Elsewhere, I have been saying that Trump’s low approval numbers are temporary. Americans hate inaction. All Trump has to do is a few dramatic actions to pump up his numbers. In one week, we attacked a foreign country, without Congressional approval; and Congress threw out the rule that protects the Republic from the majority from having absolute power (which, you know, corrupts, absolutely).

That should be enough to please a majority of Americans. Polls are already beginning to show it, according to The Blaze.

According to a recent CBS News survey, 57 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s action. . .Following the strikes late last week, Trump’s overall approval rating bumped to 43 percent.

Prior to the attack, Trump’s approval rating had been in the 30s. However, the Washington Examiner notes that 70 percent, in the same poll, want Trump to get Congressional approval before taking any other action against Syria.

And the above Blaze article notes that only 18 percent want to see American ground troops in Syria.

FiveThirtyEight reports that more than three-fourths of senators approve of Trump’s attack (despite the fact that it’s really-and-only their job to authorize such).

Seventy-nine senators. . . have said that they support President Trump’s decision to strike an air base in Syria in retaliation for the use of chemical weapons by the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Meanwhile, one, lone senator is standing up for the Constitution, according to Breitbart.

You see, too many of my colleagues have forgotten what it means to be an “Originalist” on the matter of going to war.

Our Founding Fathers found this to be one of the most important discussions at the time, and they were quite concerned about giving the power to declare war to the President. They were concerned an executive with that kind of power could choose to rule like a King.

Before sending our young men and women into battle, we should have a thoughtful and honest discussion about the ramifications, authorization, and motivations for war.

That could be done if we were all Originalists; not just for the court, but for our legislative duties as well.

Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution grants the Congress AND CONGRESS ALONE the power to declare war. The President is given the power to direct the military only after the Congressional declaration has been passed. . .[Emphasis added]

This is dangerous. As Madison wrote, the Constitution supposes what history demonstrates, that the executive is the branch most interested in war and most prone to it. The Constitution therefore, with studied care, vested that power in the legislature.

One-time-presidential-candidate Pat Buchanan is also against presidential caprice, when it comes to war; but for him, it’s more a matter of outcome, not crying over dead babies, or standing up for the Constitution; according to Breitbart.

Buchanan noted the biggest cheerleaders of Trump’s action were Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Marco Rubio (R-FL), which he deemed to be “the war party.”. . . “If Donald Trump the president takes us into Syria’s civil war and he’s already made the first strike — it will consume his presidency. . .

“So I think the war party is going to be frustrated because I cannot believe that Donald Trump on second thought is going to plunge us into Syria, which he told us again and again and again would be an act of folly.”

Buchanan was speaking on Laura Ingraham’s radio show. Also on the radio, Michael Savage agrees that action is Syria would be folly, also according to Breitbart.

Savage asked Thursday, “who got to you, Mr. President? Who is whispering in your ear and could have made you make this dramatic of a change towards Russia in just three days?” On Friday he condemned the strikes, saying “we just helped ISIS.”. . .

“Do you want war with Russia, all of you idiots, all of you fools who are pounding the war drums?” Savage compared President Trump to President Woodrow Wilson, noting that Thursday was the 100-year anniversary of Wilson asking for a declaration of war on Germany. According to Savage, “Like Trump, Woodrow Wilson ran on an ‘America first’ platform. He was elected largely because he kept us out of the war in Europe. But someone got to him, too.”. . .

Savage rebuked President Trump on Friday, sarcastically calling the strike a “military tweet.” He later expanded that thought, saying it was “a limp-wristed attack in order to gain the attention of the fools in the media and the fools amongst the so-called republican voters who think this was a real great military action.”

FiveThirtyEight thinks the public is fickle, noting that Americans were not in favor of involvement in Syria just a few years ago.

The early polling about Trump’s decision to strike suggests there’s broad support for it, but Syrian intervention on humanitarian grounds hasn’t been popular in the past. In the fall of 2013, when President Obama sought congressional approval for military action against Bashar al-Assad’s government after it used chemical weapons on civilians only 36 percent of Americans favored the U.S. taking military action to reduce Syria’s chemical weapons use. Fifty-one percent of those surveyed opposed military action on these grounds. (Obama’s effort failed.)

What FiveThirtyEight is failing to realize is that Americans do NOT want war. Even in World War II, which could hardly have been a more clear battle of good versus evil, Franklin Roosevelt had to play games to support the allies, and some say that we purposely allowed Japan to attack Pearl Harbor, to give us a pretext for joining the battle.

