With the timetable for this decision set squarely in a presidential election year, it will undoubtedly be a big campaign topic in the context of foreign policy and terrorism. Will Americans be eager to see the war in Afghanistan end with the removal of US troops or will there be fear that a complete withdrawal will see a rebirth of Islamic fundamentalism in the country?

Report from HeraldOnline.com:

Charting an end to America’s longest war, President Barack Obama announced plans Tuesday for keeping nearly 10,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan after this year but then withdrawing virtually all by the close of 2016 and the conclusion of his presidency.

The drawdown would allow Obama to bring America’s military engagement in Afghanistan to an end while seeking to protect the gains made in a war in which he significantly intensified U.S. involvement.

“We have to recognize that Afghanistan will not be a perfect place, and it is not America’s responsibility to make it one,” Obama declared during an appearance in the White House Rose Garden.

He credited American forces, which were first deployed by President George W. Bush within a month of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, with striking significant blows against al-Qaida’s leadership, eliminating Osama bin Laden and preventing Afghanistan from being used as a base for strikes against the U.S. He said: “Now we’re finishing the job we’ve started.”

In the broader context, in your opinion, what has been accomplished in Afghanistan? Is the United States more safe or less safe having spent countless lives and years fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda in the mountains?


  1. It’s not our job to make Afghanistan a “perfect place.”

    Personally, I think we should have wiped out the Taliban and gone into Pakistan to finish the job in 2003–not as a “foreign adventure,” but as a response to 9/11. Then, we should have stayed OUT of Iraq, which had been our counterbalance to Iran.

    It should be noted that Iran was preparing to invade Afghanistan, but we beat them to it.

    But, as things now stand, I think the American people will be glad to be done with Iraq and Afghanistan. We love a quick, decisive war, but HATE long, drawn-out confusing involvement.

    However, I am not so sure the Taliban will take over again. They are not liked among the people there. They were only tolerated before because they brought order out of chaos and civil war that raged after the Russia debacle.

    As noted above, Iran had planned on war with the Taliban in 2001-2. This would be an excellent opportunity to find common ground with Iran, to see that the Taliban is not allowed to reassert itself.

  2. What Obama says and what Obama does, have always been two different things.

    It’s nothing but a word play to give a “boost” to the lagging Dems in the 2014 elections.

    The best way to deal with Obama — this abomination in the White House needs not be quoted, but impeached and put in jail for life!

  3. Interesting that they call this America’s longest War. Vietnam lasted almost 20 years. But then again, from the point of view The Herald apparently is coming from in defining Afghanistan as a war, America has rarely ever not been at war. In truth, the *war* in Afghanistan was over in a few weeks/days. The rest of the time we’ve been fighting terrorist minorities in the country…not really a war in the traditional sense of Nation vs. Nation. We stopped fighting the government of Afghanistan a long long time ago.

    The question will be, what happens in the future? Benghazi is clear evidence that Al Qaeda hasn’t gone away, and many of these 3rd worldish middle eastern countries simply don’t have the will of the people in support of the government enough for the government to really effectively deal with their issues. With Russia wanting revenge for losing the cold war, China wanting to dominate the world, and Islamo-terrorists wanting to wipe Israel and the USA off the map…there is a trifecta brewing we need to give the same deliberate attention to that we did in fighting communism.

    Quite honestly, the free world is at stake. We may not need to fight a big war, but we do need to promote freedom in the world….and stop attacking it at home.

    Imagine what would happen to the American economy if we eliminated both corporate welfare and corporate taxation? 2 of the biggest freedom limiters facing American business today. American businesses cannot compete in the world when $1-2 out of every $5 they earn goes to the Federal Government, not counting non-Federal taxation. American businesses cannot compete in the world when they intentionally hamstring themselves to get the free money.

    Imagine what would happen if the federal government let go of the regulation of the fossil fuel industry?

    Imagine how much more money people would have if Obamacare was repealed? (85% of Americans have likely had their insurance premiums go up because of Obamacare)

    Almost every ill hampering American society today can be drawn back to a well intentioned, ineffective, and ultimately destructive of its well intentioned ends…bad government policy.

