It’s never too early to start looking at 2016 polling (that’s not true, it’s way too early) so here are some numbers out of the Sunshine state which look good for Hillary Clinton.

Report from WinkNews:

A new poll shows Democrat Hillary Clinton is a heavy early favorite among Florida voters in a hypothetical 2016 presidential matchup against former Gov. Jeb Bush or U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio.

Clinton has a double-digit lead over both of the Florida Republicans in a random telephone survey of 1,000 of the state’s registered voters by Quinnipiac University taken March 13-18.

The survey shows Clinton favored over Bush 51 percent to 40 percent. Florida voters prefer her to Rubio 52 percent to 41 percent, if the election were held now. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

Of course, these numbers are a snapshot in March of 2013, a full three years before the 2016 election year but it is interesting how well-positioned Clinton seems to be. I think these numbers would change once the race begins and voters are reminded of why they don’t like or do like certain candidates. Right now Clinton is riding on the “best Secretary of State ever” meme.


  1. Just run on ,” you know what it was like when the Clinton’s were in the White House” end of story, shut up. No debates.

  2. “best Secretary of State ever”? Are you kidding me??? Does anyone NOT care about the lies and cover ups of Benghazi??? I guess not….just goes to show the stupidity of the “so called voters” As long as you keep getting your free cell phones, and goodies on every one else’s dime, life is good, right????

    • I concur but that is what the media fed the “low information voter” crowd and they believe it without question. Why test anything against reality?

        • Billy Actually close to 30% of the $1T is Means-Tested & most of the rest is what we old farts are trying to get back after employers and we paid in for many decades.

          • I paid very little in and I get very little back but I did it my way and with a lot of luck it was there when I pulled the plug. Hard to make it working for someone as they take too much off the top.

            • Billy, you are so correct – if someone had no other retirement than SSA, they would live in near poverty. My Employers and I put in almost $170,000 (not including Medicare) – SSA is not an interest bearing retirement. SSA doesn’t come close to my “monthly nut” in what they give back per month. Future generations are totally screwed. My kids have been putting money into IRA’s and 401K’s since their middle 20’s and that + SSA and they are still scared of retirement poverty.

    • I think she may have shot herself in the foot though with Benghazi. Might not hurt her all that much in time but certainly no help.

      • Clinton is a standard Democrat – when in any advisory or management capacity, their POTUS say and do and the mini’s obey and click their heels to the theme

      • Billy – to think BHO wasn’t sitting/standing in the Situation room watching Benghazi live is ludicrous!! Obama said, “B-i-itch, fall on your sword” and down she went, for the good of the party. BHO said, “Clinton, embrace who i tell you to embrace in Islam land” and she loves Muslims. BHO says, “support and champion the UN Gun Law bill” and she carries it to Congress (btw, now yellow-back Kerry now has that little ditty).

  3. Hilary Rodham Clinton was a Republican until 1968. She campaigned for Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller in his attempt to be the presidential nominee. She graduated from Wellesley College, with a major in political science. She is an educated, compassionate, and politically motivated lady. Unlike the rest of the world, the US doesn’t seem ready for a woman president.

    • Can’t drink to that. Hilliary has more baggage now that when she went up against Obama and she lost to a black politician from Chicago. Did just the fact of being a woman have anything to do with it, for shur I’d like to think so but there are a lot of women governors so they are electable.

  4. Remember Sarah Palin? An educated and politically motivated lady. Even McCain did not fully support her and she recieved substantial blame for their loss.

    • But after Bush you could have put up a black politician from Chicago and had a good chance of winning. I like Sarah for 12 billion reasons. (surplus she left Alaska with and she brought home the bacon big time from outside the state)

  5. …I have long wondered about your praise of Sarah Palin because I was positive the woman didn’t know an adverb from a preposition. So I did some research on her accomplishments of her short time as governor. 1. Exxon held a lease to drill at Point Thompson for thirty years. Governor Palin told Exxon to drill or get out. Sarah lead the way to enact a new system of splitting the oil profits called “ACES” which taxes oil and gas producers on the production of oil and
    gas from leases or property in the state. 2. She went through the federal funding “pork” projects list, took 85% of them out.

