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Will Turkish Invasion Damage Donald Trump?

Over the past several years, Kurdish fighters have been primarily responsible for defeating ISIS. Donald Trump often praised them, noting that tens of thousands...

Trump: U.S.-Russia Relations Are Worse Than The Cold War

Breaking up is hard to do. In this case, we’re talking about the “bromance” between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. It was less than...

US Military Begins Arming Syrian Kurds Fighting ISIS

In a break with his predecessor, President Trump has decided to go ahead and begin arming Syrian Kurds with weapons as an indirect way...

Syrian Gas Attack Bump’s Trump’s Approval Ratings

Elsewhere, I have been saying that Trump’s low approval numbers are temporary. Americans hate inaction. All Trump has to do is a...

Syrian Gas Attack Trump’s First Foreign Fiasco–or WW III?

Donald Trump has been saying, “America First” for over a year. He has been against “nation building” and foreign wars for longer than...

Syria: Obama, Trump, Clinton Seem to Agree

A new Politico article discusses “Obama’s red line” in Syria. The gist of the story is that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump...

The State Department Shouldn’t Declare War

Some people love war. There’s Eisenhower’s “Military-Industrial Complex.” They want to make money from war, and want us to throw more tax dollars at...