Well, that’s a good question. But to answer it, all you have to do is look at what Attorney General Jeff Sessions said back in April about not being able to promise that Dreamers wouldn’t be deported. That was, of course, five months ago, which is like a decade in the Trump presidency. As it stands now, we’re likely to see a Trump-Schumer-Pelosi plan unveiled soon that includes some form of the DREAM Act for youths, and young adults, currently here legally under the DACA program.

President Trump tweeted this morning asking whether anyone really wants to deport the “good, accomplished young people” currently here under the DACA program:

This has a debate raging over whether ending the DACA program means that anyone who was formally here legally under the program would be subject to immediate deportation. The President announced DACA would end, but gave Congress six months to work it out legislatively to essentially legalize anyone in the program before shutting off the spigot.

Conservative news outlets are furious this morning. For example, take this story from RedState:

The entire premise of this argument is diametrically opposed to every ounce of rhetoric and fervor from the immigration wing of the Republican party. The answer is “yes” of course. Yes, people really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people. Yes. Really.

And the complaints continue:

While the Trump base is fuming, Democrats, on the other hand, seem pleased with developments this week:

Democratic leaders said Wednesday night they have reached agreement with President Trump to provide legal status for 800,000 immigrants who came to the country illegally as children, part of a package that would include border security but not money for a wall on the Mexican border.

The deal, announced after a dinner of Chinese food at the White House, would need to be approved by Congress. But it could provide further momentum to a budding movement toward bipartisanship that began last week when Trump reached a fiscal agreement with Democrats to keep the government open to early December and authorize enough borrowing to pay the nation’s debts.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer of New York said in a joint statement that the two sides agreed to write into law protections from deportation for the so-called Dreamers, which would be incorporated into a broader measure that would beef up border security.

The news that Pelosi was reporting a deal had been reached was met with denials from the President, who claimed no such deal has been made:

So it remains to be seen how this issue will shake out.


  1. Of course they need to be deported – they should never have been admitted in the first place. What about the even better people who are waiting and who have not been admitted because these were?

    • They weren’t admitted. They were born here. Which is precisely the point.

      And what makes them lesser people, by default, in your opinion?

      • If they were born here, they’d already have citizenship.

        They (DACA recipients) weren’t born here so they don’t have citizenship which is why President Obama created the DACA order to begin with. They entered the country illegally at a young age, often with their parents and/or other relatives, and have essentially grown up here.

      • Unbelievable, but I agree with you. Trump did what was right.

        His base agrees with him. His base agrees and not some right wing group.

  2. This could be a whole new beginning for Trump. Up to now, he has shamelessly pandered to his most extreme right supporters, and alienated the middle and left. That’s why is polls have topped out at about 40.

    But as a “negotiator,” he could take a page from Reagan’s playbook and make deals with whomever agrees. Think of it–he could deal with Dems one day and the GOP the next. His polls could fly.

    And if that’s where he’s going, this is the best possible time and topic. The public overwhelmingly approves of the Dreamers, so he only risks alienating some far rightists, and seriously, where else can they go?

  3. I don’t care how they got here and at what age, I only know that the DREAMERS got into this country illegally. Many people wish to legally immigrate to this country, but have to wait in line. Are you telling me that the Dreamers not only get to cut into the line, but bypass it completely.?

    My parents, siblings and I immigrated to the United States in 1967. I later found out that my parents had submitted the necessary paperwork to emigrate in 1960. Think of that, having to wait 7 years and then somebody slips across the border with no ramifications and no waiting.?

    Send all the Dreamers back to where they originally came from.?

    • You came to this country just a few years ago, now you want to support a bigot and hater like Trump. This post reveals a lot about you. You are not a real American. Your fellow Trumpers would look down on you, they would tell you to go back to wherever you came from. As a matter of fact, they would say that you are not even human, you’re some kind of trained monkey. They would certainly hate you. And your hero, Trump himself, if you are not a beautiful former model, he would have no use for you. You are here taking up a job that A REAL AMERICAN could have. If you came here in the sixties, chances are you are either Latin American, or Asian. Either way, you are too dark to look like one of them. They don’t check your papers before they hate, they hate first and ask questions later, or never, they just hate. I am aghast that a person like yourself would join a group like this.

      I assume that your parents came to this country to benefit you and your siblings. They were forced to wait for seven years. If your family was in danger, or in need, and they could keep you safe by walking across a border, would they not have done it? If they had chosen that course, and brought you, as a young child, unable to make your own choices, to this country, through no fault of your own, would you be willing to return to your home country? Would that be justice?

