As of today, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced his intention to seek the presidency in 2016. After delivering a formal announcement speech (video as soon as it’s available) in Louisville, Kentucky, Paul will embark on a tour of early primary states spreading his campaign message.

Report from CNN:

Louisville, Kentucky (CNN)For Rand Paul, it’s all led to this moment.

Since riding the tea party wave into the Senate in 2010, Paul has carefully built a brand of mainstream libertarianism — dogged advocacy of civil liberties combined with an anti-interventionist foreign policy and general support for family values — that he bets will create a coalition of younger voters and traditional Republicans to usher him into the White House.

The test of that theory begins Tuesday when the Kentucky senator makes official what has been clear for years: He’s running for president.

“I am running for president to return our country to the principles of liberty and limited government,” Paul said on his new website.

A formal announcement will come at a rally in Louisville and he’ll immediately hit the campaign trail, swinging through New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada — the states that traditionally vote first in the primaries and caucuses.

As noted, Paul will formally announce today during a speech at 12pm ET from Louisville, Kentucky. Once his remarks are complete, I’ll bring you the full video here. Stay tuned…


Watch the announcement entire video of Rand Paul’s campaign announcement speech below:

Report from the UK Daily Mail:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul told a raucous crowd in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday that he will build his presdiential campaign on ‘a message that is loud and clear, and does not mince words: We have come to take our country back.’

He will blast ‘special interests that use Washington, D.C. as their personal piggy bank’ if he wins the White House, Paul promised a cheering, packed ballroom.

‘The Washington machine,’ he said, ‘must be stopped.’

Paul’s official announcement Tuesday that he would run for president in 2016 came at the beginning of what observers are already calling an unconventional campaign.

Donors and family members of Paul campaign insiders said Monday night at a pre-launch party that the ‘wild card’ senator would surprise much of the political establishment by being an ‘un-candidate’ who turned traditional campaign wisdom on its head.

He took aim at Republicans along with Democrats on Tuesady, saying ‘both parties and the entire political system are to blame’ for dwindling freedoms in America.

‘Big government and debt doubled under a Republican administration, and it’s now tripling under Barack Obama’s watch,’ he said.

It was a speech that touched on several key issues. Paul spent time illustrating his devotion to minority issues such as sentencing reform and equal justice, as well as hitting red-meat conservative issues like excessive taxation and unleashing the economy.

Any thoughts on Paul’s speech? Leave them below..


  1. OK, now that Rand is officially running for Senator and President, I suggest that he run for Pope, too.

    The old guy has already said he doesn’t think he’ll be Holy See for very long, and if Frances learns that Rand wants the job, he might just step aside, like the Nazi Pope did. . . .

  2. Rand Paul’s “principles of liberty and limited government” can be summed up in two words: Herbert Hoover.

    • I disagree. Rand has “ideals,” but he is primarily a pragmatist. If Rand had been president in 2008, he wouldn’t have let us fall helplessly/hopelessly into a worldwide depression, as Hoover did. I’m sure he would have acted, in some way.

      Likewise, as he is being taken more seriously, this “isolationist” is beginning to sound a lot like a Neocon. You’re not going to be able to nail him down.

      • Goethe…I am not into labels especially such as far left, extreme right, etc but I felt the sting of neocon in regards to Rand Paul. So, with the need to know, I found the Neocon Credo: No compromise is ever possible with America’s foreign enemies. Instead, they are championing a liberation doctrine that allows them to present bombing and invading other countries at will as an act of supreme moral virtue.

        That does not describe my thoughts or beliefs. I think beneath it all Rand Paul’s moral beliefs still run counter to Ron Paul’s. However, if Rand Paul is truly a pragmatist then I can see the reason why he offered an amendment to cut off funding to the Palestinian Authority, signed the Cotton letter to Tehran and called for boosting defense spending by almost $190 billion over the next two years. Rand Paul has dumped overboard his rally for Republicans to confront the legacy of the
        Iraq war and pursue a more cautious foreign policy.

        By the way, Hoover was a pragmatist. Franklin Roosevelt was one and didn’t know it.

  3. Notable topics not mentioned in his speech:

    RFRA (or anything about religious freedom, etc..)
    Social issues of any kind

        • I guess I should have said “libertarian freedom”. I repeat he could have been para-phrasing the Libertarian Platform! Read the LP platform preamble.

          • You’re just such a good guy that I like to tease you when I get the chance.

            Anyway, that could be a problem. The other day, Lindsey Graham praised Hillary and ALL the Republican prospects–but slammed Rand.

