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Will Turkish Invasion Damage Donald Trump?

Over the past several years, Kurdish fighters have been primarily responsible for defeating ISIS. Donald Trump often praised them, noting that tens of thousands...
Trump Maduro

Venezuela Crisis: More Complicated Than It Seems

Venezuela’s economy seems to be in free-fall. That’s relevant here because it is likely to become a presidential campaign issue. The country that sits...

The World is Working Around US

Barack Obama received a load of criticism for his preference to “lead from behind.” It was about encouraging others to take some responsibility, and...

Mitch McConnell Strikes Back!

We earlier noted that Mitch McConnell had worked out a deal in December to keep the government running. Trump said he’d sign it, then...

Romney 2020? Former GOP Presidential Nominee Pens Op-ed Attacking Trump

Well, that didn't take long. Many speculated that Mitt Romney would eventually become a harsh Trump critic at some point in his new Senate...

North Korea Festers While Trump Feuds With Senate

While the President and a Sitting United States Senator, in the President's own party, are embroiled in a twitter feud, the North Korea situation...

North Korea, Part One: Trump = Obama

We had a recent complaint that some of our stories are way too long. Therefore, this complicated discussion of the North Korea situation...

Poll: Majority Support Trump Travel Ban

Call it a win for the Trump administration? A new poll out from Politico/Morning Consult finds that the Trump "travel ban," which restricts travel...

Trump Called Weak, at Home and Abroad

One of our goals here is to bring you news and analysis that is “outside the box.” What are serious people saying that...

Trump’s First Middle East Visit Brings Praise and Concern

By most accounts, the President's first major trip as Commander-in-Chief has been a success. First visiting with the Saudis, and now continuing on to...

Did Hillary’s Foreign Policy Trump “America First”?

Last year’s presidential campaign featured stark differences on foreign policy. Hillary Clinton was called a “NeoCon,” because she was seen as the candidate...

Report: North Korean Missile Launch Fails, Standoff Continues

The threat from North Korea to launch another underground nuclear weapons test seems to have fizzled on the launch pad, according to reports from...