Last week we saw a poll come out of Iowa showing Hillary Clinton the early 2016 favorite among Democrats. This week, a new poll shows that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie narrowly leads among New Hampshire Republican primary voters.

Report from

Governor Christie hasn’t even said whether he’s running for reelection in New Jersey in 2013, but one left-leaning website reports today that he is polling first among Republican presidential contenders for 2016 in one key swing state.

Talking Points Memo said it got a look at poll results for the 2016 primary in New Hampshire that show Christie as the top Republican and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the leading Democrat.

Christie showed better than U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wisc.

The full results break down like this:

21% – Chris Christie
14% – Marco Rubio
13% – Condoleezza Rice
11% – Jeb Bush
10% – Paul Ryan

In other words, there is no consensus in New Hampshire on the GOP side which isn’t that unexpected given the new crop of names entering the field.


  1. The horse race has always been the enemy of issue discussion, but it has never been this bad.

    I remember when there were complaints that campaigns stretched out more than a YEAR ahead of the election. Then it was two full years–imagine that.

    This year, there was already speculation about Ryan and Rubio and Biden and Clinton DURING the previous campaign. Just insane.

    I think I heard that Colbert is handicapping the 2072 race. . . .

    My guess is that someone amazing will pop up during the 2014 midterms and all this discussion will seem like such a waste of time.

    • By February 2013, talk of 2016 will be dead until the midterms finish. At least that is what the 2008 patterns of web traffic tells me.

      Have to ride this short traffic wave while it exists. Then soon this site will get a new non-year-specific domain name and bingo! 2016 here we come..

      • I don’t remember this sort of thing in 2008. There wasn’t anything on the Dem side, since they knew who’d run this year. I know there were plenty of recriminations on the GOP side, but aside from Sarah Palin, I don’t remember anyone jockeying right away.

        • I checked, you may be right concerning the early jockeying for position. Perhaps the fervor exists on the GOP side due to a power vacuum regarding direction of the party.

          • Nate: Quite likely.

            I think it’s funny that Condoleeza is scoring well in the polls. Can you imagine how many old white heads would explode if, after 8 years with a black man as president, they faced the possibility of a black WOMAN becoming president??

  2. Ron Paul:

    “In a free country, governments derive their power from the consent of the governed. When the people have very clearly withdrawn their consent for a law, the discussion should be over. If the Feds refuse to accept that and continue to run roughshod over the people, at what point do we acknowledge that that is not freedom anymore? At what point should the people dissolve the political bands which have connected them with an increasingly tyrannical and oppressive federal government? And if people or states are not free to leave the United States as a last resort, can they really think of themselves as free?”

    Spread this 4 minute message like wildfire!

    • You also have the right to give up all or many of your freedoms for security. The Great Not-So-White Father in DC will provide for your every need. (after he takes care of his own)

  3. Ron Paul: You’re Not FREE if you Can’t Secede from an Oppressive Government

    “In a free country, governments derive their power from the consent of the governed. When the people have very clearly withdrawn their consent for a law, the discussion should be over. If the Feds refuse to accept that and continue to run roughshod over the people, at what point do we acknowledge that that is not freedom anymore? At what point should the people dissolve the political bands which have connected them with an increasingly tyrannical and oppressive federal government? And if people or states are not free to leave the United States as a last resort, can they really think of themselves as free?”

    Spread this 4 minute message like wildfire!

    My Take:

    The District of Columbia (Washington, DC) — where the White House and all Federal Governmental Agencies reside — have passed the point by their anti-American-anti-Constitution ACTIVITIES that they have FORFEITED THE RIGHT to be called the USA. De facto, THEY have already SECEDED from the Union by constitutional default, and any State that wants to secede from THEM is a State that wants to RETURN BACK to the original CONSTITUTIONAL USA!

  4. Faced with a MANDATORY Response to the Secession Petitions — two top chickens from the White House have flown the coop — Barack Hussein left for Asia, and Hiltlery Clinton is Israel bound!

    These two may run, but won’t be able to escape how their underlings respond!

    • In a poll at RonPaul.Com, participants are voting on whether RON PAUL should run in 2016.

