed publicity over Tester. – Read on the Independent Record

Ariona Senate: Guns, socialism and mushroom clouds: How Republicans hope to supercharge GOP enthusiasm

The open race in Arizona continues to become more intense as both candidates increase attacks on each other. Republican Martha McSally has turned away from issues such as the economy or tax policy and has started embracing culture war issues like the Second Amendment and painting her opponent as a socialist. McSally is working to bring out the GOP base with the expectation that she’ll lose some independents and moderates. So far, McSally is leading slightly but the race remains a toss-up. – Read on AZCentral

New Jersey Senate: Democratic PAC To Spend $3 Million To Try And Save Menendez In New Jersey

When the news broke that a Democratic PAC plans to spend $3 million in New Jersey, of all places, it raised some eyebrows considering the political makeup of the state. Conventional wisdom would say that in a year when a “blue wave” is being predicted by some, that surely a Democrat in New Jersey wouldn’t have any trouble. However, incumbent Sen. Bob Menendez is having trouble closing the deal against Republican Bob Hugin. Polls put Menendez ahead by 7 points on average, which is a little close for comfort according to some Democratic strategists. Menendez is suffering from a 2017 corruption trial, which ended in a mistrial, where he was accused of taking money and trips from South Florida eye doctor. – Read on The Daily Caller