Buckle up tonight for the third and final Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, live from the University of Nevada in fabulous Las Vegas. Tonight’s debate will be moderated by Chris Wallace, of the Fox News Channel. The format will be similar to the first debate where both candidates will be firmly planted behind their podiums with no awkward wandering.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016
Third Presidential Debate from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas

Air Time: 9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT, basically live in whatever 9pm ET is equivalent to in your time zone)

Candidates: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Moderator: Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday

Live Stream:

Alternate Live Stream Links: Fox Business, C-SPAN, Twitter, CNN, CBS News

Format: Fox News’ Chris Wallace, the moderator of the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, has announced the topics that will guide the questions at the debate. Wallace will ask questions about debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, the Supreme Court, foreign hot spots and the candidates’ fitness to be president, according to an announcement made Wednesday by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Each of the six segments will last 15 minutes.

Here’s a preview from USA Today:

Third presidential debates tend to be the least exciting, but Wednesday’s final clash between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton figures to be an exception.

Trump comes roaring into the prime-time face-off at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, claiming that the Clinton campaign, the media and the political establishment are conspiring to “rig” the election against him, using “false” stories from women who have accused him of sexual aggression.

“The media is trying to rig the election by giving credence, and this is so true, by giving credence to false stories that have no validity and making the front page,” Trump said Monday in Green Bay, Wis.

Will the candidate echo his conspiracy claims in Vegas?

“Trump’s participation ensures there shouldn’t be many dull moments on Wednesday night,” said Aaron Kall, director of debate at the University of Michigan.

I’m not sure what to expect tonight, but I’m betting it will look more similar to the first debate than the second debate. I’m sure there’ll be attacks, but I doubt it will be as explosive as last week in St. Louis. Chris Wallace has stated that he will not be fact checking the candidates and instead will let the candidates follow up on each other, which I think is the proper way to approach a debate.

As always, we’ll have the full debate video after it airs.


  1. Be good to see Drumpf getting destroyed for the third time. It was laughable when he first joined the race, then he became actively dangerous to American values. Now, he is just pitiful. I’m still holding out hope that he is actually just the best troll ever, showing up the GOP for the selfish, unempathetic, hateful, xenophobic, misogynist troglodytes that they are.

      • Interesting that so many Trump supporters cannot spell or use grammar correctly! Anyone else think there should be a minimum civics test to be able to vote? I’m sure half these deplorables can’t name the three branches of government.

      • And you have revealed yourself as precisely the kind of Un-American throwback I referred to above. Hateful, self-interested, derogatory and clearly disinterested in evidence, preferring instead the company of self-righteous baseless belief and conspiracy theory. American will remain great and will not be brought down by hate and divisiveness. It will remain united and diverse. Which is why Trump will fail.

        • Any state/people/country, have the politicians that deserve.
          Hitler as well, won the election, that time in Germany, it was the “after” election, what make a difference.

          • Can you name all the things that you think Obama has made palpably worse for Americans as all the evidence appears contrary to your statement?

            • I think you are hopeless Dreamer. It does not matter to me what you think because in my Eyes he never was a President and if Hillarious wins then she never will be my President.

            • She will be if you remain in the US. You don’t have to, of course. If democracy is not your thing, then you are free to leave at your leisure.

            • i expect the slimy liberals will try to sabotage his efforts and everytime he isnt able to produce the liberal scum will be the flies and the shit

            • Trex,- Every time he isn’t able to produce – you say? After what DT just did…all he surmounted…against all odds? I think you’d agree with me that ‘unable to produce’ – is not part of him.- And, don’t forget his ART, – of making the DEAL!
              –Also – I’m hoping that the anti constitutional / anti freedom -liberal agenda, shall shortly become a thing of the past… as this is not what our country was based, upon.

    • With all your comments about Trump you show that you are an AMERICAN IDIOT.I hope that we do not have to many of your kind because then America is DOOOOMED.

      • I see intellectual and civilized discourse is not your specialty. Keep quiet and let the adults discuss these matters. The issues are too important for one such as you. Your comments can be safely disregarded by reasonable people.

        • My,my aren’t we the gentleman scholar. I’m impressed that you took time away from the remake of Uncle Tom’s Cabin starring Michele Obama?

    • lol, Trump just said Putin has outsmarted Clinton and Obama but he doesn’t even believe 17 of his own country’s intelligence agencies. Guess Putin outsmarted Trump (or they are actually working together).

    • Good luck to you and to all the american people. Having again a Klinton+ mentaly disabled as a supreme leader, for the next 4 years. I wish and pray God, to give and do for you in double, what you have given and done to the others..

  2. I am/have been praying for hard for Mr. Trump (and our whole country). Hmm, buy the way did anyone hear about how the Trump headquarters was tremendously damaged recently? The media isn’t making a big deal about it either.

