Many have criticized Donald Trump for what appeared to be a lack of preparation for the first presidential debate on Sept. 26. Ted Cruz even offered to work with him to hone his debating skills. Trump blamed part of his lackluster performance on the microphone, which sounded fine on TV, but which was lower volume in the hall. But if that’s the case, why didn’t he just complain at the time—simply ask the moderator to increase his volume?? Instead of whining afterward?

Regardless. Trump claims that he is not going to prep for Sunday’s debate, either.

This was not the debate tune-up that jittery Republicans were hoping for.

Only days before Donald Trump must face Hillary Clinton in a town-hall style presidential debate, the GOP nominee added just such an event in New Hampshire. It was seemingly a concession to anxious allies and advisers hoping he might hone his skills in what can be a difficult format even for the most dexterous of politicians. . .

“I said forget debate prep. I mean, give me a break,” Trump said at one point. “Do you really think that Hillary Clinton is debate-prepping for three or four days. Hillary Clinton is resting, okay?”

Sunday’s debate will be a “town hall” style, allowing audience members to ask questions. And although Trump held a “town hall” rally Thursday, Sunday will be quite different.

The format was nothing like what Trump will face in St Louis, when half the questions will be posed by uncommitted voters, and the candidates will have two minutes to respond to each question as Martha Raddatz of ABC and Anderson Cooper of CNN serve as moderators.

On Thursday night, Howie Carr, a conservative radio host and Trump booster, played the role of moderator, and the crowd was hand-picked by his campaign. The audience didn’t even ask Trump their questions. Carr did so on their behalf. Before the event, Carr had said Trump would take 20 questions. He stayed for about a dozen. . .

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who made the town-hall format central to his candidacy and has been coaching Trump ahead of Sunday’s debate, joined Trump on this trip to New Hampshire, presumably to provide pointers on his performance both before and after.

Trump’s strategy for the first debate may have been simply to appear civilized. While pundits complained that he “lost,” if his goal was to seem subdued, he succeeded wonderfully. Now, the Washington Times said, that’s good, because now, the gloves can come off.

One of the biggest ironies of the first presidential debate is that Donald Trump’s reluctance to aggressively attack Hillary Clinton has now given him the license to fully do so.

Going into the debate — his debut on the world’s biggest stage — everyone, including his closest aides, was telling him that he must achieve plausibility: That is, he needed to reassure voters by looking reasonable, confident and self-possessed. If he were able to demonstrate an even temperament and basic command of the issues, voters could picture him behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office — and Mrs. Clinton’s negative ads about his unfitness would melt away. . .

An Arkansas source says that Mrs. Clinton’s debate prep crew has coached her to maintain an air of superiority around Mr. Trump while trying to provoke him. They tell her to avoid getting upset so as not to feed the “Angry Hillary” narrative and to dismiss him as a serious contender every chance she gets.

Therein lies the critical lesson for Mr. Trump: No matter what abuse she hurls his way, he mustn’t let it misdirect him down a defensive rabbit hole. There’s no time for that. . .

If Mrs. Clinton thinks the final two debates are going to resemble the first one, she may face a very unpleasant surprise.

However, while hinting at it earlier, Trump says he will not attack Hillary on Bill Clinton’s past, according to NewsMax.

Donald Trump had been hinting he’d bring up Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions at the second presidential debate against Hillary Clinton on Sunday — but now the billionaire real-estate tycoon says he won’t. . .

A lawyer for some of the women who claim to have had liaisons with the former president seems to lend credence to Trump’s new reluctance to talk about the Clinton scandals.

Candice Jackson told the gossip website that one of the women had been willing to go to the first debate and “Trump talked about having her there, but there was no follow-through.”

Of course, Trump has said one thing and done another before. It’s his way of keeping his opposition on their toes—and also, he relies on his instincts (“his gut”) and does whatever he thinks will work at the moment, regardless of his prior plans—or the wishes of his advisors.

But another technique is to simply raise a question, rather than giving an answer. During the primaries, Trump said he “heard” something, and then the media were challenged to try to find the substance he hinted at. It’s a brilliant strategy, because the story then comes from “the media,” not him, and therefore, has more general credibility.