    We need to take care of things abroad, sensibly, and things at home. America has almost always had some kind of military action in the world, it is unavoidable with a citizenry dependent upon free global trade. The Barbary War was about our economy and our citizens abroad. War abroad was necessary then, and will likely always be. This isn’t because we are imperialist, but because we are free and evil exists in the world.

  4. ..so concluding…the draw down of the troops in Afghanistan isn’t good or bad in and of itself. Time will tell how good of a thing this is. When Bin Laden attacked the towers the first time Clinton sent the attorney general. Undeterred by this action, Bin Laden attacked again..this time Bush sent the military…we haven’t had an attack on our soil since.

    We’ll see what happens in a few years after pulling out of Afghanistan. The pace things are going at today…it may be months, not years.

  5. Josh: Yeah. “Longest war” must have been written by some gen-x’r who doesn’t remember a time we were not at war.

    Or maybe he is splitting hairs. Technically, we did not have massive ground troops in Vietnam until the mid 60s, so by that interpretation, Vietnam was less than 10 years.

    But of course, we had “advisers” after Dien Bien Phu, in 1954, and we were propping up the French even before then.

  6. I think President Obama and his “advisors” have a specific reason for announcing our departure date and it is not in the best interest of America.
    Our soldiers have done a wonderful job in Afghanistan If their leaders were not so corrupt we might have accomplished something good.
    Yes I think we have been more safe because we responded militarily, and we will be “less safe” by the time President Obama completes his second term.

    • bevh2014 — we should never have been forced into wars that could not have been won quickly and decidedly in our favor.

      These idiotic never-ending conflicts only benefit the Military Industrial Complex and the politicians they own, and no one else — for, for untold years many of their weapons/warplanes/military equipment are being produced nonstop at exorbitant costs to us, the taxpayers, so they can be used nonstop to keep the “wars” going on-and-on-and-on … so their bank accounts keep overflowing for as long as it takes, at the expense of bankrupting the USA…since they believe if Americans need to have two jobs to make ends meet and pay taxes, then they can get 3 jobs to do it, and if need be four!

      If you think for a second that these creatures care about our nation — you’d be wrong. Their only concern is how much MORE they can STILL squeeze out of the American people, before the citizens collapse from nonstop overtime working exhaustion to keep up with taxation…then, they’ll move to greener pastures, once we’ve been squeezed dry!

  7. Nate — the sad part is all these lives lost have been for naught!

    When we are gone, the Taliban will rule Afghanistan, and even worse, AL-Qaeda (that did not exist previously in Iraq) will take eventual control of Iraq.

    But never fear, another war will soon be here — Russia is getting too uppity (according to warmonger John Kerry).

    Imagine how many more weapons the Military Industrial Complex could PROFIT by unleashing them on them pesky Russkies.

    Wouldn’t that be the final irony in US history — our Gov starting a war that everyone knows we cannot win….but WOW, the profits to be made by ending America in such a way would be the envy of any Jew…LOL!

  8. Today, Jay Carney resigned. It’s important to note that he says he is not sure what he’ll do next, so he didn’t leave for a better offer.

    I wonder if he was peeved that Shinsecki was forced out. After all, it was Jay’s job to tell the press that Obama stood behind Shinsecki.

    Of course, the opposite could also be true–that Obama thought Carney did a lousy job explaining the VA issue.

    Or maybe Obama just felt that he could get better press if he changed both faces at once–the guy to blame, and the messenger. You can’t really change the tone if the same voice is speaking.

  9. I just watched this debate:


    I think your timeline is off. When GHW was vice president, he towed the line, praising war, and frothing at the mouth.

    It was not until he ran for president that he talked about a “softer, gentler” world, with “a thousand points of light,” and working together with other nations.

    OR, it might have been when he was running against Reagan, in 1980, or before.

  10. The sad thing is ending a conflict, especially for political reasons, is very tragic because we lost all three conflicts and thousands upon thousands of American lives and even more hundreds of thousands of Americans who were wounded, mentally and physically.

