One of our commenters, who goes by the name of “A Guy,” says voter suppression is a serious problem, so we took a look. As it turns out, complaints have been rolling in from Sea to Shining Sea. So let’s closely examine a few stories in the media.

“A Guy” specifically mentioned Arizona. As it turns out, the Department of Justice is already looking into it, according to CNN.

The Department of Justice is requesting additional information from an Arizona election official after lawmakers and activists alleged voter suppression during the Arizona presidential primary last month.

Democratic lawmakers have claimed there were some working-class and primarily Latino neighborhoods that had no polling places. . .

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who lost Arizona to Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, called the situation “a disgrace” soon after the primary.

The Washington Times blames it on the Supreme Court’s overturning provisions of the Voting Rights Act.

Ever since the Supreme Court poked a hole in the Voting Rights Act, activists have been warning of devastating effects on average voters showing up at the polls.

Last month, they got their case in Arizona, where some voters said they waited in lines longer than five hours to vote in the primary elections after Maricopa County, one of the most sprawling in the country, cut its number of polling places from more than 400 in 2008 down to 60 this year.

Other voters said they had their registration secretly changed without their knowledge, locking them out of the “closed” primary, in which voters had to have declared their affiliation in advance to be able to vote in either party’s contest. Supporters of Sen. Bernard Sanders alleged dirty tricks, saying the vast majority of secret switches were those who were changed from Democrat to independent.

More recently, there were complaints about New York, and that State’s attorney general is investigating.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman launched the probe, starting with the New York City Board of Elections, in response to “more than one thousand complaints” of “improprieties” in the voting process.

NPR reported that the names of approximately 120,000 Democratic voters disappeared from the rolls in Brooklyn, a decline not matched in the city’s other four boroughs.

Where else? Well, there’s Wisconsin

Though the Wisconsin spring presidential primary has come and gone, many are still concerned with the “voter suppression” that occurred at polling places, particularly for college students.

Across University of Wisconsin’s campus, students were discouraged from voting because of voter ID hurdles and longer lines.

Then, there’s Ohio

Looking past the one-month anniversary of Ohio’s March 15 primary, several angles about the possibility of voter suppression are being explored in the Buckeye State.

How about next week?

Some of these states have seen serious problems in recent elections — from polling places in Connecticut running out of ballots and turning away voters to Rhode Island poll workers misinforming voters about the state’s ID law — others have taken steps to make it easier to vote.

Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland have implemented online voter registration, and Rhode Island will soon follow. Connecticut has approved Election Day registration, a policy found to significantly boost voter turnout, and lawmakers in Delaware are pushing the state to follow their lead. Maryland recently restored voting rights to more than 40,000 former felons who are serving parole or probation.

But several issues still worry Maryland’s voting rights advocates. The state recently switched from electronic voting back to paper ballots, following glitches and security concerns. But the paper ballots — where voters have to fill in circles with a pen and feed it into a scanner — come with their own headaches.

HuffPost says “irregularities” have been going on all year.

The DNC has relied upon its favorite scapegoats (benign incompetence, and of course, Republicans) to explain away the convenient “mishaps” and anomalies that have consistently favored Clinton as she elbows her way to the Democratic coronation ceremony in Philadelphia. Even Nate Silver, widely regarded as the Gandalf of statistical analysis, still can’t figure out how Clinton won in Iowa and Massachusetts:

“How did Clinton (barely) win the Iowa caucuses when she got crushed in other Midwest caucus states, like Kansas and Minnesota? How did Sanders lose Massachusetts after winning New Hampshire by so much?”

Maybe because our election process is completely broken and untrustworthy?. . .

The United States can now boast of another commonality it shares with banana republics: Only 3 in 10 Americans believe that the nation’s election process is functional — a record low, according to a new Gallup poll.

What can be done about the “irregularities”? Some cases are going to court. And we thank “A Guy” for bringing it to our attention.


    • Beth, it’s more about posting what our readers are interested in and responding to the commenting community here. Less about not being aware of this important issue.

      • Last line of the article, “we thank ‘A Guy’ for bringing to to our attention.” Makes it sound like you were unaware of it before his comment 😉

        • We wuz jus’ bein’ nice.

          There’s never been an election in which there were not charges of vote rigging.