      At this point, about 2,000–66%–say he should.

      • Why? To be marginalized again? I’m not necessarily supporting him but watching coverage in 2008 and 2012, he doesn’t get a fair shot the majority of the time. Look at media coverage, delegates, caucuses, etc… Lots stacked against him.

        If I were him, I’d feel like saying, “you’re screwed, thank you, bye”

        • Nate:

          To begin with, he will be 81 in 2016. Reagan was considered too old at 69. So I think the poll is silly, and voting for him in the poll is just a compliment to him (I did).

          However I disagree with you. At the risk of being beat up, I don’t think the media were unfair.

          Since Paul ran several times over several decades, the media considered him just another “Harold Stassen” who was wasting their time with quixotic campaigns.

          And while his supporters are vociferous, he did not catch the imagination of a larger audience. That wasn’t the media’s fault.

          NOPE–I blame his campaign. They did a few things right, such as the “Re-love-ution” logo. But the media need soundbites. Notice that he got LOTS of attention when he called Santorum a phoney. THAT is what it takes.

          Instead, they just sent him out and let him lecture. No focus. His speeches should have been limited to ONE topic, and writers should have given him zingers that the media couldn’t resist.

          And, although it sounds dishonest, he should have fashioned messages to specific audiences. If you tell people things that sound good to them, they’ll like you–and they won’t even mind that you have stands they don’t like. I’m a good example. I did wade through his speeches and found that I agreed with most of it, but seriously disagree with other stands, such as abortion.

          YET, he was saying things that made sense, and I found that some things I disagreed with DID make sense–when put together with the other policies.

          Anyway, I doubt that Ron will run again, and Rand seems to be a LINO, just interested in power and attention. So I am afraid that Paul’s movement will dissolve, the way the movements of Ross Perot, George Wallace, and John Anderson did.

          When the Tea Party rose, Libertarians should have been all over that, since they shared views. It should have made a difference. But Fox channeled the Tea Party into the GOP establishment–who then sold them Willard, instead.

          The Tea Party should have remained totally independent, or better yet, melded with the Libertarians, who already had ballot access, and they could have WON on the local and regional level. That would have had an impact.

          • Right, the media should give the most time to the most popular guy no doubt about it. Kind of like women’s sports not getting the coverage that men’s do. Just bring in the crowds at the box office and you will get the coverage.

            • Billy:

              It’s not about what the media “should” do, it’s about what they DO.

              Anyone who wants to get media attention, but has NO idea what they want and need is just asking for failure.

              If the Ron Paul campaign had any idea how the media work, Ron Paul would be president now, because people were looking for “different” and “exciting,” and the RP campaign gave them “professor” and a muddled message.

              I said it many times during the campaign–his people failed him.

            • I found very few people who went along with pulling the troops out of most foreign countries even though the same people were unable to cite 5 countries they think we should keep troops. These were not the free cell phone people either. Only way to win them over is to top the 240 min a month program they get free of charge.

              The closing the Dept of Education was a no sell for sure. What about the thousands of teachers they hire? No our kids need them. (I know they don’t hire teachers and they don’t teach anything but tell that to the voters.)

            • Billy:

              Exactly. His program seemed too extreme to most people. Of course, little of what he wanted would pass, anyway. He’d have to have Congress go along.

              So if you’re pushing a movement, you can be clear about the ultimate goals. But if you’re a candidate, you need to talk about baby steps. Otherwise, you scare them off.

            • Does he need congress to bring the boys home? How about shutting down Depts. If the Prez can create them, after congress approves the money, why can’t he destroy them and hand the money back to congress?

            • Billy:

              Actually, that’s why I was for him. The one thing a president can do is limit or eliminate foreign adventures.

              I’m not sure about departments. If Congress is required to confirm heads of departments, doesn’t that mean they’d be required to eliminate?

              By the way, Obama should make Ron Paul Secretary of State.

            • No more aid to Israel or Egypt. The Bible Beaters ain’t gonna go for that at all. Not sure but I think the believe that if Israel goes, we go.