    I consent to Goethe about which all three conflicts could have been concluded very expeditiously – however, there would have been many civilian casualties such as in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. but in the final measure there would have been less deaths and bad principled leaders would think long and hard about threatening freedoms and forcing totalitarian ways of life.

    So sad that Nixon was forced to negotiate instead of just annihilating, but south ‘Nam was not strong enough to stand on it’s own.

    But even worse is Obama announcing he is going to abandon Iraq and Afghan. Taking Hussein out was the correct thing to do as he killed 10’s of thousands of his own people with chemicals and for 10 years threatened that he would take down America. – but we should have taken him out quickly and left Iraq to it’s own revolution. The same with Afghan.

    We don’t belong in the M.E. unless they once again try jihad in America, which would never happen if we were strong and wielded a big stick just once if we were threatened.

    Alas Obama has won – he has changed us into a frightened 2nd rate nation that no one is afraid of and just a thorn that Totalitarians and Islam wants to root out of the world garden. 2-1/2 years more we are almost already just a plain cripple and have no real steerage-way.

  11. off topic:

    Will Tea Party patriots prevail, or GOP Establishment scumbags steal more “victories” via their RNC support and MSM media propaganda?!

    Mississippi Primary — 76 year-old GOP establishment incumbent, six-term Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran (who looks like a mummy) is in the fight for his political life.

    McDaniel, 41, the Tea Party American patriot, has campaigned in the mold of other Tea Party Republicans, pledging to repeal Obamacare, railing against Washington and pledging to serve only two terms in office if elected.

    What’s your prediction for tomorrow — will Establishment win (in order to further destroy our nation), or will an American patriot prevail against all odds?

    This is a litmus test — whether we can win our Republic back, through elections, or be pushed into a corner by American-hating scumbags in power, whereby the people will eventually revolt once again, in order to overturn the tyrants in Office!

    The Establishment rulers (GOP and Dems) are playing with fire — but, they don’t realize it, since these scumbags live in the fantasy world of La-La Land, DC!

    below is MSM’s propaganda take:


  12. I know it’s going to be the next big distraction from real issues, but I like the idea of trading Gitmo prisoners. If we swap enough, we can close Gitmo down!

    Let’s make a deal!

    • Terrorists of the nature that were just released, should have been tried and life imprisoned or fried – not returned to take more of our lives until we get out of Afghanistan, Iraq, and the M.E. .

      We are not fighting a war with a nation or country, we are fighting terrorists!! The Islamic Extremists are al Qaeda / Taliban / others. There is no Country to win against – just various unconsolidated groups of zealots with a common goal of destroying U.S.A., and ridding the earth of Christians and Jews.

  13. Follow up on Mississippi Primary (a microcosm of a litmus test in how far the GOP/RNC machine will go to damage the winner, being Tea Party, in order to TRY AND keep one of their own patsies in the running)!

    McDaniel, the Tea Party American patriot, wins by a narrow margin over Establishment Thad Cochran.

    Now it will be a runoff on June 24, unless GOP apparatchik Cochran concedes.

    Question of this litmus test — will the GOP/RNC establishment keep on fighting to destroy in the next 3 weeks this Tea Party winner?

    And if the GOP/RNC bosses do this — than expect them to do the same throughout the nation (caring only for their MEMBERS to win, EVEN if they’ll lose to Dems — as long as they get to BURY the Tea Party Patriots forever)!

    “Already a savagely personal race, the duel between Cochran and activist state Sen. Chris McDaniel could now drag on until the next vote on June 24 and present national Republicans with a dilemma: Whether to continue supporting the senator [Establishment’s Cochran] and tearing down McDaniel [Tea Party Patriot] at the potential cost of damaging the party’s eventual nominee [McDaniel].”
    Read this slanted against the Tea Party article (it still has some merit):


    • I’ve heard discussions both ways. Cochran has more name recognition, but the challenger has more dedicated followers.

  14. Rand Paul’s call to arms!
    Heed this patriot’s message and do all you can to make it happen!!!
    Dethrone Harry Reid — this utter anti-American scumbag!!!

