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Democrats Find Victory With Suburban Voters

Democrats scored big victories in Virginia and Kentucky last night, while Republicans held on in Mississippi. In what's being viewed as a preview of...

Election Day 2019: Will Results Impact the 2020 Presidential Election?

It's Election Day in 2019 and many Americans are headed to the polls for what usually consists of a variety of local races such...
Mitch McConnell Chuck Schumer 2020

Chuck Schumer Targeting Mitch McConnell’s Senate Seat in 2020

While the big race next year is for president, who controls the Senate is also important. Currently, the GOP has a six-seat edge, 53-47....

These Primaries Aren’t as Exciting, But Still Noteworthy

There’s not much interest in the Republican primaries anymore. The Donald doesn’t have any competition. The maneuvering and back-stabbing is now illustrated...

May 17th Primary Results

There are two states voting today in primaries across the country. The big race is the Kentucky Democratic primary where Hillary Clinton is hoping...

Rand Paul: ‘I’m running for president in 2016’ (Video added)

As of today, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced his intention to seek the presidency in 2016. After delivering a formal announcement speech (video as...

Rand Paul Sets April Date for 2016 Campaign Launch

The announcement will come on April 7, 2015, at a speech delivered in Louisville, Kentucky. It had long been rumored Paul was targeting April,...

Rand Paul lobbies Kentucky GOP to hold a caucus in 2016

Rand Paul has been wrestling with a Kentucky law which states that a candidate's name cannot appear on a primary ballot for more than...

Rand Paul’s Kentucky problem still remains after 2014

As mentioned previously, the law in Kentucky forbids a candidate's name from appearing more than once on the ballot. In the case of Senator...

More polls pointing to Republican Senate in November

As we get closer to Election Day, it's becoming more and more likely that Republicans will control the upper chamber for the next session....

In 2016, Rand Paul must choose between Senate or White House

A little known fact in Kentucky is that state law dictates a candidate cannot appear more than once on a ballot. When applied to...

2014 Primary Super Tuesday: KY, GA, PA, OR, AR, and ID

In terms of the 2014 midterm election, today is the Super Bowl for primaries around the country. Some of the biggest races will see...