It’s also effective, without sullying his own image, by only hinting. He can say he “read in the Enquirer” that Ted Cruz father may have helped kill JFK. Obviously, Trump didn’t believe that, did he!

So we can’t be sure if we’ll see the attack Trump or the “presidential” Trump, but that scares Hillary’s staff.

Fox News says Trump will be OK if he remembers five things.


The reaction to Pence’s debate performance was everything the GOP ticket had hoped for when Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, took on Clinton, the Democratic nominee, last week. Pence won the post-debate polls that Trump lost, and partisans on both sides praised the Indiana governor’s calm and collected approach. . .


Trump reportedly didn’t practice much ahead of his own debate. That backfired, as he found out primary and general election debates are completely different animals. During the primaries, a crowded stage allowed Trump to land pointed blows and retreat into the background, limiting lengthy policy discussions. That’s not possible in a one-on-one scrap, and especially not in the town hall format that will be used Sunday in St. Louis. There are signs that Trump is devoting more time to practicing for the debate this time.


Trump actually was doing well in the first debate — for 30 minutes. He hammered Clinton over her position on trade, an issue his camp believes will resonate with the Rust Belt voters he needs to secure states like Pennsylvania and Ohio. “He needs to stick to the offense and on his ground as opposed to taking the bait any time there’s a charge against him, “ said University of Michigan debate expert Aaron Kall. “Stick to the things that got you there — your message on trade, the economy, outsourcing and immigration.”


The town hall puts a premium on connecting with the voters. And with the favorability ratings of both candidates in the gutter, there’s quite some room to grow. Trump’s campaign has argued over the past few days that he’s better at connecting with people than Clinton and that her over-prepared nature won’t serve her as well on Sunday as it did last week. “There’s no amount of programming or different lines that someone can memorize going into a town hall format,” Trump spokesman Jason Miller said Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day” of Clinton.


While Clinton won the post-debate polls, Trump also made a handful of slip-ups that continue to haunt him. Trump’s repeated interruptions hurt him in the first debate of 2016, just as they hurt Kaine in the vice presidential showdown.

OK, to sum up. . .Trump is much better at connecting with people than Hillary is. A townhall setting is better suited to his style, since they will be talking directly to one person in the audience, and there will be less opportunity for him to interrupt Hillary’s responses. However, Trump is not used to answering questions from those who are not already on his side—and there will be “nowhere to hide,” as there was in the primary debates.

On the other hand, while Hillary is awful talking to “people,” she is usually excellent at speaking one-on-one, so she may actually surprise people by the way she listens, and the way she fashions her answer to the exact question asked.

Grading this debate will be tough.


  1. I think that considering the video of Trump that came to light friday evening, Trump will be more defensive, and therefore more volatile than ever. Even his videotaped “apology” just after midnight Saturday morning an example of his “rubber and glue” style of campaigning. There no contrition whatsoever in that “apology”, and he pivoted quickly to accusations against both his opponent, and her husband who is not on the ballot.
    Trump shown that he excells at entertaining large crowds, by being outrageous and tossing them “red meat” in the form of wild positions that he thinks will appeal to them. He has not shown the ability to connect one on one with voters.
    Hillary Clinton, on the other hand speaks to smaller groups and has shown the ability to connect one on one, and to be sensitive to the concerns of voters.
    I don’t think that Mr. Trump has the ability to be contrite or to truly apologize to anyone. I do not think that his ego will allow him to do anything the good of the country, or his party. He said earlier in general campaign that any republicans who did not support should “just be quiet”, he did not them. The Republican party needed him more than he needed them.

    • The video was 11 years ago….Clintons scandals have been going on for 30 yrs. Bill was impeached….for what again? Catch my drift?

        • 18 yrs ago. So what.? Trumps was 11 yrs ago. So what? If you trust HC then vote her. She has public and private policy. Will tell you anything.

          • Your point was that the incident didn’t matter, because it was way back, 11 years ago. Then you try to claim that something that happened 18 years ago had more relevance. Can’t have it both ways.

            • No. I didn’t. I said it didn’t matter whether it was 11 or 18 years ago.

              I said go ahead if you want and vote for Hillary. But she has a public and private policy. She’ll tell you whatever you want to hear to get elected. Then she’ll do whatever she wants.