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    I know many so-called “experts” claim the political environment is turning more toxic for Big Government Democrats by the day. I know the ObamaCare fiasco has many Senate Democrats scared stiff.

    In fact, one House Democrat recently admitted he’s worried the situation is about to “hit the fan!”

    But , I’m not taking anything for granted. With ObamaCare threatening every last shred of economic growth and our national debt skyrocketing to over $17.5 TRILLION, I think there’s just too much at stake.

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    Probably like you, I want so badly to believe the political “experts” who point to President Obama’s dismal 41% approval rating in a recent Washington Post/ABC News Poll and say November 2014 could be another tidal wave election like you and I saw in 2010.

    But I’ve also seen a recent Rasmussen Poll that stated a clear majority of American citizens are disillusioned with members of both parties.

    The American people aren’t stupid.

    They understand it’s Big Government politicians in BOTH parties who have brought our nation to the brink.

    That means you and I have some work to do.

    I believe, as Ronald Reagan said, it’s time for our party to “raise a banner of no pale pastels, but bold colors which make it unmistakably clear where we stand on all of the issues . . .”

    After all, Americans now understand where President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid stand.

    They stand for ObamaCare – which is costing jobs, sending health insurance premiums skyrocketing and lowering the quality of American healthcare.

    They stand for misguided “environmental” policies that have DOUBLED the price of a gallon of gas from $1.79 back in early 2009 to more than $3.65 today – despite a blooming energy boom in the United States!

    They stand for collecting literally BILLIONS of phone and email records of American citizens every day.

    Now, it’s time for Americans to find out where you and I stand.

    I believe the way to victory in 2014 isn’t in mincing words and holding back.
    It’s not in charting out “pastel” positions cooked up by high-powered consultants in Washington, D.C.

    It’s by showing the American people that you and I are different by standing firm on Republican principles, including:

    >>>LOWERING TAXES AND SPENDING. High taxes and out-of-control spending aren’t solving our problems. They’re the root cause!

    >>>AUDITING THE FED. It’s time to expose the Federal Reserve’s secrecy and economic manipulation that lead to constant economic crises and dollar destruction;

    >>>PROTECTING CIVIL LIBERTIES. Americans will not allow our federal government to run roughshod over our remaining freedoms in the name of “security.” As Benjamin Franklin said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety;”

    >>>REPEALING OBAMACARE. This $2.6 trillion disaster stands to wreck our economy. The national Republican Party can and must stand by efforts to stop implementation at the state level;

    >>>PROTECTING THE TENTH AMENDMENT. The national Republican Party should loudly stand with any state efforts to take back control over their respective jurisdictions under the Constitution of the United States;

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    And one thing is crystal clear . . .

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  15. Today is the 30th anniversary of TETRIS, the box-dropping game. I wanted to play it, so I went to


    But Tetris was created by a Russian, and if you go to the site, you may eventually be allowed to play the game, but you have to sit through a VERY long propaganda film (voice in Russian, but visuals in English).

    It’s propaganda, of course, but it’s very well done, and if you’re genuinely interested in how other people think, it’s worth viewing. It’s mostly about Crimea, its history, and justification.

    One point I question. It bemoans the breakup of the USSR, and complains that the Russian people are the most divided into separate countries of any on earth. That’s not true. The English people are divided into Britain, US, Australia, and if you go by language, India!

    Anyway, it’s worth viewing. Just don’t expect to last long enough to play the game.

    • Read the last paragraph — and be amazed how nonchalant Hitlery Clinton feels in her role of the Four American Deaths in Benghazi under her watch!

      This is truly chilling (to her it’s a “travesty” to be held accountable by upcoming Congressional hearings!!!):

      H. Clinton said. “We’ll see what they decide to do, how they conduct themselves: Whether this is one more travesty about the loss of four Americans or whether this is in the best tradition of the Congress….”

      What a sicko Hitlery Clinton is…and how sick are the American-haters that want her to win?!?!

