Having continually maintained a decent approval rating heading into early 2015, Hillary Clinton’s numbers have eroded steadily for the past several months. There are many reasons her supporters point to, including a Republican field that has made her a punching bag almost daily in the media. On top of that, she’s currently facing a FBI investigation into the security of her personal email servers used during her tenure at the State Department. These factors are all playing into soft numbers which have been eroding further in the past several weeks.

Report from Mediaite:

Hillary Clinton‘s favorability numbers have dropped once again in the newest poll from NBC and The Wall Street Journal.

Tonight’s poll [PDF] shows Clinton with a 37 percent approval rating and a 48 percent disapproval rating. And while the approval is higher than the Republican presidential candidates’, so is the disapproval.

This is Clinton’s lowest approval rating in this poll since 2008. As of this January, Clinton’s approval was as high as 45 percent and her disapproval was only at 37.

The last time the poll was taken, just one month ago, Clinton’s approval hit 44 percent and her disapproval was at 40 percent.

Meanwhile, the man topping the GOP presidential field––Donald Trump––has an approval rating of 27 percent and a disapproval rating of 56 percent.

You can read the full poll here.

There’s also a new Fox News poll with Clinton as the favorite Democratic candidate for 51 percent of those polled, which is reportedly a low for Clinton.

Add these approval numbers in with more news that Hillary is in a statistical tie with Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire and you’ve got an interesting situation right now.

The kicker comes at the end of the poll, where it’s noted that the current GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, only scores 27 percent approval in the same poll. However, the question has to do with the current trend and whether it continues past a certain point or whether she can turn it around once the Democratic debates begin sometime this fall.


  1. Hillary Rodham Clinton is done, finished, kaput.

    Bye-bye to her evilness — her next stop won’t be the White House, but in the Big House (where she belongs)!

      • In what alternate reality is it obvious that Clinton is going to be our next president? You base this on the fact that she’s answering all the tough questions being asked by everyone, including the mainstream press. She’s certainly not doing that in this reality.

        I guess you base this on the fact that the FBI hasn’t opened an investigation into the security of her private server? Again, that would be in your alternate reality because in this reality, the FBI is doing just that.

        Oh, it must be that two Inspector Generals haven’t found any classified emails that came from her private server. She claimed she never received a subpoena to appear before a congressional committee, which was the truth in your AR. But again, in this reality the I.G.s actually did find classified emails and, she really did receive a subpoena.

        In your alternate reality, the Benghazi terrorist attacks were caused by over excited demonstrators over an internet video, and Clinton knew no different everytime she spewed those lies.

        And, of course, because Clinton said she and Bill were flat broke when they left the White House, that must have been true, because Hillary is such a truth teller in your alternate reality.

        I have to agree with you. In your distorted, scary, dark and evil alternate reality, it’s obvious Clinton will be your next president.

        In the real world, if she manages to scrape by and win the Democratic nomination, Hillary is going to have to face one of the Republican candidates in several debates. This time around, it won’t be Romney. I’m sure she watched the two Fox News debates and I bet she, and her staff, didn’t sleep well that night. I can’t wait to see any of the Republican candidates debate Hillary. For that matter, I can’t wait to see any of the other Democratic candidates debate Hillary.

        If she wasn’t so immoral, unprincipled, corrupt, dishonest…somebody stop me…depraved, unethical, unscrupulous, and every other bad word in every languages’ dictionaries, I might start feeling sorry for her. But, I’m not in your alternate reality, I’m in the real reality. Definitely, no pity.

  2. Lol, you people always under estimate the typical liberal. You all think that the bad poll numbers today will mean anything at all once the left wing propaganda machine is in full swing.

    You all always underestimate how easily the typical liberal can be told to believe literally anything.

    You think that liberals are finally thinking for themselves, that all of the problems Hillary has caused on herself is affecting her support.

    The only reason her poll numbers are eroding is because Hillary hasn’t started using her millions in campaign finances to rev up the propaganda machine, the liberal news media, everyone not Fox News.

    Hillary isn’t in full on campaign mode yet. Liberals aren’t being bombarded everywhere from public education, Hollywood, and every news not Fox instructing them to love Hillary.

    The fact that Hillary’s polls have only “eroded” when she isn’t in full campaign mode is only proof that the idiots who can’t think for themselves are well programmed.

    All she has to do is make a few phone calls, and suddenly, you’ll find all those liberals who are the reason the polls are “eroding” will suddenly be on the all-for-Hillary bandwagon again, thinking everyone who doesn’t support her is war-on-women extremist bigot that’s worse than ISIS and doesn’t deserve rights.

    You Republicans and conservatives, when are you going to wake up to reality? Liberals don’t think. They don’t. A good 70 percent of them would even BE liberals if they actually thought for themselves.

    We are living in a time where a whole nearly half the electorate literally believes whatever they are told to believe by everyone not Fox News and by any Democrat they’ve been instructed to think it good.

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