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Shutdown: What Happened and Why?

Now that the government shutdown is over (except for the long startup), let’s do a post-mortem. What are the results of the shutdown? Why...

Trump: Government to Reopen With No Border Wall Funding

On Friday afternoon, news broke that an agreement had been reached by both parties to halt the partial government shutdown for three weeks, until...

Does The Shutdown Really Mean Anything?

Once the shutdown happened on Friday, as the Senate failed to pass a funding bill, the speculation and analyses went directly to asking which...

GOP Leaders Feel Betrayed by Trump

Well, no surprise here given the President's newfound fondness for their arch-enemy, Nancy Pelosi. But then again, are they really shocked given how little...

Trump on Dreamers: Does Anyone Really Want to Throw Them Out?

Well, that's a good question. But to answer it, all you have to do is look at what Attorney General Jeff Sessions said back...

Suddenly Trump Loves the Media

For a guy who has spent the better part of two years running a campaign and a presidency against the news media, it didn't...

Trump Deals With Democrats on Debt Ceiling, Hurricane Relief

While Americans are rightly focused on Hurricane Irma and the impending landfall somewhere along the coast of Florida this Saturday, the federal government is...

Democrats Tout Victory in Trump Budget Deal

The threat of a government shutdown has been averted, but not without some serious concessions from the Trump administration on issues such as no...