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Is Trump Due to Become Popular?

Just about everything has gone wrong for Donald Trump so far, and let’s face it, he has “stepped in it,” many times. That...

Stock Market Soars While Trump Approval Craters

Presidents like to take credit when the stock market is flying high, but often look for scapegoats when it corrects itself back to reasonable...

Trump Called “Idiot” By Poll Respondents

The big story these days is Donald Trump’s firing of FBI head James Comey. But the conservative Washington Examiner notes that a new...

Syrian Gas Attack Bump’s Trump’s Approval Ratings

Elsewhere, I have been saying that Trump’s low approval numbers are temporary. Americans hate inaction. All Trump has to do is a...

Trump Approval Rating Down 14 Points in a Month

His presidency started out with soft approval numbers, though not abysmal. The past month, however, seems to have sent President Trump's approval rating down...

Is America Searching for the ‘Boring’ Candidate in 2016?

Two interesting articles popped up the last few days. The Daily Beast says that Hillary Clinton is the Jeb Bush of the left. Meanwhile,...

Has anyone noticed Hillary’s poll numbers?

Having continually maintained a decent approval rating heading into early 2015, Hillary Clinton's numbers have eroded steadily for the past several months. There are...