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Trump 2020 Reelection

Gambling Site Betting Against Trump in 2020

We want to give you a full view of the 2020 campaign. There are polls, of course, but there are also betting odds. The...
Trump Join Democratic Debate

Trump May Join The Democratic Debate With Live-Tweets

You didn't think that Democrats would get away with having four hours of national broadcast airtime without President Trump trying to intervene and push...
Trump 2020 Campaign Kickoff Orlando

Trump Kicks Off 2020 Re-Election Campaign From Orlando, Fla.

Some media outlets are asking whether Donald Trump ever really stopped campaigning for the presidency even after winning in 2016. He continued holding rallies...
Trump Biden 2020 Polls

Does Biden’s “Landslide” Poll Over Trump Mean Anything?

There was a lot of chatter this week about a new Quinnipiac poll providing insight to hypothetical one-on-one matchups between President Trump and the...
Donald Trump Andrew Yang 2020

Andrew Yang And “Trickle-Up Economics”

When you’re one of two dozen candidates trying to elbow your way into the public consciousness, you need a “hook.” That is, something that...
Trump 2020 Polls Rust Belt

Early Polls Show Trouble For Trump All Over The Map

As the headline suggests, there's a slew of polling data out in the past two days that might give the Trump campaign heartburn in...
Robert Mueller Trump Impeachment 2020

Impeachment Talk Continues After Robert Mueller’s Press Conference

In case you missed it this morning, Special Counsel Robert Mueller spoke for roughly ten minutes this morning providing his first public statement on...
U.S. Debt Trump China Tariffs

Might China Fight Trump by Dumping Debt?

People have said that it makes sense for us to raise the trade war with China since they sell us so much more than...
Donald Trump 2020 Re-election

Economy And Incumbency Drive Trump’s Re-election Effort

Along with covering the ever-growing and extensive Democratic primary in 2020, there is also the prospect of Donald Trump's re-election campaign to examine. We...
Nancy Pelosi Donald Trump 2020 President

Why Nancy Pelosi Should Run For President

We’ve been having discussions about the fact that, above all, Democrats want to win in 2020. Although the party has been coming up with...
Pete Buttigieg Fox News Town Hall

2020 Presidential Election News Roundup (May 22, 2019)

We've been covering news roundups of the Democratic primary, but it's also worth expanding this format to include more aspects of the 2020 presidential...
Trump Biden Pennsylvania 2020

Pennsylvania Becomes The Trump-Biden Battleground

In what appears to be a preview of the general election, should Joe Biden win the Democratic nomination, the former Vice President was the...