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Federal Judge Reinstates New York Democratic Primary

Last week, a storm began brewing over the New York Board of Elections announcing the cancellation of the state's presidential preference primary which had...

Outrage Follows New York’s Decision to Cancel its Presidential Primary

Originally postponed until June 23, New York State has now decided to scrap presidential primary voting altogether citing concerns over the Coronavirus. The reasoning,...

Could Andrew Cuomo Replace Joe Biden? What About Bernie?

The leadership vacuum on the Democratic side left in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic is vast, and not easily filled. While Joe Biden...

Bernie Sanders Is Down, But He’s Not Out

While recent headlines have focused on the new "front runner" Elizabeth Warren, or the struggling Joe Biden, or the surging Pete Buttigieg, it seems...
Bill De Blasio 2020 Presidential Campaign

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Announces Presidential Run For Some Reason

There's a tired phrase that's getting oft-repeated about the 2020 Democratic primary: "The crowded field just got more crowded." Well, today it did, and here...

Trump Battles Cities on ‘Sanctuary’ Status

The Trump administration, by way of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, announced on Monday that cities which do not comply with federal immigration law will...

Voter Suppression Charged in Almost Every State

One of our commenters, who goes by the name of "A Guy," says voter suppression is a serious problem, so we took a look....

2016 New York Primary Results

New York will be the only state voting today with each party watching the returns closely as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hope for...

Full Video: CNN Democratic Debate from Brooklyn, NY

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidates took the stage on Thursday night for a debate sponsored by CNN and NY1. This debate comes just 5...

Video: Hillary starts 2016 campaign with rally

Though she officially entered the race as a formal candidate back in April, Hillary Clinton kicked off her campaign over the weekend with an...

Former NY Gov. George Pataki to announce 2016 bid

Former New York Governor George Pataki is set to launch a presidential bid this Thursday. Am I crazy or is everyone, and I mean...

New York enters the National Popular Vote Compact

Along with a short but growing list of other states, New York has now officially joined the National Vote Compact by deciding to award...