  16. Surfisher:

    Here’s an article you may find interesting in the Washington Examiner (6.6.14) entitled “Impeachment Off: GOP Fears It Will Rally Obama Democrats”. They have a good point and may even be able to say that when they get a majority in both Houses they stand a better chance of accomplishing impeachment. BUT I find it hard to believe any republican has the guts to propose the idea in Congress. Especially establishment Lindsey Graham.


    • Bob — spot on!

      Let us first WIN BIG in November — then, start Impeachment of Obama in December!

      Makes total sense now, at this stage!

      I’ve been calling for the Usurper-of-the-White-House’s Impeachment from Day One!

      It is funny that after 5+years of this Obamination, people are finally beginning to see the light — it took them this long to see through this Devil’s disguise!

      Spot on analyses:

      “Suddenly the world ‘impeachment,’ which I would say as little as three or four months ago, sent people certainly inside the beltway diving under their desks, now in polite society you are actually allowed to use the ‘I’ word,” he said.

      “The point is, if you are going to combat presidential lawlessness under circumstances where it now looks like we’ve got two and a half years to go with an administration that seems to have thrown caution to the wind and is just moving ahead with the most extravagant parts of the agenda and is going to use its raw power to try to accomplish this, you can’t have a sensible adult conversation with how the U.S. Constitution deals with presidential lawlessness without at least broaching the subject of impeachment,” he said.

  17. “I’m not telling you that they don’t have some ability at some point to return to fighting. But they also have an ability to get killed doing that.”…Sec. of State John Kerry in an article entitled “Kerry: Hey Don’t Worry About Those Taliban Leaders We Released.” 6.9.14

    Pssst ! John They are martyrs they don’t care about dying! John Kerry went to Paris to aid the Viet Cong, he went to Nicaragua to aid the FSLN and he went to Israel to aid the PLO. Mr. Kerry is keeping his track record of assisting our enemies perfect.


  18. President Obama has cleared an additional 78 Guantanamo inmates for release which I’m sure he and Sec. Kerry can assure us they won’t come back and attack us. Why can they assure this?….. because they were released due to taking up yoga and showing a positive attitude.

    This leads to all sorts of questions….I suppose that takes care of any concerns whether they should be put on trial in a civil court or military court. Is he planning on taking them out with drones? This should give Mrs. Clinton pause as to whether to run for President in 2016. Maybe the President could bundle them into his amnesty program also?

    The UK Daily Mail article entitled: “Obama Releasing Reformed Guantanamo Prisoners For Reasons Including Having Taken Up Yoga and Showing Positive Attitudes.”


  19. Here’s why Rand Paul is the man to watch: he refuses to stay in line.



    Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Friday said that President Obama is not to blame for the current situation in Iraq, and instead pointed to Iraq War architects like former Vice President Dick Cheney.

    “They didn’t really, I think, understand the civil war that would break out,” Paul said of Iraq War supporters

  20. I guess this is the best place to put this idea.

    This is an excellent time for the United States to act like an adult.

    We should have a summit conference with the leaders of Iran (largest Shi’ite state) and Saudi Arabia (largest Sunni funder). We should point out that they are just killing each other, and it’s up to them to get their people in line.

    The media is not doing a good job of it, but “ISIL” intends to set up a Sunni caliphate that extends from Pakistan to Egypt. That means Saudi Arabia would be absorbed, and no longer be able to act capriciously–with the Saudi family in such a treasured position.

    So the chief funder should be against it. And, of course, so should Iran.

    The summit should be to agree to a division of Iraq that gives Sunni’s a separate state, or at least, autonomous region.

    At the same time, they could stop funding of the “insurgents” in Syria. Leave Assad in place, and find ways to encourage him to go through with the reforms he originally said he would bring about.

    If we could pull off acting as the broker between these feuding sides, we could gain huge respect and prestige on the world stage.

  21. Is anybody still here?

    Iraq has a problem. The soldiers we trained throw off their uniforms and run.

    We’re sending 300 advisors.

    How could they possibly be effective? I’m figuring we could station them BEHIND the Iraqi army. . .

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