            • Billy: Just the opposite. The end of the world is supposed to occur AFTER the war that destroys Israel, so the bible thumpers want to send lotsa war materiel to Isreal, to make them over-confident (as they are), and at some point, piss off the entire world.

              Despite all the talk, what they really want is to see Israel destroyed.

            • Well I knew it had something to do with Israel winning or losing………..close enough, I got other thing to worry about like Pedro getting deported and no one to mow my lawn.LOL.

        • I tend to agree, if the voters wanted out of this mess they sure had a chance. Just a chance as no one but RP know if he would have followed through. But the other two choices were indeed more of the same and that what the voters wanted. I for one just don’t think it would be as painful as it was when Jackson got thing back on track because there is so much more waste today than back in Jackson’s time.

  5. *I Dreamt of Free America* (a friend of mine that escaped the Soviet Block in 1968 asked me to post this for him):

    “I lived in a Communist Country that was totalitarian. In the morning I woke up to TV news that told me how great our Socialist Government was, then read the same in their newspapers, while waiting in line for bread. I was then 16 years old.

    My parents went to work before the break of dawn, and came home exhausted each day after 7pm. The meager dinners we had were the best of times — my parents taught me not to believe the lies the communists told, but to dream that there is a truly FREE COUNTRY called America, where we’ll all try to escape to someday!

    School I hated — it was six days a week back then — and all they taught us was how great our socialist leaders were, and how wonderful the world would be once Communism is achieved.

    Every other Sunday, my parents and I (just like all our neighbors) had to attend in a basement the local Commissar’s mandatory gathering. Here, all had to pledge allegiance to our Socialist Republic, and have us tell on neighbors and friends who might be an Enemy of the State. The Commissar always made a patriotic call that ANY CHILDREN, that have seen or heard, their parents say something against the State MUST report them, since that is how our country would be saved from internal foes.

    I’m sadden to recall that there were a few children that reported their own parents (these children did get an extra allowance of candy, AND THE RARE Chocolate bar…and we envied them, since Chocolate was an unheard of luxury back then), but next time we never saw their parents….

    But I loved my parents and respected them — and no Chocolate bar could ever replace them.

    We did escape in 1968 — and came to Freedom, the Greatest Country in the World back then, the USA!

    My parents died in the 1980’s, and I no longer mourn them — because I’m happy they did not live to see what this nation has become!”

    “Right now our USA is no different than the communist country I escaped from over 40 years ago!

    Please, do not let my tale die with me.”

  6. Illegal Everything…in America!

    re: John Stossel (from FOX News)— spread this video like Wildfire, showing that nearly All our Liberties are GONE!

    It is estimated that over 1/2 Billion Negative Laws, Rules and Regulations have been created by the Federal Government in the last 40 years.

    This number is STAGGERING — More NEGATIVE LAWS than there are Americans (counting all men, women and children in the USA) TELLING US WHAT WE CANNOT DO (thus negative laws) upon the THREAT Of GOVERNMENTAL PUNISHMENT!

    All these UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS are enforced by gun-totting UNIFORMS — if you have not run afoul of such, try selling Lemonade on our lawn…and see how many gun-toting Uniforms will come to shut you down by the threat of their guns they so proudly wear!

    Some are awakening to the fact that Our Citizens have become the most government controlled peoples on this Planet today!

    These Few Enlightened Citizens, these Brave Patriots, these pure Souls in search of TRUE Justice and Liberty for All, have started petitions in all 50 States to Secede from the Federal Government that by its anti-Constitutional and anti-American ACTIVITIES has FORFEITED THE RIGHT to be called the USA.

    The goal of the Secession Petitions is not to break away from the Union, but to negate the Unconstitutional Powers that Washington, DC has usurped for their own anti-American interests, and return ALL States to the Original (Organic) US Constitution!

    It is shameful that the Main Stream Media, and their parroting, brainless shills, have such fear of the Truth, and are spreading false and silly accusations to this American Principle — Secession (if we did not Secede from Tyrannical England, we would not be called Americans)!

    • Yep, I saw it on day one. How about that guy in China who refused to sell his house and they built the road all around it. Couldn’t happen here as the government owns everything here, they just let you rent.

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