Early is the understatement of the day but let’s explore them nonetheless.

Report from PPP:

For the third month in a row in our national 2016 GOP tracking Rubio leads the way. He’s at 22% to 15% for Paul Ryan, 13% each for Jeb Bush and Chris Christie, 11% for Mike Huckabee, 10% for Rand Paul, 4% for Bobby Jindal, 3% for Rick Perry, and 1% for Susana Martinez. Rubio continues to lead based on his appeal to the furthest right segment of the Republican Party- he’s at 28% with ‘very conservative’ voters to 15% for Huckabee and 14% for Ryan.

On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton continues to dominate both nationally and in Iowa. Nationally she’s at 58% to 19% for Joe Biden, 8% for Elizabeth Warren, and 3% for Andrew Cuomo. She’s even stronger in Iowa at 68% to 21% for Biden with no one else over 2%. Her favorability rating with Democrats there is 90/5.

The polling shows where the perceived leadership will come from on both sides in 2016 but we haven’t gotten into a campaign or a debate situation yet.

I would find it difficult to believe anyone on the Democratic side could topple Hillary Clinton given her popularity among the party loyalists.

On the GOP side, I’m not so sure that Rubio’s star power is enough to keep him at the top of the leaderboard once the attacks begin.