Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence came together for the one and only 2016 Vice Presidential debate which took place at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. The debate was moderated by Elaine Quijano, a correspondent of CBS News.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Vice Presidential Debate from Longwood University

VP Candidates: Republican Mike Pence and Democrat Tim Kaine
Moderator: Elaine Quijano, a correspondent of CBS News.
Transcript: Washington Post

Full Video:

Here’s a rundown on the debate from CNN:

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence were on the debate stage Tuesday but their clash really centered on two other people: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Kaine, Clinton’s running mate, said that for him and his wife, who have a son deployed overseas as a Marine, “the thought of Donald Trump as commander in chief scares us to death.”
He hammered Trump over his temperament, accused him of pursuing an “outrageous lie” over claims President Barack Obama was not born in the United States and condemned him for calling Mexicans criminals and rapists in his announcement speech last year.

Pence didn’t hesitate to defend the controversial candidate at the top of the GOP ticket. He defended Trump by trying to turn the focus back on Clinton, accusing her family’s foundation of accepting donations from foreign governments while she was secretary of state and slamming her over the private email server she used while in office. Pence argued that Kaine was a fitting running mate for Clinton because he had tried, but failed, to raise taxes while serving as Virginia Governor.

I had reasonably high expectations for the substance of this debate, though I came away disappointed in several ways. The moderator lost control of the debate right from the begining and Tim Kaine kept constantly interrupting during Pence’s time to speak. Some may argue that it’s good to control the narrative, but I think Kaine went a bit overboard in how often he was letting things fly which started to seem very disrespectful. Pence, on the other hand, was arguably too quiet at times, though he remained steady during the entire 90 minutes.

All things considered, I think Pence did a good job for his ticket and I’d give him the nod for perhaps earning the most points from this debate. However, in the grand sceheme of things, vice presidential debates rarely matter in changing the minds of voters. The real task for Trump/Pence is for Donald Trump to come out with a stronger performance against Hillary Clinton this Sunday night for the second presidential debate. Neither candidate lost ground tonight so I’d say the result is the race continues as it stands.


  1. I must have yelled at the TV a few times. Lol. Constant interruption and deflection from Kaine annoyed me.
    I was very pleased with Pence.

        • Trump has said that NATO is obsolete. Pence denied that.

          Trump has said all illegal immigrants should be deported. Pence denied that.

          Trump has said no muslims should be allowed to enter the country. Pence denied that.

          Those are just off the top of my head.

            • Jebus. The video is right up there. The debate was last night. How bad is your memory?

              Maybe I’ll get the time stamps later, when I get home. But, seriously, you could just watch the debate yourself. It’s only an hour and a half long.

            • I have a great heart. At this point, you should check yours. 🙂
              You did not answer my question.
              High pitched whining??? lol. Putting words in CAPS grabs your attention.
              LMBO you are too funny. What are you smoking?

              It amazes me the double standard or lack of that surrounds the media today.
              I believe the moderator had done a decent job, could it have been better YES!
              the 2 min a piece then an open discussion had not gone over that well. Pence followed the rules. Simple rules. And Kaine did not. He interrupted both the moderator and Pence. Now you and others keep bringing up the same TIRED arguments. The truth is that Trump isn’t eloquent. He speaks from the heart. I listened to that speech

            • Trump isn’t eloquent, that is true. However, he does not speak from the heart (unless he has a daily heart transplant). He is also a terrible human being, and a fascist. This is the biggest problem with Trump. His lack of eloquence is the least of his problems.

              You should google what a moderator’s job is. It’s not that she did a bad job. It’s that she didn’t do anything. The moderator doesn’t set the parameters for the debate. You’re severely confused.

              I should check my heart because I linked you to fact check? Sorry, you’re as incoherent as the average Trumpist.