      Now, before you try to turn this around on me, I am blond, blue eyed, and pale of skin. I come from a l long line of good Christians. My ancestors came here in the 1700s, and they were Europeans. ( In case you don’t know the definition of Aryan is of European descent.) The real Trumpers (mostly Neo-Nazis, and klansmen) would love me.

      That said, I do not love them, I see them for what they are, and want no part of them. And, I would be one of the first to stand up for the rights of the Dreamers, and even for a pretender, nonAmerican creep like you.

      • Like usual, you are nothing but a vociferous windbag. You don’t know me and I don’t care to know you. BTW my parents are also from Europe, from an island that has been Christian from the time of St. Paul. I guess your ancestors were probably some sort of Pagan worshippers while mine were Christian.?

        That being said you probably wouldn’t be accepted by our GREAT President Trump, what with your checkered past and all. Come to think of it I don’t think you would be accepted by the local Elks club.?

        Finally we all have our opinions on different things. Because mine are different than yours doesn’t make them wrong. I suggest you take a breath and digest what I just said.?

        • So you ARE a white supremacist. Makes more sense all the time. Are you a klansman, or a skinhead?
          By the way, my ancestors were Christian, not pagan. I am not, I’m proud to say I follow science and reason, rather than anyone’s fairy tales.

          I had said that I would stand up for your rights as an immigrant, that was before I found out you were really a white supremacist. You are not an American. You need to go back to wherever you came from.

          Out opinions are different, that is because I am a freedom loving American, you are a lowlife white supremacist border jumping Trump lover.

          Finally, I must say that if I thought I was the kind of person who would be acceptable to Donald Trump, I would burn my social security card and commit suicide.

          • Finally, I must say that if I thought I was the kind of person who would be acceptable to Donald Trump, I would burn my social security card and commit suicide.

            Ah, but I think you are the type who would be acceptable to the great President Trump. That being the case you should live up to your word and end it all.?

            Unless your ancestors 1,900 years ago were Christian then they were Pagans. As far as you are concerned, from what you say you believe in Science and Logic not fairy tales simply means you are too lazy to get up and off your duff on Sunday.?

            Finally are you air head liberals only able to fight someone you disagree with, with insults? My hair is thinning, however I am no skinhead. I am not a member of the KKK, but if I were I probably would burn an illogical cross on your lawn. Also I am not a border jumper, if you are capable of reading and understanding English I did say that my parents, siblings and I immigrated here legally. As far as lowlife is concerned, I suppose a SCUM SUCKER such as yourself is quite acquainted with those type of vermin. You however will not my find me in that crowd.?

            • The only reason you can’t be found in that croud is that you blend in so well. You are a hater and a bigot, you are a recent immigrant who wants other immigrants persecuted. You are a perfect Trump supporter. You are not an American, we real Americans do not want you here. Take your MAGA hat, your hooded sheet, your Nazi flag and your tiki torch, and your nasty, lazy ads back to wherever you came from. You are taking a job a REAL AMERICAN could have.

        • If you think Trump is not a bigot:

          1 You have not been paying attention.

          2 You don’t know the definition of bigot.

          3 You aren’t talking about the same person we are.

          4 You need to examine your own values, if you find yourself agreeing with Trump, you are also a bigot.

          I suspect that one, or possibly more than one of these statements apply to you.

          • You’ve been watching too much fake news.

            Also the world has changed dramatically. You must believe that wanting to protect Americans against radical Muslims is wrong. You must believe that All immigrants are peace loving and hard working. Well, just like there are bad individuals born and raised in the states there are also a few bad Immigrants.

            • On the contrary, I never watch Fox News, never read Breitbart, never listen to Rush Limbaugh or Alex Jones.

              The world has not changed so much, there were always those wishing to do harm. Some do harm for profit, some for ideaologies. Do we need to be protected from radical Muslims? Of course we do but the important word here is not Muslim, but the word radical. Some names that come to my mind are, say , Timmothy Mcveigh, David Koresh, ( not sure of spelling) Donald Trump, oh and YOU. All examples of Christian radicals if you ask me. Trump does his deeds both in the name of hate, and for profit. How about you?

              I do realize that a few immigrants, out of the many may be bad individuals. What I did not know, before Trump’s ascendancy was how many Americans were rotten to the core. People like you are teaching me better.

  4. Has it ever occurred to any of you Dreamer Condemners the manner in which our esteemed forefathers reached the shores of our country? Not one of them had a passport. They were the disenchanted, the prisoners searching for redemption, persons in bondage, all were misfits in one form or another.