    • That was a big deal. And it was a Democratic effort that raised thousands of dollars in a matter of minutes to reopen a new headquarters. Donations were from all sides, but the Dems started the fundraising. Also, it would be a mistake to assume that liberals were responsible for the firebombing. That’s not something we encourage/do.

  3. remember british “remain” was ahead in the polls while the liberal/marxist leftists called the “exiters” imbeciles and all sorts of names, but they came up trumps -pun intended – so expect the unexpected all you who support this criminal , it is clear you chew on the grass that MSM feeds you and have issues with critical thinking, if you dont know who to vote for, ask an adult!

    • Actually, the polls close to the voting were only about 3% in favor, about the error rate.

      Also, there is evidence that the vote was low in some areas where opinion was so high for remain that people didn’t think their votes were needed.

      • thanks, point taken, but another example was the referendum is Greece which was out by 10%, polls are doctored simply to influence public opinion, they ve been getting it wrong for some decades and are never a source of proper research, rather a source for propaganda, we shall see

  4. I mean, this might come across as rude to some of you Americans that support Trump, but for the love of God who ever taught you folks grammar? Is your educational system that lacking?

    I’m Dutch and very critical of my own spelling and grammar, but obviously that happens when you’re taught 4 different languages at the age of 12. Here it seems like most Yankees can’t even hold on to one language…

    • For Khajas: I now publicly apologize for my bad grammer in this discussion, now will you please forgive me?? I, well I just got in kind of a hurry and so, well I kind of mess it up. I’m usually kind of a perfectionist myself. Will you please forgive me now (or not)?

    • We are glad to have you, Khajas, but let’s not focus on spelling and grammar.

      When I was teaching English, I told the kids that people will judge their intelligence on the level of their communication. We don’t really need to point it out.

      • Although I fully agree with what you say, I do also think that having an attitude of letting it be is the reason most people aren’t putting in an effort to correct themselves.

        I’ve had a grammar police on me since the day I first sat behind a PC and started playing Starcraft 1 and I can honestly say that by having someone constantly badgering me on my horrible spelling eventually improved it to a level I am now quite proud of.

        Just think that the ignoring and letting it be policy is also what got the USA into an election this insane.

        • Uneducated and/or careless communication reflects poorly on the writer, already. Beating them up a second time illustrates our insensitivity–or need to feel superior.

          • Or disdain for sloppiness, impatience with ignorance, or propensity to judge and pontificate without proof either way regarding the judgement.

    • khajas….we are the best and you are nothing but a goddam pimple on europes anus.you dont even have an army,ur overrun with mooslimes…ur pathetic liberal policies have destroyed the EU.ur pathetic at best.the people have spoken.trump is our president

      • Thanks for validating my point there buddy, let’s see how it went in 4 years after you paid for that wall sealing you all in, kay?

  5. I admire Hillary’s high sense of humility, being a highly educated & respected woman in the international community, debating a clown in front of the world. But what can we do? That’s the most genius person the republican party can afford to offer to the American people as their presidential nominee! I hope & pray that Trump will ultimately be civil in his demeanor on stage tonight & not shame the entire nation by doing once again his typical behavior of being obnoxious & disrespectful.

  6. That is the least patriotic thing you could possibly do. I strongly urge you to exercise the right that your fellow women (and others) were denied for more than a hundred years.

    • long-forgotten secret that helped our ancestors survive famines, wars, economic crises, diseases, droughts, and anything else life threw at them, how will You prepare?

  7. Trump supporters are still telling themselves that all the dirt on Trump is a big media conspiracy – you’re all fools who never learned to fact-check anything! But you’re gonna miss out so bad if you miss this great deal which I can give you on the Brooklyn Bridge…

  8. Even if Hillary gets elected, there may be motion for impeachment anyway. I think this election will be interesting to watch. Cant say it hasn’t be unique and entertaining.

  9. Debate 3, we will have to watch Hillary lie again to America. You can’t blame Donald Trump, Russia, or Julian for her lies, as they are hers & those at the top of the DNC and many more. WIKI Leaks only shows us what they email to each other behind our public ear & eyes, their real intensions. Seriously Hillary,in your eyes were all deplorables. I am voting for Trump, Donald is the only one can get America back as a world leader, him being there is God Blessing the United States of America.

    • I am also irritated at listening to her never-ending lies. We have just one person that can turn America around.

  10. We can’t afford Hillary, say goodbye to the second amendment. Freedoms that are provided by the United States Constitution are under attack by Hillary. She will make sure it happens by the Supreme Court Justices she nominates to the Supreme Court.

  11. This is so good…just look at Trump The Hump Squirm, like a child who’s pissing his pants, waiting for Mommy to come back in and spank him!

