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Full Video: Watch The Third Trump/Clinton Debate

Mark it down in history, the presidential debates are now finished for 2016 with the final battle having taken place earlier this evening between...

Live Stream: Watch the Third Clinton/Trump Debate Tonight

Buckle up tonight for the third and final Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, live from the University of Nevada in fabulous...

Wednesday’s Debate Likely to be a Rerun

Wednesday’s debate is the last “big event” of the 2016 presidential election calendar. (Can I get an “Amen”?) The Wall Street Journal...

You Can Bet There Will be a Third Debate

There was a scare Thursday that Donald Trump might not participate in the third presidential debate. After all, he decided when the GOP...

Full Video: Watch the Second Trump/Clinton Debate

The second meeting between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on the debate stage took place at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and the...

More Advice for Tonight’s Debate

Everybody wants to give the presidential candidates advice on how to act in tonight's second presidential debate. As noted elsewhere, Ted Cruz, who...

Is This Controversy the “Final Straw” for Trump?

With all the outrageous things Donald Trump has said over the years, this year in particular, it’s amazing that one 11-year-old tape has suddenly...

Grading Sunday’s Debate Will Be Tough

Many have criticized Donald Trump for what appeared to be a lack of preparation for the first presidential debate on Sept. 26. Ted...

VP Debate: Why Was Kaine a Jerk? An Opinion.

When people act out-of-character, there’s usually a reason. And when intelligent people do stupid things in strategic situations, one must wonder what the...

Full Video: Watch Pence and Kaine in the VP Debate

Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence came together for the one and only 2016 Vice Presidential debate which took place at Longwood University...

Pence Has the Tougher Job Tonight

Tonight’s VP debate will be a challenge for Democrat Tim Kaine, but it could be a crisis for Republican Mike Pence. That’s because...

In a Crazy Year, Meet the “Boring” VP Candidates

Ordinarily, presidential candidates try to look “presidential,” and the vice presidential candidates are forced into the distasteful role of “attack dog.” This year...