With the launch of her book tour which will create a wave of publicity and appearances through the duration of 2014, Hillary Clinton says she’ll decide on a presidential run by the end of this year. This tidbit comes from an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer in which Clinton addressed a number of topics from 2016 to Benghazi.

Report from ABC News:

Hillary Clinton wants more time through the end of the year to think about whether she’ll run for president in 2016, the former secretary of state told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview in advance of Tuesday’s release of her new memoir, “Hard Choices.”

“I will be on the way to making a decision by the end of the year, yes,” she told Sawyer.

But first, Clinton said, she’ll go on a book-signing tour beginning this week and she plans to campaign for Democratic candidates running in 2014.

“Certainly not before then,” Clinton said, referring to the end of 2014. “I just want to kind of get through this year, travel around the country, sign books, help in the midterm elections in the fall, and then take a deep breath and kind of go through my pluses and minuses about what I will – and will not – be thinking about as I make the decision.”

Clinton said it is “probably likely” that she will not make an announcement until next year. [Emphasis added]

“I’m not positive about that, but I think, you know, the way I make decisions, that’s probably likely,” Clinton said.

When asked about testifying before the Benghazi select committee, Clinton demurred:

“That’s going to be up to the people running the hearing,” she said. “We’ll see what they decide to do, how they conduct themselves, whether or not this is, you know, one more travesty about the loss of four Americans, or whether this is, in the best tradition of the Congress, an effort to figure out how – what we can do better.”

So far, her new book has held reasonably strong sitting at number 4 on Amazon.com. Anyone care to read it?

Update: Here’s the full interview with Diane Sawyer:

Any thoughts if you watch the whole thing?


  1. Hiltlery Clinton says she will decide ‘when it feels right’ to run….

    She should run…run out of USA for her killings in Benghazi, and never come back!

    Look at her now — all the botox and facelifts didn’t help, she looks like the wicked witch of the West!


    Read the last paragraph — and be amazed how nonchalant Hitlery Clinton feels in her role of the Four American Deaths in Benghazi under her watch!

    This is truly chilling (to her it’s a “travesty” to be held accountable by upcoming Congressional hearings!!!):

    H. Clinton said. “We’ll see what they decide to do, how they conduct themselves: Whether this is one more travesty about the loss of four Americans or whether this is in the best tradition of the Congress….”

    What a sicko Hitlery Clinton is…and how sick are the American-haters that want her?!?!

    • Surfisher;

      I left an article this morning on the last thread which you may find interesting concerning impeachment ( “Obama Plans Afghan Troop Withdrawal…….”).

      • Bob — spot on!

        Let us first WIN BIG in November — then, start Impeachment of Obama in December!

  2. Does it surprise anyone that the Clintons want to build up some favors they can call up in 2016 if needed by campaigning for mid term candidates. President Clinton knew the in’s and out’s of schmoozing in order to get things done something the current resident knows nothing about. There was a 7 page article in “Politico” entitled “Special Report: The Obama Paradox” which told of his lack of engagement with members of Congress and is the cause of little in his arsenal that he has to rely on issuing “Executive Action Orders to accomplish anything.

    Two of the best observances I’ve read concerning Mrs. Clinton came from a columnist named Daniel Greenfield. He said “Hillary’s accomplishment is being Hillary. She’s the Kim Kardashian of national politics.” “As Sec. of State she toured countries and posed for pictures just as she had done when she was first lady.” That pretty much sums up her time at the State Department.

    • Bob: It’s a time-honored tactic to campaign for others to earn “chits” that they can spend when they run. The best example was Richard Nixon. After losing to JFK in 1960, he ran for governor of California, thinking he’d be a shoo-in. He wasn’t. He was a two-time loser, and to seemly seal his coffin, he did the cry-baby speech about “not having Nixon to kick around anymore.”

      He could not have been more of what Shakespeare said in Henry VI, part II, Act IV, Scene 10: “dead as a door nail.”

      YET, he saw the weakness in LBJ’s over-reaching, and in 1966, Nixon was EVERYWHERE, stumping for EVERYONE, and when the 1968 campaign came along, he pulled in the chits and no one in the party could begin to compete.

      • Bob: BTW, good article at Politico.

        But it reminds me of an even bigger paradox. Bill Clinton was known for (a) taking credit for Republican programs, and (b) for throwing Democratic congressional candidates under the bus in order to get re-elected.

        Another paradox is that Bill is now the Super Star of the Democratic Party.

        • Goethe Behr — “Bill Clinton is now the Super Star of the Democratic Party”….LOL

          An Impeached president being the Dems mascot…how sad is that!

          Hopefully the Dems will get #2…they deserve to have another one Impeached, too!

          • Surf: Yeah. It shows how bad things are for Dems. There have been dozens of prospective candidates on the GOP side, but only a handful on the Dem side.

            At this time, there’s only ONE Dem candidate, which is how things were for the GOP back in the 50s and 60s.

    • Bob —

      Add to this Hiltlery Clinton’s accomplishments as a Senator — a Big Fat Round Zero!