      • I think that the age of the video is immaterial since there is ample evidence that he has not changed. In my opinion, there is more to come.
        As to the charges against Bill Clinton, he was impeached, improperly, and was not convicted. Also, he is not on the ballot..

        • Nobody in their right mind should want to see the Clintons slither back into the White House so the serial predator that is Bill can have an affair with another intern which will make parents cringe as the evening news features the debacle on a nightly basis. Besides, do we really want to allow them to attempt to steal the White House antiques again, maybe this time getting away with that attempted crime? Time for a change – America can do better with Trump-Pence on November 8th!

          • Republican voter = low information voter
            Trump supporter= ignorant no information voter
            Christian Trump voter= no information voter who doesn’t even understand the teachings of Christ = a truly lost soul

            You say that you had to cringe at he coverage of Bill Clinton and shield children, yet you want to elect someone who delivers worse scandals on almost a daily basis. Are you blind and deaf altogether, or just when it comes to Trump’s faults.

            • I have seen of Trump nothing even as totally corrupt as what was seen in 8 years of Clintonian rule. Trump is no perfect human being, neither is anyone else other than the Lord Jesus Christ. Still, he has not been an enabler of rape as has apparently been Hillary, and his running mate was a confirmation that he has indeed changed toward being more pro-life than in the past when he had been a democrat. At one time, Ronald Reagan had been a member of the DNC, too – yet when he crossed over to the other side he became the best American President of our time. Every human being has faults, which is why no one is exempt from needing salvation. For more information on how to find eternal security, go to Regarding the vote, I would much rather send a candiidate to the White House who has expressed remorse over wrongs of the past than one who, like Hillary, is mired in complete denial and whose record has proven her to be morally unfit for the office she seeks through a past beset by Benghazi treason as secretary of state as well as e-mail practices that placed our very national security at risk! If anyone is blind and deaf, it is the Clinton excusers who refuse to see reason or embrace truth.

            • If you think that Ronald Reagan was the best American president, you were obviously not trying to make a living during his term in office. His administration did more damage to labor unions and workers rights than anyone in history. Maybe you are too young to remember, but all my children were young and at home and I was working to provide for them. The company I was working for manufactured goods that were mainly used by local government projects, and they were an old established company. Thanks to Reagan’s budget cuts the company lost enough work to finally go under. Those same budget cuts are the reason that many of pur bridges are considered unsafe to this day. And when he talked about deregulation, he was talking about regulations that make workers safe on the job, keep our food supply clean and safe, and that keep our water and air clean.
              As far as “eternal security” while I do, as a father and grandfather worry about the future of our world after I’m gone I do not waste my time worrying about my “eternal soul”. You need to face the fact that you are born, live your life and you die. If you waste that time you are out of luck. No amount of religious doctrine will give you more than that. Do you need a moral code to live by? Absolutely. Your moral code is predicated on which church (social club) you belong to, and earning a reward in an afterlife. My moral code is based upon respect for my fellow human beings whoever they are. I don’t make differences for skin color, sexual orientation, or culture. I even try to give Republicans a chance. I thank you for your concern about my “eternity”, but as I have stated in other posts, I was born and raised in a Christian family. When I realized that religion was a scheme to control people and keep certain people “in their place” I disavowed all religion. I assure you I do not need guidance to save my soul.
              It is not the Democrats who are blind and deaf. Your side has spread stories, all proven false, about the Clinton Foundation yet you are blind and deaf about the charges about Trump’s Foundation. Which, by the way, was just shut down for illegal activities. You are blind and deaf about how Trump treats anyone he considers beneath him (everyone), how he treats women, businesses and individuals who work for him.

            • I was born in the fifties and was here to vote for and experience all of the Reagan years. It took his policies to restore us to economic prosperity after the Carter years had reduced us to a near depression. I still remember sitting in long lines at the station waiting to get gasoline that was destined tobe rationed at the time. It was no picnic. Our infrastructure definitely needs rebuilding. Maybe if we stopped giving billions to countries that hate us like Iran and Cuba, we could afford to take care of our own people. My grandmother always said “charity begins at home”. As far as I’m concerned (with 6 children, so far 10 grandchildren and a great-grandson due to inherit this land someday) we should not be giving a dollar to others until not a single citizen of our country is left homeless and we have paid off our 20 trillion debt. From what I can see, it is far more likely we will see economic stability restored under a GOP presidency than under an extension of the current failed DNC policies which now threaten our very existence. Trump-Pence on Nov. 8th, to the rescuing of the American way of life.

