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Could We See “President Patrick Leahy” Next Year?

Conspiracy theories have said that Donald Trump will not leave office if he loses. Bill Maher has been saying so for several years, as...

Could Trump’s Impeachment Trial Help Joe Biden Win the Iowa Caucuses?

Perhaps the question beyond the headline has less to do with Biden and more to do with the preferences of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi....

What if Pelosi Withholds Impeachment Articles?

From the moment that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave in and allowed impeachment hearings, it seemed like a fool’s errand. The House has a...

What Does Pelosi’s Impeachment Bomb Mean For The Presidential Race?

After months of pushing back against members of her own party, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced late Tuesday afternoon that she was directing the...
Pelosi vs AOC 2020

Nancy Pelosi vs. AOC: Danger For 2020 Democrats

We're all familiar with the rift happening in the Democratic primary between Sen. Kamala Harris and former vice president Joe Biden concerning civil rights-era...
AG William Barr Impeachment

Other Names In Washington Floated For Impeachment (Part 3)

There’s a lot of talk about impeachment these days. As noted in parts one and two of this series, Nancy Pelosi has been trying...
Donald Trump Elizabeth Warren impeachment

What Democrats Risk By Pushing Impeachment (Part 1)

Many Democrats have been angered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because she has refused to lead a fight for the impeachment of Donald Trump....
Elizabeth Warren Trump Impeachment

Where Does The Impeachment Train End For Democrats?

In all likelihood, the impeachment train will continue limping along as an undercurrent during the entirety of the Democratic primary. However, does it really...

Shutdown: What Happened and Why?

Now that the government shutdown is over (except for the long startup), let’s do a post-mortem. What are the results of the shutdown? Why...

Trump: Government to Reopen With No Border Wall Funding

On Friday afternoon, news broke that an agreement had been reached by both parties to halt the partial government shutdown for three weeks, until...

If Republicans Were Smart (They’re Not)

This is a “bookend” piece. We already did “Stupid Democrats.” Republicans are usually much better than Democrats at messaging, but not this time, they...

Pelosi in Tough Battle for Speaker’s Gavel

Nancy Pelosi is the representative both sides love to hate. Republicans hate her so much that she appeared in campaign ads across the country—as...