      And, add to this her enrichment in the White Water scandal (where the key witness against her died under mysterious circumstances…so it could never be brought to trial).

      And, add to this her negligence, or complicity with Obama, to get our Arabic Scholar Ambassador killed (plus three more Americans) in Benghazi — and you got not some silly trash like Kim K, but a very determined psychopath who won’t stop at any US deaths to reach her megalomaniacal goal of becoming our next ruler!

      And what’s amazing is that Main Stream Media has brainwashed a lot of the people to think her a great lady — when in fact she is a self-serving Evil of the worst kind!

      See if you can tell who is who from the below pics (they all look so much alike in stance).


      Clue: Hitlery Clinton is the one that shaved her little mustache….


  3. Benghazi is BS (as a campaign issue) and Obamacare will be forgotten by 2016. I’ll tell ya Hillary’s Achilles’ Heel: elitism.

    In an interview beginning her book tour, she claimed she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House. I suppose it’s possible that legal fees may have temporarily outweighed their net worth, but that’s not the same as being “dead broke.”

    You’re not poor if you don’t HAVE money–you’re poor if you can’t GET money. Look at Donald Trump–how many times has he gone bankrupt?

    Many of us know what “dead broke” means, and this is the kind of statement that could be as damaging to her as when Romney joked that he was “unemployed, too!!”

    • Goethe Behr — wrong on two counts, and right on the last (elitism).

      Hitlery Clinton will be haunted till her dying days on her role in the American Deaths in Benghazi.This will be Hitlery Clinton’s political death-nail.

      Obamination Care will just about explode in all its vileness come about 2016 (its pernicious SMALL-PRINT is beginning to start, and will adversely affect our economy exponentially as time progresses)! This will be the Dems death-nail.

      Here is another great pic that says it all:


      • Surfisher;

        You continue to compare Mrs. Clinton to Hitler. My thoughts would be that she’s closer to Evita Peron. Riding on her husbands coat tails for everything it can bring and portrayed as a women of the people.

        • Bob: I think that’s why Hillary did not win in 2008. Electing a wife of a former president seemed like a “banana republic” sort of thing to do–to get him back.

          And you point out Surfisher’s ongoing problem. Haters gonna hate, and in doing so, are not taken seriously. There is a lot that one can say about Hillary that would make people question her–such as her statement that she was “dead broke” when she left the White House, or that she had to duck live fire in Eastern Europe.

          That’s what you want to do–raise questions. When you call her Hitler, you’re saying something nearly all people will see as ridiculously over-the-top, and therefore, your entire argument seems silly.

          But, at the same time, extremist rants can be entertaining, so here’s something to get him going again: military equipment brought back from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is being given to the COPS, here. And, of course, if you have new, fun equipment, you look for a chance to use it:


          • Goethe:

            I couldn’t agree with you more concerning Benghazi, Bill Clinton’s dalliances or Whitewater being of little significance during Mrs. Clintons 2016 campaign.

            The candidates from the republican right will bring up Obamacare while establishment republicans will ignore it. In fact any idea to repeal Obamacare is assured to die on the RNC/GOP 2016 platform not so much in the written context but in reality. Oh they’ll use it like a carrot on a stick for votes when it is brought up in debates but you can put money on it the RNC/GOP is deathly concerned with anything to make them perceived as heartless bastards.

            I have a problem conferring with or even taking serious any contributor to this or any other site who insist on name calling. I find it immature and it only takes away from not adds anything to your argument. You may have noticed I attempt to use the persons office title or Mr. or Mrs. when ever possible. Call me old fashion but the exchange of ideas can be and should be civil.

    • Goethe Behr — *GOP Leader Eric Cantor Falls to Tea Party Challenger*


      Another RINO/DINO GOP Elitist goes down the drain — Economics professor Dave Brat, the American Patriot, wins in Virginia!

      Wake up call to the GOP/RNC RINO/DINO fossils, that are hanging tooth-and-nail to preserve the status quo — Embrace the Tea Party NOW, or perish later as Reject Republicans!

      Now, let us hope Chris McDaniel, the American Patriot, who defeated by a narrow margin in the Mississippi Primary the 76 year-old GOP establishment incumbent, six-term Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran (who looks like a mummy and should be the Poster Fossil for RINO/DINO’s) — wins in a couple of weeks the run-off election!


    • Tea Party American Patriot, Dave Brat, had a stunning victory over Virginia Rep. Eric Cantor, the second-highest ranking Republican Elitist in the House, for Virginia’s 7th congressional district.

      “Brat’s victory illustrates the enduring power of conservative activists [Real Americans] who think Republicans in Washington are ineffective and are determined to unseat them.

      Brat’s attacks on Cantor for his past remarks that the GOP needed to reach a deal with President Obama on the immigration issue [travesty], will likely stall any chance of a broader immigration bill passing in Congress, as other Republicans will worry about being defeated in primaries like Cantor. ”


      That’s the way to go — if we are to save the Republic from the scumbags that have taken over our Nation!!!