            • I agree, we need to take care of our own first.
              Ronald Reagan did more to wreck our economy than anyone until GW Bush. We did not have prosperity until Bill Clinton took office.
              To use stability and Donald Trump in the same sentence is beyond ridiculous.
              Watching coverage right now if Trump’s “debate prep”. He is sitting with four of Bill Clinton’s accusers. Bear in mind none of their accusations were ever proven.
              HE IS DONE, DEAD AND GONE, R.I.P.

            • Lol. He’s not going anywhere. Even if he loses he goes back to a plush life.

              Get your facts straight. Jimmy Carter had wrecked the economy. Reagan turned it around.

            • Check your opinions. It took Reagan about 9 months to turn the economy around. It’s taken Obama 8 years and people are still being laid off.

            • You, personally might have had something good happen 9 months after Reagan took office, not the rest of us. Reagan never “turned the economy around”. Reagan did more to weaken or unions and undermine workers rights than president in our history. We did not have any prosperity until after Clinton took office.
              In case you haven’t bothered to check, the man you are expecting to bring jobs back to this country, manufactures a wide range of goods, all in other countries. He brings foreigners on work visas to work on his businesses here. He is buying Chinese steel for his building projects. How is it he is going to bring back jobs?

            • I’m sure not everyone prospered during Reagans tenure. II’m a huge union person so I’d never say all people did well during Reagan’s time.

              I also don’t like it when people quote a study showing everything is rosy now. Why? My friend just got laid off. So things aren’t rosy now.

              As far as I know all businesses use any legal method to keep the doors open. If it is chinese steel that hasn’t been declared illegal to use they’ll use it.

              We shop at Wall Mart. They have Chinese made products. People get illegals from Home Depot, or wherever, to do work, right?

            • I assure you “not everyone” prospered under Reagan, especially union workers. I worked for a company that had been established many years and paid generations good union wages. By the middle of Reagan’s first term it was on trouble, by the middle of is second term, it was gone.
              No one is saying everything is rosy now, just that it is improving and better now than under Bush. As far as your friend getting laid off, some companies slow down and are forced to lay off workers even during the best of times. Some businesses go under in good economic times.
              We buy some Chinese goods because the choice to buy American has been taken from us, there are many products that are simply not made here any more. I do support American manufacturers whenever an American product is available. Trump, on the other hand, buys steel in quantities that could support American jobs, and makes the choice to buy from the Chinese. Steel, unlike many consumer products, is still made here. Trump has a choice, buy steel here and support Americans or buy from China. He CHOSES to support China. Not you and me. He manufactures many goods, clothing to glassware, all of it in other countries, again choosing to support those countries, not you and me. With all this evidence about his choices, do you really believe he can or will choose to help us, and not himself? Have you heard him say that he will bring even one of his businesses back here? Then how can you believe he has any plan to cause other businessmen to bring those jobs back?
              I’m not quite sure of what you mean about Home Depot. If Home Depot, in some areas of the country, hires illegals to work in their stores, they should not be allowed to do so. I love in Ohio and they hire local people, Americans, around here. If you mean most Americans hire illegals to do contract work in their homes, I disagree again. I habe only had a contractor do work in my home once.
              That contractor had a crew of local people again all Americans
              If he had shown up with a crew of illegals, the job would have been over, and I would have replaced him.

            • All your comments are negative with regard to Trump. Your not exactly open minded.

              It seems stranges that thousands of Trumps, legal, employees are very happy working for him. Yet, you find Nothing Positive.

              There’s no way you could be objective. I’m different. I didn’t like what Reagan did to the union workers. Yet I’m willing to have a open mind about Trump.

              You on the other hand can’t find anything to say which is good aabout Trump. Have you ever voted for a Republican candidate?