            • I was replying sentence to sentence.
              How hard is that for you to understand?
              I think you ought to take your heart medication now… Or better yet don’t.
              Shoot that was mean. And although my FEELINGS for you are of disgust, I will now just ignore you. I will not be insulted by such a lowly individual. Ugh, I hope one day you or your family learns the true meaning of being united.

            • I watched the debate live last night, and then once more this morning. I like to think I did pay attention. Do you think I was just *guessing* which lies Pence told? Then I must be amazing at guessing, huh?

          • Trump said starting with criminal illegal immigrants first, then the illegal immigrants of which both are here illegally. Everyone keeps for getting what ILLEGAL means. All legal immigrants agree its right and legal. As to Muslims what you left out was Trump said temporarily SUSPEND Muslim immigrants, and then vetting immigrants of Muslim country’s. Someone has to do the job. And it certainly won’t be Hillary.

            • That’s a pretty incoherent comment, buddy. I’ll do my best to decipher it, but I’m not making any promises.

              You point out that Trump only included the “illegal immigrants” in his statement. Scroll up and read my comment? That’s exactly what I said. No need to get your panties in a bunch over this one. Improve your reading comprehension, and your blood pressure will thank you.

              Yes, he said temporarily suspend all muslims from entering the country. What do you think “suspended from entering the country” means? In your mind, what’s the difference between “suspended from entering the country” and “not allowed to enter the country” (which is what I said)?

              As for the “temporarily” part – yeah, so what? I didn’t say “permanently”. I didn’t mention a time fram at all. Neither did Trump, by the way. Thus, he’s actually using the word “temporarily” incorrectly. What he really meant was “indefinitely”. Indefinitely could very well mean forever, especially when dealing with neo-Nazis like Trump.

              More to the point, whether it’s temporary or permanent, you are admitting that Trump DID want to discriminate based on religion. Pence denied that Trump had said this. So, you’re prepared to admit that Pence lied?

              No, discrimination is not a job that someone has to do. It’s a crime that nobody should do. Read the constitution, buddy.

            • You said banned, no? Banned definition, to prohibit, forbid, or bar. To suspend is to bar for a period from. There is a difference. Banned has no timeline, but suspended is just untill. And so your panties are in a bunch? My blood pressure is fine. Again what about enforcing the law is racist?

            • Dude. Your reading comprehension. Work on it.

              First of all, I did not say “banned”. You imagined it.

              Second, ban is not defined as a permanent prohibition. If it were, then what is this “temporary ban” thing that gets a million google hits? And what was that time in American history called “prohibition” about? How could prohibition have ended, if it was permanent? You suck at English.

              Third, I did not say racist. You imagined it.

              Fourth, enforcing discriminatory laws is racist. That’s why discrimination is bad. That’s the whole point, doofus.

            • I read the article you linked to, did you? This article makes the case that all those refugees are thoroughly screened, first by an international agency, and then by homeland security and agencies in this country.
              If your point is that that sequence of vetting is not enough, what do you think would be?

            • Trump said he intends to actually enforce the law (to the letter I assume) and why the Border Guards are behind him all the way. Not make it more lax. There is nothing illegal or changing in what I have heard Trump say. As to the wall great way to start.

          • Let me tell you something about his person, she is asking for time stamped evidence for Trump’s lies. As if evidence of Trump’s lies are not readily available in the video of his public speeches. When I asked her to provide any kind of evidence for the lies he was spreading bout Clinton, she responded with “Hillary’s America”. If you are not familiar, it is a hit piece by Dinesh D’Souza, which one reviewer called ” an embarrassment to propaganda films. That is the only “evidence” that she ever cited, proving that like most Trump supporters she is the lowest of the low information voters.

        • Go to any news source and look at the video of Trump and Pence. It doesn’t matter which site as long as it is a COMPLETE video and has not been edited. You will find that Trump has called Mexicans, rapists, murderers, and drug dealers. He has called or a complete halt of Muslims entering the U.S. He has called for every undocumented person to be deported. He mocked a disabled reporter, a gold star family and all women, particularly Alicia Machado. Both he and Pence have called Putin a great leader. He has called for Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia to become nuclear powers. He has called for refusing help to NATO allies. And has promised to start a war over a foreign flipping the bird at our sailors.
          Pay no attention to any commentary on the site as it will be slanted, left or right, depending on the site. If you look at all those things and still support, I sorry for you.