  4. Nate — shame on you for posting this H. Clinton redacted spiel:


    Posting a video that has been MSM Politically Corrected by REMOVING ALL SOUND from minute 9:30 – 12:33 (three minutes of audio missing from this interview), where Hillary is at her most idiotic and vile self — is SHAMEFUL on your part.

    If you want to post the actual video, with uninterrupted audio — do so!

    Otherwise, remove this slag of Hitlery propaganda from your post!

    One thing is an absolute from this video — the Main Stream Media will let you hear ONLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR — the rest is ON MUTE!

    • Further on this feminist love-fest btw Diane Sawyer and H. Clinton:

      H. Clinton — on the death of Muammar Gaddafi — she giggles like a homicidal psychopath would, saying: “We came, we saw, he died… hah, hah, haaah”. — minute 16:10

      And once again, when the Benghazi Murders of 4 Americans under her watch are broached — REMOVING ALL SOUND ON THIS is MSM’s MO; the Main Stream Media will let you hear ONLY WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR — the rest is ON MUTE) from minute 16:25 – 19:53 (another 3+ minutes of audio mysteriously gone…LOL)!

      Then follows more feminist love-fest by Diane Sawyer helping out H.Clinton in explaining how the Benghazi American Murders were “not” her fault, but HER subordinates FAULT…and how smoothly Diane Sawyers works that in her “questions” to help Hiltlery out of this mess (and yes, this audio works for a change…LOL) — watch this sickening staged exchange from minute 19:58 – 24:45 where it takes nearly 5 minutes for Diane Sawyer (now, I’ll call her an MSM scumbag) to allow H. Clinton to prattle on seeking multiple “excuses” how she was “not” at fault at failing in her job!

      Now at minute 25:11 amazingly the audio is working and Clinton spits out the truth: Only 4 Americans died in Benghazi, while 258 died way back in Beirut — so why care about these 4 American deaths…?! She is doing the Math that American lives lost count a lot less when the numbers are down, so she needs to get a free pass in comparison! How sick is this?!?!

      And Diane Sawyer keeps on feeding Hillary — minute 26:03 TILL THE END and turning it into a PURE Propaganda Nationally Televised Spiel for Clinton; there is no shame what MSM will do in their try to brainwash the American People!

      My conclusions:

      1) Diane Sawyer is an MSM paid scumbag.

      2) Hillary needs to run …. meaning run out of the USA, for if she persist to stay here, eventually we’ll have a JUST Government that will catch her, and put her in jail for her crimes!

    • Sam: I just thought of something. If there really was a large, convoluted Iran-Contra sort of scheme, there must be record of it in the Snowden files. We ought to offer him immunity if he has conclusive evidence of a CIA plot.

        • Goethe – We don’t know what Snowden has, but I’m betting that the op was set up by TeleComm between BHO, Clinton and Petraeus and no record anywhere – someone would have to be another Snitch (Whistle-Blower). And if it included the proposed snatch of Stevens then trade for the blind Sheikh, that would have been super hush. There have been articles written OUTSIDE the U.S. since Summer 2012. The really sad thing is that Stevens thought he was a Rook in all this but was actually a Pawn. (thx Die Hüdin – close friend to Stevens)

          The Liberal MSM has supported and protected BHO actions since Summer 2007 – and that dog won’t let go of that bone. Obama controls them completely but it not needed. The Conservative press is being Pissy & Partisan! 🙂

          Benghazi – he watched live from Drone feeds till Stevens and Smith were besieged and terminated, he then told someone, “they have the Conn” and headed for CA for Golf and a Fundraiser in Vegas.

          Baghdad – by the time this CinC makes a decision, The Consulate will be run over, a thousand more Americans beheaded, multiple be-maimings – THEN Many RANGERS and SEALS will arrive, kill any opposition that moves and extract!! BHO will say how many lives HE Saved?? {Benghazi – was a FlailEx training Op in comparison)

          • Sam: That’s just because you don’t really want to know the facts. Conspiracy theories thrive in the dark. I’m just saying that if there WAS a conspiracy, nobody is smart enough to hide every hint of it–especially since it was so clear that they were supremely devoid of circumspection on other issues.

            With all the embarrassing and awkward things that Snowden has already released, it must include documents about all sorts of ops. He has said that he has only released a small fraction of what he has. And even if it doesn’t say “this happened then, for this reason,” it should be obvious by tangential references what was going on.

            The longer Snowden is wandering around, the more likely every day that his docs will fall into the wrong hands, or be destroyed–or he will be.

            Although I don’t agree with how he handled the stuff, we will all be better off if he–and the documents–back, safe.

            • Goethe – I’m guessing the Chinese and Russians have each duped the drive and scanned it throughly and extracted for their own files anything they believe of value or that will be beneficial in their quest for world power.

            • Sam:

              According to Snowden, he didn’t bring the stuff with him. He claims he hid the stuff “in a safe place.”

              I’m sure the NSA, CIA, FBI, and other letters have retraced his steps, watched everyone he knows, sucked up every message anywhere near him. How could they NOT find his stash?

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