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Marianne Williamson Drops Out of 2020 Presidential Race

We all knew it was coming, right? Oh, you didn't know Williamson was still running? Well, she is, or at least, she was, until...
Jay Inslee 2020 Dropped Out

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Ends Presidential Campaign

The 2020 Democratic field shrunk by one candidate overnight as Washington Gov. Jay Inslee decided to bow out of the campaign. The writing was...
Hickenlooper Drops Out 2020

John Hickenlooper Drops 2020 Presidential Campaign

John Hickenlooper, former governor of Colorado, has reportedly decided to end his presidential campaign after failing to gain traction in either of the first...

John Kasich to Suspend Campaign Today

Shortly after Donald Trump's victory in Indiana last night, John Kasich had vowed to continue on until a candidate earns the needed 1,237 delegates...

Sad Night for Ted Cruz, but Twitter ‘All A-Titter’

Nobody has to tell you this has been a campaign year like no other. So many unexpected things have happened so far. ...

Trump Wins Indiana, Cruz Suspends Campaign

A major night in the GOP primary as Donald Trump has decisively won a blowout victory in Indiana causing Ted Cruz to announce that...

What’s Next for Marco Rubio?

Marco Rubio’s concession speech went on and on and on and on. Yes, of course, it was also covering the fact that he was...

Marco Rubio Suspends Presidential Campaign

Following a stinging loss in his home state of Florida, Marco Rubio announced during a concession speech tonight that he is suspending his presidential...

Jeb Bush Officially Suspends Presidential Campaign

During his concession speech in South Carolina tonight, Jeb Bush announced he is ending his presidential campaign and will withdraw from the race. Bush...

Carly Fiorina Ends Presidential Campaign

After Chris Christie dropped out earlier today, I thought the rest of the field would remain intact for South Carolina. I've been proven wrong...

Chris Christie Officially Suspends Campaign

Following a disappointing showing in New Hampshire, a state which Chris Christie had hoped for a decent finish, the Governor of New Jersey is...

Rick Santorum Ends 2016 Presidential Campaign

Former Pennsylvania Senator, and perpetual Republican Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum has ended his 2016 campaign today with a lack of support and poor showing...