            • As far as Trump’s employees being satisfied, that’s probably a mixed bag. He has a wide range of types of employees, and I’m sure many are satisfied, even grateful for their jobs. And then you have those that he has employed and then not paid. There is evidence that he treated both employees and contractors that way.

              As far as voting for a Republican candidate, I do not vote against my own interest. In my lifetime, the agenda of the Republican party has been to undermine the rights of workers, union and nonunion, programs like social security and Medicare. Under the guise of “religious freedom” and ” family values” they have tried to undermine rights of groups like LGBTs and right of a woman’s choice. They have been the party of intolerance and division. They have also n the party of the rich. As far as voting for a Republican candidate, I live in a small mostly Republican town, 22nd I did cast a vote for our mayor, who is republican, but whom I know personally. He was also unopposed.

              As far as being objective, I am retired, I have few obligations on my time. I have always followed politics. I have followed this race litterally from 8:00 am until midnight, almost every day. If one of the candidates makes a statement, if I didn’t hear it live, I saw the replay.
              While I am a proud Democrat, and came into this race a proud Clinton supporter, I have seen more than enough to convince me that Trump should never be president.

              He is no Republican, likewise no conservative. He has no compass other morally or politically. He goes which ever way the one blows, and changes direction much more often than the wind. He sometimes contradicts the beginning of a sentence by the end of that same sentence. He often contradicts what he has said in recent speeches, even though video evidence exists. Some would call this lying. He is a megalomaniac, a narcissist, and a serial liar. He has surrounded himself with people who glorify him and make him believe he can never lose. Since it has become obvious that he cannot win this race, he is inventing the story that the race was stolen. That way he doesn’t have to face the fact that he, because of his own actions lost this race fair and square.

              Now, how about sharing some of the facts that led to your support for Trump. Without mentioning either of the Clintons.

            • Trump is a liberal Republican. Which I like. You said not to mention HRC so I won’t.

              1. Undermine the work of workers. I’ve got to agree the employer will use whatever tactics they can to make a buck. Now who is the employer? Please check and you’ll find out most hugely wealthy people are in fact Democrats. A few that come to mind are Buffet and many Casino owners. Winn and Adelson are exceptions.

              It is true that Most small businesses are run by Republicans.

              2. Why would Republicans undermine social security? That would be political suicide. Yes, a very conservative Republican, like Cruz would, but I don’t agree with Cruz.

              3. Trump isn’t for division but someone else is. Trump is for legal immigration. Nothing wrong with that, right? Trump was endosed by the border patrol.

              Why not try a successful businessman. Please don’t say we have before and they didn’t do the best. These are different times.

            • Trump is not a “Liberal Republican”, he is not a Republican at all. What few policy positions he has taken do not align with any political party.

              1. As far as undermining the rights of workers, I wasn’t referring to an employer, I was talking about the agenda of the Republican party. As far as Trump as an employer there is much evidence that he has refused to pay both employees and contractors who have worked for him. Have you ever worked for an employer, and not been paid for your work? Would you like to be? He also manufactures a wide variety of goods in other countries. Have you heard him say he will bring any of those jobs to this country?
              According to Forbes magazine of the fifty richest families in the America 56% are Republicans, 16% are Democrats, and 30% support both parties.
              According to the National Small Business Association, 39% of small business owners are Republicans, 22% are Democrats, the rest being independents.

              2.The Republicans have in fact been trying to privatize Social security, and voucherize Medicare for some time. G.W. Bush proposes privatization of Social Security just after his re-election. Paul Ryan has submitted a budget plan calling for both privatization of SSA and voucherizing Medica

            • No matter what I’d say you’d come up with 10,000 reasons why you don’t agree. I have zero interest in wanting you to change.Your obviously extremely opinionated.

              You merely hear that someone in the Trump organization didn’t pay someone for substantard work and you assume no one gets paid. Not true at all.

              So many companies, I’m especially knowledgeable about the Vegas casinos (good democrats by the way) don’t get paid for doing poor quality work. But when they repair the substandard work they love it when the money rolls in.

              The same happens with the Trump organization.

              When a contractor signs on to do a job it is written into the contract what Must be done. If he/she does not do the job they are not paid. If they don’t like the contract they should not agree to do the work.

              You fail to mention the thousands of satisfied contractors. Why?