  12. …I have a little ditty to sing at OUR rallies…

    Ohio, by Neil Young

    For 2016…

    Keep quiet,that “Lady’s” napping
    That Clinton named Hilary.
    Get too close–bad things will happen.
    –Four Dead In Benghazi.

    The woman’s an insider
    Been there thirty whole years
    Shoulda been gone long ago
    New witness–quick,hide ‘er
    They’ll shoot her quick as a deer
    –Then she’ll be quiet,you know.

    [Musical interlude]

    Whitewater, Travelgate
    Clinton Foundation bribes
    If you can pay,you can play
    Flooded with aliens
    Murderous,terrorist tribes
    Giving our nation away

    We’re dead broke and Clinton’s coming
    Blue helmet troops–that’s UN
    I see a bald eagle falling
    No more will he rise again.

    [Final yelling into mike] who killed Vince Foster? And so many more?

  13. Awww… Poor widdle karla…

    Born in America is NOT an American. The Fourteenth was for freed slaves. People who were not subject to the jurisdiction of another country.

    When parents come to America from mexico, they’re still subject to the jurisdiction of mexico. So is their spawn.

    When parents come to America from Ireland, they’re still subject to the jurisdiction of Ireland. So is their spawn.

    The Founders even said that people from America were citizens of the country. When French or British traders, politicians, or travelers were in the country they were French and British citizens.

    How FAR the country has fallen…

    • Go back to school, you dumb, ignorant FUCK – citizenship in America is in fact determined by birth within US borders or within its territories, or by naturalization, and that’s all!

      I’m gonna laugh so hard at all you Trumpie fuckwits, and I really hope you form a big protest mob outside my poll station so that I can laugh directly in your stupid faces – oh, it’s gonna be so much fun!

    • As an attorney and something of an expert in constitutional law, permit me to say that you know nothing about what you are talking about. But you love talking about it anyway, even if it makes you look foolish, just like Herr Drumpf. Neither the language of the 14th Amendment nor any of the Supreme Court cases interpreting it support what you have written here. Ignorance is no excuse for spreading false information.

  14. Hillary’s been outsmarted by Trump’s puppet applicant – give it up already, you huge orange fuckwit!

  15. But really, how the ‘ELL does her thighness say that she doesn’t trust Trump with our Nuclear stockpile and that Trump is a friend of Russia?

    How can see say that when she SOLD 20% of our stockpile TO Russia.

    Whatta tool….

    • Just like your idiot hero Donald Drumpf, you believe it’s okay to just make up your own facts and pretend they are real.

  16. Hey Trump your losing the foreign policy debate. Russia is a known agent of cyberespionage against the North American continent as well as other countries. You lost that round.

  17. This last debate is a real disappointment to me. No one can ever control Hillary, she overtalks them all and never gets shut up or called out for it. So surprised that Chris Wallace is nor doing a much better job. As usual Clinton can’t be shut up and Trump can never clarify anything. They just let her rant. Chris you should have done a better job. She gets much more time talking than Trump and lies so much. FOX news you goofed on this one.

  18. remember british “remain” was ahead in the polls while the liberal/marxist leftists called the “exiters” imbeciles and all sorts of names, but they came up trumps -pun intended – so expect the unexpected all you who support this criminal , it is clear you chew on the grass that MSM feeds you and have issues with critical thinking, if you dont know who to vote for, ask an adult!
    this video more important than the debate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATgLwSCrjUk

    • Polls have a margin of error. Remain had a very slight lead in the polls. Hillary has a massive lead. It’s not even remotely comparable.

  19. Jobs being sucked out of the economy. Old world jobs Trump. We need engineers, programmers, technical specialists, and mathematicians. These skillsets are needed to further explore this planet and beyond into our solar system and universe. Not manual labor assembly line jobs. Those are gone.

  20. This is a debate for president of the United states. Not an inquisition about a private email server. So lets not get distracted here Trump.

  21. There seems to be questionable dealings with Trump and Clinton foundations so this will be a non issue due to conflict of interest in both parties. These need to be proven or disproven in court.

    • There is a huge difference. The New York Attorney General has ordered Drumpf’s bogus foundation (to which he has not been contributing his own money for many years) to stop raising money, because he has been diverting the funds it raises from others for charity as an illegal slush fund for himself: nearly $300K to settle lawsuits filed in court against him and his businesses, $25K to make a political contributions to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi (which looks like a successful bribe persuading her not to join in either the New York investigations and criminal prosecutions into his fraudulent “Drumpf University” consumer scam, or the California fraud and RICO class action lawsuits scheduled to go to trial in November, just after the election), and even to redecorate Mar-a-Lago, his Palm Beach combo home/billionaires’ resort (complete with purchasing a huge portrait of himself that is now hanging on the wall), just to name a few of the illegal expenditures under investigation.

