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Sad Night for Ted Cruz, but Twitter ‘All A-Titter’

Nobody has to tell you this has been a campaign year like no other. So many unexpected things have happened so far. ...

Bernie Could Win Indiana—If Things Go Right for Him

As his fans keep telling us, it’s too early to count out Bernie Sanders. Even he admits that he’ll have to get an...

Could Ted Cruz Win Indiana?

Could Ted Cruz surprise everyone with a win in Indiana? Most of the polls say he’ll lose. The odds-makers give him almost...

2016 Indiana Primary Results

We've reached the first primary contest in the month of May, and it "may" be a very consequential one. On the Republican side, with...

Indiana Could be ‘Cruz’s Last Stand’

Just like Gen. George Custer at Little Big Horn, Indiana could be “Cruz’s Last Stand.” He’s already been mathematically eliminated from any chance at...

Kasich Big Loser (not Trump) with Cruz Deal on Indiana

The polls and betting odds give Donald Trump the edge in Indiana next week, despite Sunday’s announcement that Kasich would forsake the Hoosier State....