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Trump Pulls Convention Back From Florida Amid Covid-19 Concerns

The saga of where the 2020 Republican National Convention will take place, and in what form, is something we've been following for months. Originally,...

Republican Convention Attendance Scaled Back Due to Coronavirus

First, the 2020 Republican National Convention was scheduled to take place in North Carolina, with Charlotte as the host city. Years of planning goes...

Trump Plans Multi-City Convention Due to Covid-19 Limitations in Charlotte

With the Democratic National Convention already being moved from July to dates in August, and likely to take place in a mostly "virtual" form,...

2020 Democratic Convention Could Be Postponed Or Become “Virtual”

Lots of Democratic Party officials have been thinking it, but no one wants to be the first one to say it. Political conventions take...

Sorta Like 1968, But Not Really

All year long, there have been comparisons with this year and 1968. For awhile, the radical Democratic challenger once again looked as if...

Cruz Might Have an Outsized Influence on the Convention

Attention is on who will oversee the Republican National Convention. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is slated to do the job, but...

Two Ways Trump Can Win Without 270

Previously, we discussed possible options for the Republican Party. One was to rally around its nominee, as always. Two was to throw caution to...

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away, Trump Could Be Denied the Nomination

Should a party’s nominee be chosen by the party, or by voters? In most of our history, two groups (tribes) had a hierarchy, and...

Cruz, Kasich Collude; Trump Looks Ahead

Donald Trump can still win the nomination before the convention. But if he doesn’t, as with everything else he does, he won’t act...

Ted Cruz Wins All Colorado Delegates at Convention

There is a somewhat of revolt brewing in Colorado where the local Republican Party decided to scrap a caucus and instead select their delegates...

What Happened at the Nevada Democratic County Conventions?

Over the weekend, Democrats in Nevada held their county-level conventions which is part of their process to select delegates which will head to the...
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Brokered Convention for Republicans in 2016?

Something we haven't seen in years could be brewing due to the vast Republican field in 2016. The prospects are still probably unlikely but...