      On the other hand, the Clinton Foundation (which is not under any investigation or prosecution) uses over 90% of contributions for bona fide charities and only 10% for administration (way better than charitable foundation averages) while Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea all worked for it without any salary or compensation.

      • Cosmo: While there have been many “irregularities” in the way Trump runs his foundation, technically, NY clamped down because the Trump Foundation didn’t file proper paperwork.

        • That’s just for starters — a way to freeze its activities. The AG’s investigation into the financial improprieties is ongoing.

  22. So you calling the internet, stupid and corrupt Trump? Millions of Americans are wrong but your right? Yeah ok let me fact check that sir.

  23. No American forces on the ground in Iraq. We can give logistical support, special forces and airstrikes to support THEIR military. Even volunteer units but no major ground forces unless the Russians and Iranians make a move.

    • He doesn’t even know where Mosul is. Try mentioning the Peshmerga and watch his eyes glaze over.

  24. So what your saying Trump is you would put American boots on the ground AGAIN in Iraq? Are you F*&^ing kidding me??

  25. No sir- the people of Aleppo are being slaughter by Assad and Russian forces. This comes from people on the ground there.

  26. Assad is now a warlord of rubble- Syria has ceased to exist and is fast looking like a Russian satellite proxy and base now.

  27. Hillary Clinton stayed on message. Trump did not. Again Trump looked weak and resorted to name calling.
    Not a good sign.

  28. Gotta loooove the post debate process, shows how inept cnn is with their videos don’t work.

    I work in that career field, it is so INCREDIBLY easy to put that together.

    Sad that cnn can’t figure it out, but that’s normal.

    • Cosmo: People usually don’t go to links. Sometimes they will, if you say what the link proves. So it’s a good idea to state your claim in the column, and then put in the link to back you up. That way, if they don’t go to the link, they still know what you’re saying.

      • That’s exactly what I did. I summarized the lawsuit and offered a link to the actual complaint filed in court. Why don’t you read one or the other or both?

    • I suppose you consider this good experience: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-bloom/why-the-new-child-rape-ca_b_10619944.html
      Read for yourself the lawsuit and the affidavits of both the victim and her eyewitness sworn under oath charging that DONALD DRUMPF COMMITTED VIOLENT RAPE ON A THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD GIRL in 1994, and then MADE DEATH THREATS AGAINST THE VICTIM AND HER FAMILY if she ever were to speak about the incident?

      The lawsuit was filed in the New York federal district court on June 20 naming as defendants Donald Drumpf and his old pal, the billionaire pedophile and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, and this article by veteran journalist and lawyer Lisa Bloom was published on June 29, long before the more recent spate of allegations by nearly a dozen victims of sexual assault at the hands (small as they are) of Herr Drumpf, all of which are consistent with those described in this article as well as with previous accusations regarding Drumpf’s lifelong history of sexual misconduct toward women. #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain

      The next court hearing in this child rape case has been scheduled for December, just as the trial in the Drumpf University case in San Diego has been postponed conveniently to late November to allow the defendant to become president in time to pardon himself.

      Have we as a nation descended so low that we would even contemplate electing a degenerate psychopathic monster like this to the highest office in the land?


      • So Google is the source of pure facts now with their slanted search results and CEO on Clintons team? Really?

      • huffington post is funded by Soros, hitlery puppet master, ergo your lack of critical thinking condemns you to a being a brainwashed fool who cant see the forrest for the trees

  29. Wow, more “balanced’ commentary from MSNBC. All four panelists against Trump, cuts to Clinton’s campaign manager and two cuts to each side of the spin room, both against Trump and cutting of Trumps campaign manager mid-sentence. Yet it is outrageous to call this rigged and MSM on Clinton’s side.

    • The networks seem to like to spend a segment of time on one candidate, and then go to the other, so it seems like they’re all one way, and then it seems that they’re all the way on the other. But MSNBC is not “MSM,” just as Fox is not. They pander to their audience.

  30. So more “balanced” reporting from MSNBC?
    All of the panel against Trump and a full comment from Clinton’s campaign manager but Trump’s is cut off mid sentence?
    Yet is is outrageous to suggest that the MSM are showing blatant bias…

  31. accepted miss pearl…sorry you cant decide.being a male i see trump as another male.i very rarely ever speak about women in disparaging way.i have…have you ever made a remark you regretted later or said something in the company of women about men…it isnt done?is is…all the time everyday.what bill clinton did is far worse.other presidents have but they were discreet.slimy slick willie is a perv and beneath contempt.i dont want bill clinton back in the WH.thank the lord trump won

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