            • The contractors who got paid are not the concern, evidence shows that contractors were not denied pay for poor quality work, but that Trump just refused to pay. Evidence shows that the courts have sides with the contractors.

              Trump received a “loan” and then an inheritence, and still ran multiple businesses through bankruptcy. We do know that he lost almost a billion dollars of mostly other people’s money and then used that to avoid two decades of income taxes. Did you pay taxes on the last twenty years?

              Bush wanted to privatize all future social security, and invest the funds in the stock market. Do you remember when that market fell by half? Social security would not be in any danger if the high wage earners paid the tax on all of their income or even on a bigger part of their income. More to the point Republican senators and congressmen led by Ryan are still trying to privatize SS and voucherize Medicare.

              You have the right to support this loser if you wish but you can’t make him look any less like a loser.

              The common sentiment on all the election coverage is that he will not only lose the presidency, but that he will cost the republicans the Senate for sure and possibly the house.

              Enjoy your complete humiliation. Hooray for Trump.

            • You are wrong. Your not even close to being correct. You might learn someday but I don’t it.

              Bush wanted to privatize a portion of Future retitees benefits. Period.

              I love free stuff so if Hillary wins great your rich friends/relatives can pay for all the free stuff. I’m retired so I won’t pay.

              Hillary, over 20 years, has made sure the billionaires won’t pay. If she wanted them to pay she’d have gotten the laws changed.

              If you’d say she tried but those mean Republicans got in the way. Then why did Obama care pass so quickly but a soak the billionaires tax plan didn’t?

            • I read the link you provided. Thanks.

              I wonder Why the DOJ, etc., hasn’t shut the Trump organization down since he doesn’t pay for services? Do you know?

              Have you ever been to see the finished product? Have you ever actually seen whether or not the contractor is paid for his/her services?

              Today Mark Cuban, a Hilary supporter, was asked if he’d ever run for ppolitical office. Cuban laughed and said No Way would I want the press digging into my background.

            • Again I’ll ask, Goethe, why the Trump organization wasn’t shut down if he doesn’t pay?

              Truth is he pays, right? Truth is he pays a fair amount, right?

            • Sorry I don’t fit into any of those categories. As far as being low information, while was working I managed to keep up with current events an politics. I am now retired and have the time to watch every minute of the campaign. I use a wide variety of sources, many are biased one way or the other, some are not. I watch both left and right leaning sources as well as the unbiased, but I do know the differences. I do not follow those that support my bias, ignore everything else, and consider that well informed. It is important to know what both sides are up to to be confident I am supporting the correct side.

        • There was nothing “improper” about Bill Clinton’s impeachment. The House found reasons to impeach him because he perjured himself–he lied under oath. No person is above the law, no not even the POTUS.

          The fact that BC was not removed from office remains a point of politics, not whether he committed the crime of perjury or not. Impeachment and removal is a political remedy, not necessarily a just remedy. Pure justice would have found BC guilty, and removed. But the Senate voted to support a politician, since most were Democrats (the party of the POTUS). Politics, not justice.

          • Bill Clinton lied about his relationship with Lewinski. That relationship was morally wrong, she was young and naive, he was married and both were on the job. It was not however, illegal. It was not any part of the investigation that was going on and as such, was not perjury. To commit perjury one must lie about the subjects pertaining to the case at hand. What they did with questions about Lewinski would be termed “fishing”. In a court of law it would have been thrown out. In the Republican house it was exploited POLITICALLY.

        • You know he wasn’t impeached because of politics. Besides what did he do wrong? Oh yeah, he disgraced the Oval Office.

      • He was wrongly impeached, which was proven by the fact that he was not removed. He was charged with perjury. If you lie under oath about facts in he case you are being tried for, that is perjury. The relationship between him and M. Lewinski, while imoral, was not illegal. It also was not part of the matter he was being questioned about, therefore it was a lie, it was not perjury.

    • so agree – he apologizes by reading someone’s text . He does not apologize – he ‘spits words’

      • I also agree with your comment about sporting words. In a 90 second video he “apologized” in about 10 seconds, and spent the rest of the time attacking. At no time did he show any remorse.