    • And when all the smoke cleared, she left the state with a 12 billion dollar surplus and she herself is worth 14 million. Got something better, bring it on.

    • I researched her quite some time ago and discovered the same thing Billy and you did, Tess. But what the Tea Party and Palin must do to win back some Independents vote, is take the Libertarian stand on civil and personal liberties and declare that personal ideologies concerning legal choices is an individual choice and we still have to remain secular politically. There isn’t a single civil, mature soul in the U.S. that doesn’t know what’s right and wrong. If Tea Party candidates aren’t secular they will never regain office.

      Democrats and MSM will demonize any true threat to their Demi-God and Party

      • But what is the right thing to do for the country is seldom the right thing to do for the individual. It’s still “what’s in it for me” and a good many of the old voters favor the Nanny State ’cause their kids are parasites and their 401K’s that were heavy in municipal bonds don’t look so good. If you loaded up on GM bonds you are back to flippen burgers or greaten people at WalMart

        • Not sure who “old” voters are Billy. Most parents 60 and older raised pretty good good kids, at least a lot of kids 40 and older came out ok. they’re worried they will have to look after their parents cause the parents retirements are in sufficient. whatever personal liberties’ subjects are involved, money is involved. And conservatives should remain secular, vote no on any new laws, remain neutral, and let the libs fuss and worry. Conservatives just worry about bringing back the economy and keeping the U.S. a free democratic-republic country.

          Liberals are so worried about getting to Socialism and Egalitarianism that they realize they have to go through bankruptcy, dictatorship, and communism to get there. but their beloved Savior BHO knows exactly and that’s where he is headed and the lapdog MSM kissing his a$$ all the way.

            • Billy I’m guessing a lot of old people did in fact vote – they realize the cost of the freedom they’re about to lose as well as how hard it is to remain free. And no conservative will be worthy to the voters who voted BHO in until it’s too late, and we look like western Europe and have an actual dictator. And it still holds: under 40 and vote republican – no heart; and over 40 and vote democrat – no brain.

              No Offense Billy, but a vote for anyone other than Willard was a vote for Barry – even if those voters for Johnson were making a statement.

            • I think just too many GOP’s sat this one out. Even if all the others that didn’t vote Obama would have voted it would not have made much difference, Just not enough GOP’s got out to vote and with free cell phones and food stamps on the other side, again “what’s in it for me”.

            • you don’t want really know what i think happened to the vote – but a hint, follow the money and tell me who owns the voting tally machines, and the path the vote courses to reach the final tally. another hint follow the course and money offshore.

  6. I am one of the “old” voters, past forty and an Independent. I always vote even if my vote has to go to “the lesser of the evils”. I will admit that a few times I later had a regret or two. All the parties could stand a little housecleaning. In 1984,President Ronald Reagan signed the Lifeline Program which gives free telephone service to the indigent. Unfortunately, Obama felt the wrath for a bill he had no connection to. Reagan cut taxes on “the rich” from 70% to 28%.This was his trickle down economy. He, also, tripled the national debt. Food Stamps began under President Franklin Roosevelt and was reinvented by President John Kennedy in 1961. Under George Walker Bush the use of food stamps increased to 63% under the 2002 Farm Bill, plus the recession beginning in 2007. The partnership with the Mexican government to make Mexican nationals more aware of U.S. welfare programs—including food stamps—was signed by George Bush’s agriculture secretary Ann Veneman in 2004. Under President George W. Bush the number of welfare recipients rose by nearly 14.7 million. Nothing before comes close to that. Under President Obama, the increase so far has been 14.2 million. To be exact, the program has so far grown by 444,574 fewer recipients during Obama’s time in office than during Bush’s. Yet, Gingrich falsely labeled Barrack Obama as the food stamp president.

    • Sorry but I’m a bottom line man. When the clown took office the program ran 35 billion a year. It is now 78 billion a year. Cook the books all you want but when it comes time to print the money wake me up.

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