            • This primary season has made it clear that we do not have a democracy in the USA. Both parties are happy with vote rigging and suppression, press manipulation and election buying, which is our status quo. We, the people, must radically change our entire voting system to ensure #FreeAndFairElections. Or stop pretending and change the words of our national anthem to “land of the enslaved and the home of oligarchy.” I believe we must combine all these complaints into one class action lawsuit and take it to federal court. At the same time we need to increase public pressure through protest, work stoppage, contacting legislatures–what ever we can do. Without #FreeAndFairElections we do not have a democracy. Without democracy what do we have? I do not want to have to explain to my grandchildren one day that I sat back and let our democracy wither and die. Shame on all of us if we do.

  1. I know of several glitches in NY local election management that look suspicious: like the two last minute changes of polling venues were in the only city in the district, and in the university town. And NY’s restrictive election law, dating back over a century, was written to keep the dangerous mobs away. They made it hard and byzantine for a reason.

  2. And I notice how despite clear evidence of actual voting rigging Goethe remains skeptical.

    Not even I knew THAT many states were having issues. But, the Arizona and now NY primaries were blatent displays of corruption and deception.

    • I’m not skeptical. I’m jaundiced.

      I rather envy your bromance with a candidate, and your belief that the system is perfect–except this year.

      • When you find raw genuity in a sea full of corruption, you might become a defender of truth as well. And the funny thing is, Bernie’s been doing good before I was born. But, now that I know he’s here, I’m never backtracking.

        And, again, incompetance is indefinite, but registration swapping, shady last minute voter cutting, and region-specific time changes with NO explanation screams corruption. And if you deny it I have no hope for you.

    • Please explain how Arizona was blatantly corrupt or deceitful……the people involved simply over estimated how many people would use their early voting and absentee process instead of going to the polls and voting in person……so they eliminated too many polling stations causing a back up…..couldn’t you just as well blame the voters who didn’t take advantage of the easier ways to vote…….but then complain when they had to wait……whose fault is that….my wife votes in Arizona….it took her less than 5 minutes and she voted in the greater metro Phoenix area.

      • The lack of polling stations and excessive waiting times was nothing more than incompetence. The corruption was in the registrations that didn’t take place. Like Democrats who have been registered all their life who were turned away and turned they couldn’t vote because they weren’t in the system. And after Hillary won nobody questioned it but the voters. You’ll find there’s always a story if you dig a little deeper.

        • Nobody is turned away…everyone is allowed to at least cast what’s called a provisional ballot…..if the number of provisional ballots are more then the vote spread then they are checked to see if they are legitimate….if they wouldn’t make a difference then they aren’t counted.

          • My first thought, why the hell would anyone who waited 6 hours to vote bother with a ballot that basically doesn’t exist? My second is who is supposed to measure “if they make a difference”?

            Because it sounds like you mean to define a ‘difference’ winning the state. If that were the case that would mean that to the establishment overseeing the event that delegates don’t matter…and we all know that is FAR from the truth.

        • Please prove that. Any of these things benefited Hillary over Bernie. Plenty of poling places closed in black and Latino neighborhoods. That’s Hillary’s base; why would she deliberately disenfranchise them?
          Lifelong democrats purged? Those are much more likely to vote Hillary.
          She would be purging her own supporters.

          • And how the he’ll would I do that?? Hack into Hillary’s secret database? Does Hillary Clinton herself really have to come out and announce her plans for you to believe something. You should have more realistic standards.

            And there will always be casualties in war. Hillary is VERY familiar with that fact. The areas hit the hardest were areas heavily populated by Bernie voters.

            • So you have no evidence. Got it. How do you know what an area of Bernie voters even looks like? Where is your citation that this is what happened? A Facebook meme? Another Bernie fic article on USUNCUT?
              The Clinton campaign would have to know which Dems were going to vote which way. How could they possibly know that? All Dems would look alike to an outside observer.

            • What kind of pseudo journalist logic is that?? Prove Bigfoot doesn’t exist. You can’t indefinately. There’s no ‘proving’ anything unless she gets caught. I feel like I shouldn’t even have to explain this.

              Use your brain man! How do you tell what people are thinking about ANYTHING!? Polls, Lady, polls! And most of all. Unlike national polls, when you’re pulling such a small area like a single state, the data is far more consistent and reliable then a national poll. So she knew exactly where the enemy was.

            • Why? You’ve already demonstrated quite capably that you don’t need or care about evidence. You’ve got your harebrained theory and no amount of real information will dissuade you.

            • I’d challenge those statistics in Brooklyn even further because of the number of Bernie voters who outright couldn’t vote, or bother to after the massive time restraint in Brooklyn. But you are right. Hillary did apparently win in Brooklyn.

