There’s a lot of talk about impeachment these days. As noted in parts one and two of this series, Nancy Pelosi has been trying to slow the march to the impeachment of Donald Trump. In the second part, we noted that it was only when Republicans abandoned Richard Nixon that he decided to resign, and so far, the GOP has stood firm with Trump. This article features additional angles. For instance, did you know there’s now a White House petition to impeach Pelosi?

It’s true. If you want to “impeach” Pelosi, go here:

Nancy Pelosi is a TRAITOR to the American People!

The Constitution defines, “Treason against the US.. ..adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Illegal aliens are enemies that invade our country with drugs, human trafficking, and terrorist causing death and crime to American citizens. Nancy Pelosi adheres to these enemies by voting for and providing them aid and comfort through Sanctuary policies funded by US citizen tax dollars, and refuses to protect American people by refusing to fund our border wall, leaving our borders open and unsafe. Pelosi refused to meet with Angel families, caused the government shut down then traveled on US dollars to Hawaii and Puerto Rico while 800,000 Fed workers don’t get paid, and uninvited Trump for SOTU.

IMPEACH Pelosi for treason!

The petition already has enough signatures to force a response from the White House. But FactCheck.Org notes that it’s not an official White House document. (In fact, a Congressperson cannot be impeached, which is specifically a legislative act, to remove a member of the Administrative or Judicial Branch.)

The claim about Pelosi is based on a petition that was posted Jan. 18 on the White House’s interactive web page “We the People” by Marjorie Taylor Greene, who describes herself as a “conservative commentator” on her Twitter page. After posting the petition, she promoted it through a story on a website called Law Enforcement Today, which is run by former police officers. . .

It is, of course, very possible that some of the more than 140,000 people who have signed the petition are police officers, but the petition wasn’t started by police, and it won’t result in the White House impeaching Pelosi.

That’s not official, but there was a movement by Republicans in Congress to impeach Rod Rosenstein.

A bloc of conservative House Republicans filed articles of impeachment. . .against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, escalating their war against federal law enforcement to new heights.

The group of 11 lawmakers, led by Freedom Caucus leaders Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., and Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, have been threatening to file impeachment articles for months. They say Rosenstein is withholding documents from Congress and has mishandled the 2016 election investigations.

“For nine months we’ve warned them consequences were coming, and for nine months we’ve heard the same excuses backed up by the same unacceptable conduct,” Meadows said in a statement. “It’s time to find a new deputy attorney general who is serious about accountability and transparency.”

That movement didn’t get very far, according to the Hill.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) said on Wednesday that there were not enough Republican votes to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — at least right now.

“Today? No,” Gaetz, who serves on the House Judiciary Committee, told Hill.TV’s Buck Sexton and Krystal Ball on “Rising,” in response to a question about whether there was enough support to impeach Rosenstein.

More recently, and also related to the Mueller Report, there have been calls for the impeachment of Attorney General Barr, according to the Washington Examiner.

“[I]nstead of impeaching Trump why not impeach Barr?”, Rubin tweeted minutes after the second day of Barr’s hearing before the Senate Appropriations Committee concluded Wednesday. . .

“If the investigators are right and there turns out to be a whole lot of evidence of wrongdoing, Barr should be forced to step down for acting like Trump’s PR man, not the attorney general of the United States,” she tweeted last week.

The National Catholic Reporter goes even farther.

Attorney General Barr deserves impeachment. . . Barr has done more in a few weeks to undermine confidence in the Department of Justice than seemed imaginable. . . It is too late. Barr will go down in history as the worst attorney general ever, worse even than John Mitchell, Nixon’s Attorney General, who went to jail for his role in the Watergate cover-up. Am I being too harsh? I don’t think so, precisely because none of us knows to what lengths Trump will go to preserve his power.

FiveThirtyEight has a full discussion of impeachment of Barr here.

Impeachment is a serious step. A careful reading of the Constitution will give you an understanding of the government the Founding Fathers intended. Living in the era of the “Divine Right of Kings,” they sought to minimize the power of the Administrative Branch.

In fact, in arguments of how to refer to the leader, they purposely avoided powerful titles, like king or emperor. They worked hard to find an almost insulting title: “President.” He was not seen as a commander, controller, or dictator. He was only seen to “preside” over the government. That’s why the Constitution begins with the very first Article to describe Congress. It’s also important to note that much of Article II describes how the president must report to Congress.

Editor’s Note: This article is part 3 of a series on this topic.

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