            • Lindsey Graham – RINO. Rand specifically said, “If we nominate a candidate who is simply Democrat Lite, what’s the point?”.Try to get Republicans to think about their candidates – and that statement basically says, be free again which eliminates Democrats and RINO’s.

    • Holy Moses! YES!!

      He also didn’t talk about the Louisana Purchase,
      Haley’s Comet, or Kim Kardashian’s *ss!

      What is Rand hiding???

      I’ll bet Cruz’ announcement will filibuster us
      to make sure nobody wonders if he likes
      green eggs. with or without ham!!

      Reminds me of an advertising client I once had,
      who demanded that EVERY ad include every
      possible feature and benefit, regardless of ad size.
      Consequently, the ads were junky, boring, and
      never “said” anything, thus, were totally ineffective.

      • Goethe — what a sad little twerp you are.

        Trying to nitpick this American Patriot — Rand Paul — on the slightest pretense you imagine, so you can display your bile against all that’s good and worth preserving in America?!

        Instead, why don’t you, and the other American-hater, Tess Liehard, both get one-way tickets to North Korea, where your ilk belongs.

        How dare you state this — if not an American HATER, punk Goethe:
        “if Frances learns that Rand wants the job, he might just step aside, like the Nazi Pope did. . . .”
        What sickness, other than hating Rand Paul — the only Libertarian that can win the Presidency — would posses you to use the words Nazi and Pope and Rand Paul in the same sentence, punk?!

        And you are a Moderator here…?

        Now, that’s funny — not your ill attempts to slag Rand.

        • Surf: I knew you were seriously humor impaired, but I had no idea how bad your reading comprehension is, kid. Maybe they’ll help you with that when you get to fourth grade.

          HALLEY’S COMET (sorry, I misspelled it before)–You moron, I wasn’t criticizing Rand. I was teasing Nate for expecting Rand to cover every issue in just one speech. I was actually defending Rand, you twit.

          FRANCES–This was facetiously suggesting that if Rand wants to run for multiple offices, why limit it to one country or genre? As Kirsty Alley (as a Vulcan) said in Star Trek II, “humor–it’s a difficult concept.” Did we ever determine if YOU were human??

          NAZI POPE–This was a jab at the previous pope, Benedict, who actually did have Nazi ties in the 1930s. The idea that a person is not allowed to use even one bad word anywhere within an opinion piece on your particular political paramour is preposterous, punk.

          HERO WORSHIP–I have consistently said that Rand is the best present presidential prospect, but I don’t share your UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Politicians have to earn my respect, and if I think they’ve screwed up, I say so. To err is human, so we know at least Rand is human. . .

          Anyone who unconditionally supports a politician, even when that politician “separates himself from the truth” is dangerous to our democracy and society.

          Nobody is above scrutiny, and no one should be above a joke. . .kid.

    • Actually, Rand’s stand on the RFRA flap is well known–since the Indiana law, we all now admit, was intended to defend businesses against repercussions of discrimination.

      Rand has consistently said he is for states’ rights and individual rights, which includes a right to discriminate, which even extended to saying he wouldn’t have voted for the 1964 civil rights law.

      He claims that free enterprise will solve ALL problems, but that’s just not true. For more than a hundred years, free enterprise supported and reinforced discrimination against African Americans.

      We run into real trouble when we are faced with “rights” vs “what is right.” I agree that if I owned a store, I’d like to sell anything I wanted to anyone I wanted, including kicking out anyone I didn’t like the looks of. But I also feel that that “right” is not always “right.”

      As noted elsewhere, I “feel” that an individual should not be able to prosecute a merchant for discrimination–if the merchant can prove that the same quality, price, and convenience were available from another merchant. That seems reasonable to me. But there ARE businesses that are unique. Is it “right” to say that only certain people may enjoy those products or services? That’s my question.

      • I just had a thought on this..

        “He claims that free enterprise will solve ALL problems, but that’s just not true. For more than a hundred years, free enterprise supported and reinforced discrimination against African Americans.”

        Yes, you’re correct. However, government (at many levels) was supporting and reinforcing slavery/discrimination for a period of time (probably longer than free enterprise) as well. Three-fifths compromise, jim crow, etc.. Does that make one entity a better arbiter than the other? For the sake of discussion..

        • I agree.

          Ordinarily, if someone refuses to take money, someone else will pop up who will. But in this case, there was a strong social bias, so peer pressure won out. If anyone did dare to cater to Blacks, beyond the social scorn, they often found their store burned down. “Social values” trumped capitalism.