    • As the unforgettable Bill Murray said in the movie “Stripes”. “Men, we’re Americans, that means our forefathers had their butts kicked out of every self respecting country in Europe.”

    • And you are talking what 400 years ago? This country has been established for over 240 years. I suppose if the DREAMERS could find an uninhabited country to settle they would be in the same boat as the original colonists. And also they would be set, until then they are breaking the law.?

      That wasn’t too hard to understand was it??

      • Well, I realize you had a few setbacks getting here from those Greek islands. Mainly because they, and you, were unable to swim the Ocean and you are deeply jealous of those who only had to wade a shallow river to get on American soil. Too bad you weren’t Cuban. Then you could have canoed to Florida where there was no wait for citizenship papers…just one foot on Florida soil and sign your name.

        Your parents may have waited seven years for citizenship papers but while they waited they enjoyed the lifestyle and all the freedoms of America. That is a gift, not a tragedy, and you should be eternally grateful that they chose to come to this country. Knowing this, why are you so bitter towards other who only want the same chance as you?

        • Your parents may have waited seven years for citizenship papers but while they waited they enjoyed the lifestyle and all the freedoms of America. That is a gift, not a tragedy, and you should be eternally grateful that they chose to come to this country. Knowing this, why are you so bitter towards other who only want the same chance as you?

          You are wrong on so many fronts, I don’t know where to start. First off neither my parents or I are Greek. Second, while my parents, siblings and I waited for immigration paperwork we were not in this country, but my homeland of Canada.??

          Have you ever been to Canada? If you haven’t you really should and you will be astonished. It isn’t a third world country. But then since you probably haven’t ever left this country, you wouldn’t know.?

          Finally my parents decided to immigrate here because they came from a sunny island and it can get quite cold in Canada.?

          • You are a complete list. An island where people have been Christian since St Paul? Canada?
            You are a recent immigrant who wants other immigrants persecuted. You are a hateful person and as such perfectly suited to be a Trump supporter. You are not an American, you are a border jumper, you do not belong here. You are taking a job that could be held by a real American. So why not take your MAGA hat, your hooded sheet, and your Nazi flag and Tiki torch and go back to wherever you came from. We real Americans do not want you here.

            • Have you been hitting the bottle this morning? Two almost identical posts. Of course if it isn’t the bottle, perhaps you are going senile.??

              All of your questions, about an island and St. Paul over 1,900 years ago. If you knew a little history you wouldn’t have any questions, but then I come to the realization that you apparently aren’t very bright.?

              Your talk of me being a recent immigrant and wanting other immigrants persecuted are way off base. I have been in this country legally over 50 years. I have no problem with legal immigrants but I do frown on illegal immigrants like those that belong to DACA or for that matter any other illegal.?

              Once again you when you are unable to frame your points succinctly you revert to name calling. I really feel sorry for you liberals. I was taught from an early age to pity those who are afflicted with a mental disorder like LIBERALISM.?

          • Bullshitting is an art form that requires little creativity and a crude imagination and you are full of it. I should have realized earlier that you are shamelessly liar.

            • I was just being factual so how can I elaborate more? Go back and read your rambling, ever changing dialog, filled with the transgressions that defines all your posts. Calling another person derogatory names is a sign that you are neither smart nor witty enough to offer a logical argument.

    • A tweet doesn’t have context. It’s a complete document in itself. But if you don’t think she’s upset with Trump, how about these:

      Let’s play Jeopardy. ANSWER: An Easter egg. QUESTION: What’s the only thing easier to roll than Donald J. Trump?

      What’s the only difference between @realDonald Trump & Carrot Top? Carrot Top might actually build a wall.

      Today’s BORDERWALL CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Miles completed yesterday–Zero; Miles completed since Inauguration–Zero. NEXT UPDATE TOMORROW.

      If we’re not getting a wall, I’d prefer President Pence.

      Looks like Bannon got it wrong. That shadowy force trying to nullify the 2016 election…is @realDonaldTrump

      If I don’t get a wall, then we will become obstructionists.

      Not to keep score or anything, but the American Revolutin was fought and won over vastly lesser perfidy.

      “Put a fork in Trump, he’s dead.”

      Looks like a Doomsday Scenario

      Might be time for a Third Party

      Trump is off the train

      Not saying I told you so. . .HOW TRUMP COULD RUIN HIS PRESIDENCY, November 30, 2016

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