              But I have to ask, do you honestly think this is the only reason I think this election is rigged?

              When Bill Clinton can walk staight INTO a polling station to swing voters for HRC,when the DNC gets busted for funneling money raised for other ticket Democrats directly into Hillary’s campaign, when pro-Hillary groups literally stand 5 feet from voters and hand out fliers while Bernie supporters are threatened with prison for holding signs across the street… Do you honestly think this is a fair election?

              These are only a few examples in a sea of unheard voices people like yourself choose to ignore because you think you know better. If you have evidence, you can sway me. But there is nothing wrong with a healthy dose of skepticism.

              As for your statement that I don’t value evidence, if you take any of the examples I just gave and ask yourself how you would prove they really happened, your answer would still have to be that they got caught. HRC has been doing this for a lifetime. Shes very good at not doing that. You shouldn’t be surprised.

            • I haven’t been able to find advance polls that specific, but we have the actual results of 60% to 40% in Kings County, and we can see why in the demographics and exit polls.

              • Here’s Brooklyn’s makeup:
              According to the 2010 Census, 35.7% of the population was non-Hispanic
              White, 31.9% non-Hispanic Black or African American, 10.4% non-Hispanic
              Asian, 0.4% from some other race (non-Hispanic) and 1.6% of two or more
              races (non-Hispanic). 19.8% of Brooklyn’s population was of Hispanic,
              Latino, or Spanish origin (they may be of any race).

              • Here’s how Bernie did in New York:
              CNN has published its exit polling for the New York primary today,
              and it’s devastating to Bernie Sanders’ attempt to shake off the
              perception that he’s the candidate of young white people.

              In fact, CNN’s data shows that it is in fact unfair to call Sanders the candidate of white people. He’s the candidate of white men.

              Hillary Clinton won every other demographic, including white women,
              black men, black women and latino women. (CNN didn’t have data for
              latino men.)

              •If only about 16% of Brooklyn is white men, and that’s his only positive demographic, it’s reasonable to assume he lost worse in Brooklyn than elsewhere.

            • Demographics are pointless. People like you only cite them to suggest a particular type of race likes a candidate more.

              People vote for candidates, not ‘demographics’. The most you could deduce from any of those statistics is the assumption Bernie doesn’t resonate with the black/hispanic/female vote. Yet he has amast millions of all three already. Pointless statistic is pointless.

            • It’s kind of creepy how you always seem to be watching but thank you Goethe. The voting outcome is much appreciated.

              This will most likely be my last comment on the app as the app/site has broken. You’re probably relieved to hear that, but you might want to look into the glitch/issue as I’m logged in, but can’t comment without being prompted to do so.

            • Yes. I am watching you!! Actually, I am scanning the headlines on many sites through the day, and have a direct line to all new comments, so I check that while I’m at it.

              Anyway, I’m almost never arguing a point on here. I just try to provide input of there is a question. In this case, as I said, I couldn’t find any pre-polling for just Brooklyn/Kings County.

              I will get with Nate to see if we can figure out what’s wrong with commenting.

  3. No matter the program, no matter the issue when it involves people such as in voting first with people having to do something like vote then more people overseeing the process it is always going to be a mess……the only way to fix it is to take people out of the equation.
    Secondly in this day and age with all the information that is available and online tools and such if you still can’t figure out how to vote including the places where ID’s are needed then you probably shouldn’t even be voting…we don’t let people drive, live alone in a house or be around sharp objects if their brain isn’t wired right…..why should voting be treated any differently.

    • So under your rule, if you know that you can even vote in advance, given they don’t tell you, you don’t get to vote? You’re an arrogant one huh? 😉

      Just because YOU didn’t have a problem voting, doesn’t mean there’s a problem with anyone that did. You should really put yourself in others shoes more.

      I’ve loved in New Hampshire my whole life, and I only found out that you can vpte in advance 6 months ago. And that’s only because I asked! Not everything is black and white Hunt.

      • All voting information is easily found on the internet for each county and it is also printed in the papers and you can also call your county clerks office and they can assist you as well… I said….at some point you need to ask yourself why is it always the same uninformed people that can’t seem to know how to vote, even their leaders seem to say they are smart enough to vote either….just saying.

        • For one, you can find ANYTHING online. And, two, nobody reads the “papers”.

          But regardless of where information is located, you can’t just EXPECT people to know it. If you don’t educate voters, then don’t turn around and act surprised when they only know the basics. So do the world a favor and get off that high horse of yours. 😉

          • Ridiculous, by the time a student leaves high school he should be well enough prepared to know how to navigate the process of voting. If they don’t understand by that time, then the school system has failed them along with their parents.

