As of today it is official, the 2016 Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. As you may recall, Dallas was the other remaining city on the list which lost the battle to Cleveland.

Report from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Capping off a months-long lobbying effort, Cleveland will be the host of the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus announced Cleveland as the location on the Fox News Channel in a live, on-air interview. The broadcast of the interview was immediately preceded by a tweet, which has since been deleted, from a spokesman for the Republican Governors Association.

“We’re excited about bringing the convention to Cleveland in Ohio, and we’re excited about the decision. We think it’s a smart decision,” Priebus said.

It’s also believed that the expected June availability of Quicken Loans Arena, which will host floor events for the convention, played a role.

I’ve been thinking Ohio since we first started this discussion a few months ago. It makes the most sense as a Republican will not return to the White House without picking up some rust belt states as in 2004. Governors like Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) and John Kasich (R-Ohio) have been proving fairly popular in recent years so the logical step is to try and build on their momentum at a national level.

As far as the dates go, it appears the RNC is looking sometime in June of 2016 so a nominee can be crowned and free from fundraising hurdles heading into the summer.


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  3. I jokingly suggested that both parties hold their conventions in Cleveland, since they are both just circuses now. But it did raise curiosity, so. . .Last time in Cleveland, 1936, only other time, 1924 (both, GOP).

    In 1972, BOTH parties held their conventions in Miami Beach. Then, I noticed that Miami Beach also held the previous GOP convention. Philadelphia hosted 9, including both parties in 1948.

    But the big party town is Chicago–hosting both parties in 1952, 1944, 1932, and 1884. In fact, conventions have been in Chicago 25 times–but only one since the fiasco in 1968.

    New York has hosted only 5; Baltimore 4; St. Louis 4, San Francisco 4.

  4. Obama shoots pool, drinks beer and raises money for Dems — but has no time to go to Texas border!

    [[Note: Most of these videos are interrupted and stopped (MSM does not want you to see them in their entirety) so be patient and keep pausing to reload, then continue!]]

    1) Sarah Palin on why it’s time to impeach Obama: MUST SEE BY ALL REAL AMERICANS — SPOT ON!!!

    2) Texas Gov. Rick Perry politely exposes Obama on his refusal to actually see the Texas border calamity (superbly stated by Perry).

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    3) Rudy Giuliani slams Obama as unfit to be President:

    4) Dem Rep. Cuellar: “Bizarre” and “Detached” That Obama Will Play Pool, Drink Beer, But Won’t Go To The Border:

    LOL — even a kiss-ass Democrook slams Obama!


    In conclusion: Obama’s narcissistic, megalomaniac and psychopathic inferiority complex tendencies since Day One — that many of us warned of — are now in full bloom as the end of his wannabe dictatorship nears. This makes him more dangerous than ever — and MUST BE STOPPED by The Articles of Impeachment NOW!!!

    …To stay on topic — yea, Cleveland gets to host RNC!!!

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