      • Shaun Hannity is not a liberal, anyone I would call a liberal, and quite a few conservatives had a different take.
        Trump, as usual was a buffoon. He paced like couldn’t hold himself still, he hung over Clinton’s back like he was trying to intimidate her.
        His “apology” showed no contrition, as soon as he said I apologize, he followed it up with “it was locker room talk”, as if that excused it.
        His ruse if bringing Bill Clinton’s accusers was a dismal failure. Women who complained about being taken advantage of by a man were, last night taken advantage of by a man who just wanted stage dressing.

  2. In past election cycles I have really looked forward to the debates, as I have felt it provides an opportunity to get away from the mudslinging and to get to know the direction the candidates would like to take the country. This election cycle I feel we are lacking the substantive conversations we once had and at least some of us want. I question the value of the next two debates given the tenor this election has taken.

    • Very true. I would like debates. But the media wants mudslinging. Even if it was Pence and HRC. They’d sling trash.

      • I really doubt that Pence would sling trash. He would talk about what is true regarding HRC. Oh yeah, most of that IS trash. So maybe he would have to…

        • Your right about Pence. He wouldn’t sling mud. I was referring to Hillary slinging mud. The Clintons are experts at living in the mud.

          True, JFK might have had affairs. But no president has disgraced the Oval Office like Bill did.

      • YOU ALSO DO –
        Mr Clinton is not a candidate
        Mrs Clinton is ( she might not be suitable – but the choice is ???? )

        • Hillary said she’d have Bill run the economy. So, he’d be part of her government. Plus she didn’t have any problem with Bill’s infidelity. She tried to ruin the women who said things about Bill.

          Hillary says whatever to get elected. She only cares about women so she can get their vote.

            • So your saying all that is important is that the economy was good, correct? You don’t care what he did. Who cares if he ruined someone’s life, right? Just so the economy is good. Wow.

            • what I am saying is —————————–how many MEN presidents did you have with a CLEAN LIFE ????? but TRUMP has a mental problem as well
              DO U KNOW ? Are you interested in bettering US Economy for all your sakes ? yes for sure

            • Get real. Saying that Trump has a mental problem is grasping at straws.

              I’d trust a successful businessman to better the economy. You’d trust a serial lier whose never created a job.

            • Tahimik .
              2 things I have to say : English is my second language but I know how to spell. You seem to have no grammatical skills
              A successful businessman – say CUNNING – at the expense of many!!
              if you read his biography .
              Yet I do not take that away from him – business worldwide is normally like that .
              I wonder how many illegals he employed in the construction business and is now using steel from China

            • Wow, did I misspell one word. Horrors. Your into degrading people. I guess an African American should be used to it. But I still find it offensive.

              Big Businesses use whatever legal means there are to keep the doors open. Wall Street/ huge businesses can thank Hillary for allowing them to thrive.

              If Hillary is going to allow illegals and steel from China then big businesses will use them/ it.

            • She lost 6 BILLION while Secretary of State. Accountability review board stated in bad deals, or can’t find a record of the money lost.

            • Which he ruined with the NAFTA agreement. We lost many manufacturing jobs. On top of that he also started the housing crisis in the US. The effects had been felt years later. Not to mention the war against minorities. The 3strikes and life happened. But you must mean that he taught the nation that getting a blow job is not a sexual relation.
              By the way.
              Trump earned his Ellis Island Award more then a decade before the Clinton.

  3. Anyone who feels comfortable voting for a psychopath like Trump should be placed on an FBI watch list. There’s a significant chance that if you’re ok with sexual assault and rape of minors, you are a sexual predator yourself.

  4. Well, to be honest. I am utterly disgusted with the way this election has been run.
    My favorite candidate is and will always be TRUMP. 🙂
    I can’t believe how little substance the questions are. The best questions that had been asked are from the vice president debate on POLICY.
    The truth is that we as a nation need to protect our Constitution now more then ever.
    I hope Trump brings up how Obama and Hillary sold us out… And will continue to.

    • You believe something provided by a man who has spent the last four years hiding in an embassy from rape charges, but you do not believe the daily news stories about Trump.

  5. Where are the worthy candidates?? Pity they disappear. I am not for either of the 2.glad cannot vote..sad that I worry .
    affects the rest of the world

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