            • I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain that isn’t the issue here. Voting in person, is self explanitory, registering every time you want to vote for a candidate of a party 6 months in advance or even ahead of time…is not.

              These are things one would have to research beforehand. And it’s a little hard to research something you don’t even know exists. You don’t know what you don’t know…ya know?

            • Again, it should be built into the system that they educate you. How would you feel if you were sold a sub but not told you could get double the meat for free. But all you had to do was ask. It was all available online, but nobody told you. It’s counter productive.

            • How exactly do you think it should be “built into the system” that “they” educate you? Also, who is “they”?

              It seems to me that you are saying that voters have no personal responsibility for doing their research before they vote. I 100% disagree. Every voter has a representative and a Senator; if they need information, all they have to do is contact one or both of them. In addition, there are multiple Republican and Democratic organizations which can provide information. If a voter REALLY wants information, it is available to them.

              Comparing being able to get extra meat free on a sub sandwich with getting voter information is definitely an apples and oranges scenario. Not even similar.

            • My example really not… the information is out there, and most of all it’s free! But you can’t expect people to know it, regardless of it’s urgency.

              In a perfect world, everyone researches everything before they make a decision on anything. But in the real world, you have to account for things like misinformation and the fact that we’re human. Why would someone research something as simply as voting? It’s self explanatory…right?

              But, we both know it’s not. In fact, the solution is far simpler than voting is. Schools were designed to educate and prepare people for the adult world. Yet we’re never taught our basic civil rights, how to file our taxes or even shown what an I-9 is. Revamping the curriculum to represent an actual useful and relevant program would be more effective than scolding people’s laziness.

              I can understand where your skepticism is coming from, but it’s devoid of reality. It’s not the voter’s fault the voting system is vastly more complicated than they originally expect. And, you shouldn’t blame them for that.

            • Bernie fans should spend a little less time posting memes and a little more time learning the voting rules.

            • Again, you haven’t explained why anyone would “study” something as simple as voting. Take a step back for a second dude.

              Let’s use another example, police aren’t legally allowed to search you without verbal consent. That’s a human right. But unless you tell them you don’t consent, they’ll do it anyway.

              Tell me, how is someone who is oblivious to their own rights meant to find this out in a system like this. Unless someone tipped you off, you wouldn’t.

  4. American has lost it’s “balls.” Look at other countries. In Brazil there was mass protests over a bus fare rise. In Iceland over 30% of the population came out to protest the Prime Minister when corruption was found. Literally everywhere else people are standing up to the corruption and demanding, yes demanding for something that should be a given, for fair and equal rights and here we are, in the great U.S. and the voter suppression and fraud is the “staus quo” that we all should just accept?!?!? Are you out of your collective minds?!? WHY are we not protesting this?!? Why do we allow this blatant cheating the the DNC is doing and just shrugging it off? What? The Democracy Spring or Democracy Rising? Sure good causes, BUT WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DOING NOTHING?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!! GET OUT THERE AND DEMAND JUSTICE AND IF THEY DONT GIVE IT TAKE IT!!!!!

  5. For one thing it is not the system that is broken. It is the money funneled into paying people to close election centers and miscount and rig procedures. It some cases the Clinton machine gets by with a wave of a hand and employs people to carry out deceptions like the misrepresentation of the nurses and election officials misinforming the public. the De-bolt machines that have been proven to be able to be programed by people at Princeton University. This is not a broken system. It has been carefully orchestrated. The media that has proclaimed Hillary Clinton as the winner in the middle of the primary and the Secretary of State of AZ saying she was forced to announce the winner in AZ because the press had already done so! Carefully orchestrated! Suppression of voters, changing affiliations of certain groups of people losing reintegration information on certain populations. Very well planned out! Then exit polls that have proven there worth through out time to accurately predict winners showing huge errors in voter information. Some places where several people said they voted one way and no votes show for the person they have said they voted for. This is not strange to the Clinton’s they hire the best to make sure of their results. Bill Clinton violated Massachusetts state voting requirements by campaigning at a polling place during an election! Their is film to prove it. This is not the first time these people have done these things and paid others to do them for them as well! The American people need to come together and demand change now! It is not an isolated incident they do these things all the time and do not get held as responsible. In most cases they hire others to do things and they can go to jail and they claim they knew nothing about it! Change in this way and behavior only occurs when a mass amount of people demand integrity and accountability!

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