“Remember the Maine,” and the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” were two other examples of needing an excuse to wage war. More recently, polls showed that we did not want George Bush to invade Iraq in 2003. An overwhelming majority (more than 2/3 of us) instead wanted to allow the UN inspectors to assure us that there were no “weapons of mass destruction” there.

YET, once Bush sent in the troops, everything changed—including renaming “French fries” to “Freedom fries” in the Congressional cafeteria, since France was not fully on board with the Iraq War.

That is a lesson that presidents quickly learn. If you want your ratings to rise, attack a foreign country—anywhere, for any reason—as long as you don’t get us stuck there for years. Remember Grenada.

But don’t ask permission. Just Do It. Americans love decisive, even reckless, behavior from our presidents. And that’s why Trump’s numbers will rise from here on.


  1. Conspiracy theorist United? I even read that Trump used tomahawks only because he has stock in them. That he got paid for each tomahawk that was used. Weird.

    • TheTomahawk missile is made by Raytheon, a company which the president of the United States is a stockholder.
      The Raytheon Company made $60 million dollars plus as a result of Trump’s raid. Our sitting president will personally collect money from the raid in the stock dividends he receives from Raytheon. We know it is accurate to say he owns Raytheon stock for he declared ownership in his 2016 FEC disclosure.
      Money is Trump’s God. He is bothered not one whit that the 60 million he is making money off of belonged to all US citizens.

  2. And the next day we bombed ISIS caves!!!!!
    We put a boot up their a** it’s the American way!!!!????
    Feels good to send in a bomb and not our military.

    • To quote an old Toby Keith song as a rally call for Trump’s miscalculations is a big stretch. Toby Keith never served his country in any military service. Though he sings for the men who are doing the actual fighting…it is definitely not the same as actual combat duty.
      Does it actually make you feel good that we drop a bomb knowing it will kill and maime the innocent along with the bad? When the bomber flies away we offer no help to helpless victims, medical or otherwise. This is Trump’s way.

      • Yes, yes it does!!!
        Those caves harbor ISIS. They have been used in our fight against Alcada too. They are large and complex. Would you have rather send in our military? So they can step on a land mine or get killed?
        Would you rather we did nothing, and let Isis take over the villages, enslave the people and rape woman and children?
        Seriously… What do you want!!!!
        Whose lives matter, the oppressed or the oppresser? We are fighting ISIS.
        As for patriotic songs, that is a wonderful thing… We need more of them. We need our singers and songwriters to promote love, duty, Peace and harmony etc… we need our country to stand proud. Because even after our past mistakes we can be great. We can be a something other countries can aspire to. We fought for our rights, and they can too.
        (I hope Iranian woman hear this message and take back their country. The 1979 revolution was wrong). Look it up.

        • Angelica…To put it bluntly, I am strongly opposed to “hit and run away” which is a cowardly tactic. If you are going to fight, then fight until you win or lose. And I think the victor is responsible for helping the innocent victims caught up in the fighting.

          The war in Afghanistan has proved to be the United States’ lengthiest and costliest undeclared war in our history. The United States spends about $3.8 billion in security assistance to the Afghanistan government annually. Yet, the government of Afghanistan has uncontested control over only 57 percent of the entire country. This is down from 72 percent a year ago which means ISIS is gaining ground rapidly. I’m not saying Trump started this mess but if he is going to be the leader he proclaims himself to be then he needs to finish it. Review history and you will find that no war in history was actually won from air strikes. Foot soldiers do the final job of routing out the enemy. Of course, Trump avoided fighting in a war by getting four military deferments. He let other brave, young men do his fighting part. An onlooker, just as he is now.

          As of this moment, Angelica, name one foreign country that aspires to be America. Trump, since he announced for president, has destroyed most of the goodwill America had achieved over the years.

          • Mexico… Or at least the people do. They just recently changed several of their old ways. One was the hiring practice of teachers. They are now based on education.

            As for the bomb bring dropped on ISIS/ISIL caves. We are actually being smart. We knew about the target, had the missiles and flattened the caves. I am tiredof sending our men into ?warzones and get maimed. If we KNOW that bombing them will destroy them why not? I only hope the shock also detonated all the land mines. The body count is rising. We may never know how many bad people we killed. But the country is safer Because of it.

            • Been down Mexico way lately, Angelica? They are not as receptive or respectful of the gringo as you seem inclined to believe. All that past goodwill has evaporated. While it’s true Mexico City has some of the finest doctors and hospital in the world, it’s also true that the cities along the coastline Americans loved to visit are danger zones for them now.