          • Again Trump was pointing at ILLEGAL Mexicans. Is there something wrong with making them join the legal way like all immigrants before them? Nothing Racist or illegal about that.

          • I wish I could be able to share with you all the information to really inform you. The truth lies some where in the middle of all those lies and misinformation. I am going to try to come up with something that will try to “help” you to understand. It may awaken you, take the rose colored glasses off. The government is not working for our benefit. We must make a change. Hillary is more of the same.. False promises and no unity has brought our country to heel. Because the democrats like to blame Reagan and Bush I would have to start there. But the truth of the matter is that we, as citizens, must refuse to listen to the media and research it ourselves.

            To think that our rights founded when our great nation was made can be taken away. No…. Not taken, but given away, is beyond me. Our country is one where the people should dictate what the government does. Right? But lets just look at the primaries, particularly the DNC. You have the people, who are represented by Delegates and the you have SUPER Delegates these are Democrats already in power (Governor, Senator, Representatives, etc) here is a link.

            Did you notice how they “protect the establishment”? How is this a true election and why have you not changed it? Well the reason you can’t is because you gave up that right. The person you elected to change it now became a super-delegate that is understandably not wanting to change it. There voice now makes up to nearly 40% of the vote. Meaning it only took Hillary to manage to get 11% of the pledged delegate to vote for her. WOW right?
            Here is another great example of supreme travesty in Illinois. This has to do with both Republicans and Democrats. The case of Jessie Jackson Jr. 2012. ugh. Huge story. He and his wife are indicted and facing long sentences… and he get voted in!
            Both cases required a citizen to vote, particularly a democrat.

            Here is a few truths, and I will get to work on the above mentioned report.
            *We are a nation of Laws.
            *Mexico is a nation of laws.
            *My father is no longer a dual citizen. He is 100% USA citizen.
            *We travel yearly to Mexico. Family from Mexico travels here every 4th of July. My grandfather passed away on that day and we hold a memorial and celebration of family and life.
            Mexico Laws………………………………………..
            Immigrants and foreign visitors are banned from public political discourse.
            • Immigrants and foreigners are denied certain basic property rights.
            • Immigrants are denied equal employment rights.
            • Immigrants and naturalized citizens will never be treated as real Mexican citizens.
            • Immigrants and naturalized citizens are not to be trusted in public service.
            • Immigrants and naturalized citizens may never become members of the clergy.
            • Private citizens may make citizens arrests of lawbreakers (i.e., illegal immigrants) and hand them to the authorities.
            • Immigrants may be expelled from Mexico for any reason and without due process.


  2. Tim Kaine is an angry, little man just like Hillary is an angry woman and Tim Kaine is obviously a serial liar just like Hillary Clinton is a serial liar. I wouldn’t trust Hillary Clinton or Tim Kaine to walk my dog; much less be president and vice-president of America. The choice between Hillary and Donald Trump and the choice between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence are no-brainers ~ I’m voting for Trump / Pence 2016.

    • It is interesting that you should use the term “no brainer” to describe your choice to support Trump. That a truly a decission that could only be made by one without a brain.
      You call Clinton and Kaine ” serial liars”. Please give us an example of her lies. Trump is on record as telling one lie for every three and one quarter minutes of his speechs. And he proof is in the taped record his public speeches, readily available to by one who cares to look.

    • Tim Kaine is a chihuahua on Starbucks by the gallon. He makes you want to duct tape his mouth shut. And if Hillary is breathing she of course is lying. Trump/Pence for the win for the USA to be great again.

  3. climate change, climate change, climate change….shut the f^*% up already! Geez, less than ten seconds out of the gate!

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