          So I’m not saying free enterprise caused the problem, it’s just clear that it wouldn’t solve it.

          And, getting back to Rand, if he thinks merchants have a right to deny Blacks service, he must be four-square behind Indiana.

          • Social scorn is still practiced in the deep south and Texas is no exception. Rand Paul grew up in such an atmosphere and what we are taught as a child stays with us even in denial. From the Ron Paul Newsletters 1992 quote: “Given the inefficiencies of what DC laughingly calls the ‘criminal justice system,’ I think we can safely assume that 95 percent of the black males in that city are semi-criminal or entirely criminal.” Without being lengthy, many of the same Ron Paul staffers, at the time of these letters, are now Rand Paul staffers…Doug Stafford (Rand’s Karl Rove), Mike Rothfeld, and Jesse Benton, who will head the independentunlimited-money group, America’s Liberty PAC, founded by Ron Paul, as Rand Paul’s 2016 super PAC. And, of course, Jesse Benton will also be doing whatever it takes to get Rand elected.

            • Except for my last sentence, my post just stated facts. If you are not familiar with Ron Paul’s Newletters of the 1990 era, then you should make yourself so. A Department of Justice investigation of Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign in Iowa is ongoing and “making progress,”( DesMoines Register). On Aug. 27, 2014, Former State Senator Sorenson pleaded guilty to federal charges that in early 2012 he caused an unnamed presidential campaign to file misleading expenditure reports and that he then lied to investigators about it. His plea agreement suggests he will be asked to testify against someone before
              sentencing. Ron Paul’s campaign finance records show detailed numbers of large, suspicious transactions between Paul’s campaign and a video production company in Maryland with close ties to campaign manager, Dimitri Kesari. Sorenson said these payments came from the Ron Paul campaign.

              As it always seems to happen, a copy of federal grand jury
              subpoenas from early August targeting email accounts belonging to Ron Paul
              and a number of his campaign staff, including his granddaughter’s husband,
              Jesse Benton was posted on the internet. As a result, Jesse Benton
              resigned from Mitch McConnell’s campaign for senator. The Ron Paul campaign fund has spent more than $364,000 on legal fees since last August.

              Rand Paul is using many of these same men to run his campaign for president. There is a strong chance that one or more will be indicted. I think Ron Paul would have been wise to pick his own entourage.

            • Correction: last sentence should have read Rand Paul would have been wise to pick his own entourage.

    • Sam Reusser — Spot on!

      Rand Paul delivered in 26 minutes what all Real Americans stand for!

      26 minute speech is short when compared to the BO’s hour plus rhetorics — but true American Haters, like Goethe and Tess Liehard, find Rand’s speech too long….

      • The English teacher needs to point out that you meant “America Haters.” “American Haters” are just Americans who hate anything–you, for instance.

        • Goethe — American-haters (as I had it posted hyphenated) means people who hate Americans…e.i. you, and your sidekick Tess Liehard.

          So much for being an “English” teacher — or did you teach Ebonics as a “teacher”, kid…LOL!

          • You are actually agreeing with me, and as usual, don’t realize it. “American-haters” is altogether different from “America haters.” YOU are the “American-hater.”

            So, as Sam might put it, “foxtrot uniform.”

  4. President Paul’s superb speech to Save America!

    Paraphrasing key points for brevity:

    1) I have a message that is loud and clear — we’ve come to take our country back!

    2) The Washington machine that invades our privacy nonstop must be stopped!

    3) A return to Government restrained by the Constitution!

    4) The truth is when republicans won, we lost more liberties — that’s not who I am!

    5) What future are our grandchildren to have — when both parties and the entire political system are to blame for failing US!

    6) Under Republican watch our debt has doubled — under Obama’s it has trippled and Obama is on track to further place more dept than all other Presidents combined!

    7) Washington borrows a Million dollars a Minute — wake up and stop spending Money we don’t have!

    8) The only worthy President is one who clutches the Constitution in one hand, and the Bill of Rights in the other!

    9) Washington is horribly broken and can never be fixed from within — we, The People, must demand they do what we tell them to do!

    10) Limit terms of Office — ends career politicians!

    11) Our nation is one of a kind, for no other has a Constitution that demands: Government must be restrained, so citizens freedom is maximized!

    12) Freedom is what America is all about — it’s time to return Freedom back to our nation!