              Mexican youths, 15 years and older, who completed lower secondary school or middle school or its equivalent was only 46 percent of their students. Not much of a recommendation. Were you talking about licensed teachers who teach in Mexico’s international private schools? The big majority of Mexican families cannot afford private schools.

              One last time, Trump’s big bomb didn’t stop ISIS in Afghanistan. ISIS still controls most of the land in that country and will strike back in even more vicious ways.

            • I am MEXICAN. I visit there frequently because we still have a family home in Mexico. 20% of my family still live in Mexico. You clearly have no idea about anything. You spew out bs that you read from your far left leaning sites that pretend to know. I am both fluent in the language and can read and write it.
              If you think the voice of the people can be heard in the papers you are wrong. It is alot like here. Most news organizations are left leaning here, and it Mexico they are pro-government.
              Is there anything you won’t do to insult me?
              I show you links to support my arguments. You do not.
              I respond to your questions.
              You do not.
              You my dear are just like so many other people that are so stuck in their ways that they will refuse drink of water in the dessert if it came from a republican. That so sad. Because we are all US Citizens of America. We should try to make our country great. The poorest people here are better then the poorest people elsewhere.
              We can always do better. But it starts improving ourselves, not other people. Change starts with you. You are like a huge cancer of hate. Always angry…Seeking out ways to get angrier. ? This shouldn’t be. I hope you stop attacking me. I hope you find some peace.

            • Angelica…Because I disagree with you does not mean I am attacking you personally. Speaking Spanish is something I too can do. I am well versed in TexMex. I do not claim to speak or understand Mexico’s other languages.

              62% of undocumented immigrants in the United States are from Mexico. In truth, the actual number is unknown. Many children of undocumented immigrant workers, born in the United States, have done extremely well in the business world. The undocumented do the grunt work that Americans avoid. If Trump removes them and builds his wall, who will clean our houses, mow our lawns, take care of our children, and build our roads on the cheap? Truth is, their living conditions would be much worse in Mexico and they don’t want to go back.

              When I meet new people I do not ask their party affiliation, religion, or nationally. I respect anyone’s personal beliefs, political and otherwise. Either a friendship forms or it doesn’t.

              Don’t worry about me finding peace. That is a road each of us must find in their own way.

            • Well I for one am sick of freaking slave wages. What gives Corporations the right to pay people poor wages regardless where they live. Why wasn’t that part of the trade agreements? Why wasn’t FDA, USDA or EPA standards? written in?
              I worked for a company that hired illegal immigrants, when they got chemical burns from the acidic cleaners they would not get help. They worked thru the pain. The freaking owners got rich (MEXICAN) and they treated their employees like shit. It was a temporary job for me they had gotten in trouble with our local epa (pouring FOG) down the drain. Almost shut the plant down. Worked almost a year there. There is a horrible side to being illegal.
              It cost less than 1000 to get your Citizenship. The problem that the rich don’t want to pay decent wages. This is not a republican vs Democratic problem. This is a greed.

              ****I am on my phone. So excuse my errors.

            • Angelica: Thanks for the thoughtful and genuine comment.

              Wages are low because corporations make people needy enough to accept anything they want to pay. In the case of illegal aliens, they are working for slave wages because they are afraid to speak up. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A JOB AMERICAN CITIZENS “WILL NOT DO.” There are just crap jobs paying crap wages that we will not accept.

              Beyond that, corporations will pay as little as possible to get as much work as possible out of employees–and bonuses from their communities. Example: I’m in Michigan. The big box stores strong-armed our legislature so that their giant, windfall-profit making stores pay the same taxes as an empty, broken down, shell of a building–as if they were at all equivalent.

              We used to have great wages and working conditions in Michigan. Then, the southern states figured out that they could entice our corporations with tax bribes and promises not to let employees have rights. And even when Michigan was in horrible economic condition, we were paying more in taxes–to those same southern states–than we were getting back from the feds. That continues.

              Today, the same thing is happening, thanks to cheaper ways to ship goods. So instead of sending Michigan jobs to Alabama, they’re sending American jobs to China, and elsewhere. Wages are starting to improve in China, so the corporations will leave there and go to Africa and elsewhere for cheap labor.

              It’s a good thing that workers across the globe are slowly getting better wages and working conditions. It’s a bad thing that most of the profits of finding cheap labor (while destroying our jobs) is going to owners, managers, and stockholders–while the rest of us are suffering lower and lower lifestyle quality–steadily lower since the 1970s.

              I agree that trade agreements should include minimum wage guidelines for employees, as well as compensation to workers and communities that lose out in the process–instead of just guaranteeing corporations more record profits. Don’t hold your breath.

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