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The Top Six Senate Races To Watch On Election Day

As I discussed in a previous article of mine, the eyes of the nation (and indeed the world) are quite rightly fixed on the White...

The ‘Power’ of a Donald Trump Endorsement

Just over a week ago, JT Lewis, a candidate for Connecticut’s 28th District at the State Senate level, claimed that President Trump was “73-0”...

Justin Amash Ends Libertarian Presidential Bid

A month ago, we had an article saying that Michigan’s Justin Amash was looking into a run for president. We have noted...

The Bipartisan Fight to Re-establish Congressional Power

Seven Congresspersons have written an opinion piece in the Washington Post, reminding the country that war is Constitutionally the job of Congress, not any...

Executive Privilege: The Emperor Has No Clothes

A reader wrote to ask us about Executive Privilege. We hear about it a lot. It’s the privilege a president asserts. But weren’t we...
AG William Barr Impeachment

Other Names In Washington Floated For Impeachment (Part 3)

There’s a lot of talk about impeachment these days. As noted in parts one and two of this series, Nancy Pelosi has been trying...

Will Saudi Arabia Bring Democracy to the USA?

Ah, Saudi Arabia: Homeland of Osama bin Laden and almost all of the 9/11 skyjackers, with their government having actively supported the 9/11 terrorists....

Lame Duck Sessions un-American?

Every time a new party comes to power, the old party tries to ram through as much legislation as they can, between the election...

How Presidential Approval Affects Midterm Losses

A party's performance in midterm elections, which are classified as elections outside a Presidential year midway through the President's term, is often tied closely...

Would Trump Benefit From Losing the House in 2018?

This is a question we touched on in a earlier story about whether President Trump is actively trying to lose the House in 2018....

Republicans Likely Hang On in Ohio-12 Special Election

It came down to the wire on Tuesday but Republicans likely managed to hold Ohio's 12th Congressional District by less than one percent. Republican...

Special Election Today in Ohio’s 12th District

Voting is underway in Ohio's 12th Congressional District where two candidates are vying for an open Republican seat left vacant from an early retirement....