    13) Unlike the liberal dogma that work is punishment — work is self esteem, my vision for America is that everyone who wants to work will have a job!

    14) Stop the $BILLIONS bailouts for Crony Capitalists, instead put that money into impoverished communities, so all can a get a job!

    15) Lower taxes for AMERICAN business — so American manufacturers stop doing it overseas, and bring it back home to create jobs for Americans again!

    16) Radical Islam is an enemy — but….
    Listen to Rand Paul’s words here carefully, to see how astutely he covers this (I won’t spoon feed you the answer here — clue: “….that Conservatives inept at home, should somehow succumb to the notion they’ll succeed in nation building abroad”)!!!

    17) No deal with any Nation, such as Iran, as an example (read between the lines…to see which foreign nation will be next) without Congressional approval — after-all, it is the Law!

    18) Our goal must always be Peace through strength, not War from weakness!

    19) Stop China from owing US — bring business back home!

    20) Stop all foreign aid!

    21) To defend our country, we do need to gather intelligence on our enemy — BUT when the Intelegence Director is NOT punished for lying under oath, HOW are we to trust our Government Agencies?!

    22) Warrantless searches of American phones and computer records are un-American and a threat to your civil liberties! The phone records of law-abiding American Citizens are NONE of Their [NSA] Damned Business!

    23) Obama created this travesty of NSA spying on all US Citizens by Executive Order — and Rand Paul will END this Unconstitutional surveillance on DAY ONE when elected President!

    24) I believe we can have Liberty and Security — but I will not compromise your Liberty for false sense of security, NOT NOW NOT EVER!

    25) America strong enough to deter foreign aggression, yet wise enough to avoid unnecessary intervention!

    26) End the IRS eventually (read btw the lines)!

    27) Bring overseas jobs back to America!


    No-one of intellect can find a single fault of this spot-on patriotic and to-the-point speech by Rand Paul — so, surprised that Nate plays second-fiddle to Goethe-the American-hater, by making fun of Rand Paul for “not hearing his take on Haley’s Comet”…how sad that you, Nate, would sink so low…to Goethe and Tess Liehard’s septic level, just to make a “wise-crack”!

  5. There is no doubt that Rand Paul’s speech was a dramatic epic piece. Truly pragmatic. Like an octopus, each arm promising a fix for every need of every person in our Country. Which brings up the question: what magic wand does Rand hold that will make all his promises, or even just two, become a reality? He wants to take the Country back but he doesn’t outline exactly how and whom from”. Rand said “the special interests that use Washington as their personal piggy bank, the special interests that are more concerned with their personal welfare thanthe general welfare”. Is he actually referring to Sheldon Adelson and the Koch Brother, etc who lavishly contribute to his campaign funds or because “special interests” could be anyone or anything? Rand Paul understands that politics sometimes trumps principle which is a savvy his father never subscribed to.
    I do believe that Rand Paul’s greatest opposition will come from within the party who’s flag he will be running under.

    • Tess – go read the Libertarian Platform, Paul pretty covered that and nothing else. You Dem’s costant whining about a couple of Billionaires giving to the support of the GOP / TeaParty doesn’t hold a frickin candle to all equally rich Billionaires not just donating but offering bonuses if someone will push the Billionaires agenda (Steyers).Plus the influence or America haters like Ayers and Sharpton!! November-Foxtrot-Whiskey!!!!!

      btw – Paul has a year to wrangle the RINO’s (DemLite) heads out of their asses and rejoin the real GOP. All GOP’ers should focus destroying the Liberal, anti-American Democrat Party who are intent on subjecting “we the people (majority)” to Social Totalitarism.

      • Sam…I know all your theories…just as you know mine. I understood every word of your post except “November-Foxtrot-Whiskey!!!!!”. And I noticed you have a new word, Dem Lite. Hope it’s drinkable.

        • Rand specifically said, “If we nominate a candidate who is simply Democrat Lite, what’s the point?”.
          Ask any of your Military oriented associates about the “Nov…”

          • I did make the mistake of asking an old friend (Navy) about November, etc. Time to mellow out, Sam.

            • I was never in the military, but I’ve heard enough of the “alfa-bravo-charley” to know NFW when I see it.

      • Sam Reusser — spot on, again!

        But you are trying to convince these two liberal dolts — Goethe the-fence-sitter that slags all Patriots, and Tess Liehard the ultra-liberal shill that hates America, too!

        You can do just about anything — but, put brains into a fool’s head!

        These two will never stop their mindless blather — for they live to spill their bile against all that’s good!

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