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Are Polls Underestimating Trump in 2020? Maybe

At this point in the 2016 race, polls were giving Hillary Clinton the appearance of an insurmountable lead against Donald Trump. Nationally, Hillary lead...

Wisconsin Primary: Live Results, Poll Closing Times, Voting Information

After several days of legal wrangling and court challenges, the Wisconsin primary is moving forward as planned today with in-person voting and an extended...

Full Video: Watch the President Trump Rally From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

While Democrats debate in Iowa tonight, President Trump looks to build momentum for his 2020 re-election campaign in Wisconsin at a rally in Milwaukee,...
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Recap: Tuesday’s Primary Results in CT, MN, VT, WI

On Tuesday, there were primary races in four states. These races included two primaries for Democratic gubernatorial candidates, in Wisconsin and Vermont, as well...

Minnesota and Wisconsin Hold Primaries Today

It's Tuesday in August, which means there is probably a primary happening somewhere around the country. This week, it's Minnesota and Wisconsin picking candidates...

House Speaker Paul Ryan Retiring, Will Not Seek Reelection

We had reported back in December that Speaker Paul Ryan may be nearing retirement in the House. Today that news has been nearly confirmed...

Wisconsin Democrat Turns Trump District Deep Blue

Back on Tuesday there was a special election in Wisconsin for an open state Senate seat. Wisconsin's 10th Senate District, which spans several counties...

Supreme Court Begins ‘Momentous’ Term With High-Profile Cases

The next Supreme Court term starts today and will bring a slew of cases on several major topics including religious freedom, forced union dues,...

Hillary Campaign Seeks Volunteers for MI Recount

What started off as the Clinton campaign offering some "people" to assist in Jill Stein's recount affair has now morphed into a volunteer-recruting effort....

Paul Ryan’s Rough Battle Ends Tuesday

We have three months to talk about “Hillarump” (or “Trumpary”?), so let’s get into some congressional races, too. The most obvious ones would...

Speaker Paul Ryan Announces Support for Donald Trump

I almost hesitate in making this a story since the headline feels like "Republican endorses Republican," but I digress. House Speaker Paul Ryan, a...

Voter Suppression Charged in Almost Every State

One of our commenters, who goes by the name of "A Guy," says voter suppression is a serious problem, so we took a look....