Cramer Opens 16-Point Lead Over Heitkamp in North Dakota

North Dakota was always going to be tough for Democrats. It's a deep red state that voted for Donald Trump by 36-points in 2016....

Report: Clinton Campaign And DNC Funded Trump Russia Dossier

I don't often use the term "bombshell" but it seems appropriate here. The Washington Post originally reported the story, with others following up and...
Trump 2020 Reelection

Gambling Site Betting Against Trump in 2020

We want to give you a full view of the 2020 campaign. There are polls, of course, but there are also betting odds. The...

Dems Prep For 2018 With Record Number Of Candidates

They say there is strength in numbers, and that translates to many aspects of life. One in particular, where we're concerned, is the number...
CNN Democratic Debate Detroit

Second Democratic Debate Set For July 30 and 31 in Detroit

The Democratic debate schedule for 2020 is coming together as the first two debates are now on the calendar and candidates will begin jockeying...

Polling Finds House Battleground Districts Tied

In the "generic ballot" polling which asks voters nationwide which party they'll vote for on Nov. 6, Democrats continue to lead by an average...

DNC Announces January and February Democratic Debate Schedule

Once 2019 turns into 2020, the Democratic primary campaign will kick into a new level of intensity as voting in the first inches closer...
Donald Trump Barbara Comstock

Trump Picks Midterm Fight With Federal Pay Freeze

It's usually a safe bet to rail against the bureaucracy in Washington, both parties do it against agencies they don't like, such as Republicans...

Republican Senator: No, I Would Not Vote For Trump Again

The feud between Senator Bob Corker and President Trump reached epic proportions this morning as the Senator from Tennessee continued to wratchet up his...

The Trump-Twitter Tiff Makes No Sense

As if we did not have enough drama in our lives, suddenly we have the Trump-Twitter soap opera. And it doesn’t seem...

Poll: Senate Healthcare Bill Reaches … 12% Support

Well, twelve percent is the lowest of the low, surely it can't be that bad, right? Wrong. The bill, known for some reason as...

Why Roy Moore Will Win The Alabama Senate Seat

Remember the Access Hollywood recording? Donald Trump was heard to say that if you’re famous, it’s easy to sexually abuse women. It seemed...