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Campaigns Pause For 9/11 Remembrance

While the 2018 midterm campaign season is in full swing, most candidates are taking a break today in honor of the memory of lives...

Afghanistan Becomes Trump’s War

President Obama went through the same gauntlet when taking over the White House from President Bush in 2008. Each new administration must pickup where...

UK Terror Attacks Renew Trump’s Travel Ban Push

With the awful terrorist acts unfolding in London over the weekend which followed the terrorist bombing of a concert in Manchester just days earlier,...

Was Firing Acting A.G. Yates ‘Business as Usual?’

Donald Trump is used to making decisions quickly, by himself. In fact, he has said that he feels that his “superficiality” is a virtue,...

Video: 2016 Candidates React to Brussels Terror Attack

This morning in Belgium, terrorists connected to the Islamic State carried out attacks in Brussels leaving at least 30 people dead. We're getting more...

2016 Candidates Respond to Paris Terrorist Attack

Late Friday evening we all learned of the carnage happening in Paris where over one-hundred people were slaughtered by terrorists representing the Islamic State....

Open thread: Israel and Hamas

This is a red-hot topic, I'm aware. Here's an open thread for discussion of the ongoing conflict. Report on the latest via Fox News: Israel...

Obama plans Afghanistan troop withdrawal by 2016

With the timetable for this decision set squarely in a presidential election year, it will undoubtedly be a big campaign topic in the context...

Boehner to launch Select Committee investigating Benghazi attack

This move could be significant for a few reasons, some of them related to Hillary Clinton and her possible bid for the presidency in...