Nobody has to tell you this has been a campaign year like no other. So many unexpected things have happened so far. And now, we’re heading toward a national campaign with both party candidates also headed into legal problems—Hillary’s “damned emails,” and Trump’s “university.”

Tuesday was, indeed, “Cruz’s Last Stand.” But what is unusual about that is that it immediately spawned jokes. When has a candidate’s withdrawal led to so much humor?

Here are a sample of the jokes on Twitter, via AOL News:

Also see this story from Vox with even more twitter reactions.

Lastly, Ted was not the only Cruz “hurt” by the results in Indiana:

OK. Maybe it’s not very nice to make jokes when someone has just had a crushing defeat. Does that mean I can’t say that Lindsay Graham has to give up his title—because Carly Fiorina is obviously the “Dr. Kevorkian of the Republican Party.”