We owe the utmost respect, appreciation, and admiration to those who fought and died to give us the freedoms we enjoy today. God bless and have a blessed Memorial Day.


  1. Yes!

    We owe the utmost respect, appreciation, and admiration to those who fought and died to give us the freedoms — which the disgusting politicians keep taking away from us!

  2. off topic — but hoping some can help me find the original interview on Public TV (late 70’s or early 80’s) may have been on one of the very first C-SPAN broadcasts from 1979…?

    Can’t remember where and when on TV, but recall the gist of it in full:

    George Bush stated that he wants a New World Order, where there will be eventually a One World Government with no national borders or currencies, but one Monetary World Unit for all nations, with the United Nations being the Law of the World (not the US Constitution being our Law of our Land). This video featured a much younger Bush than the one (less “obvious” NWO video when he was in power) below.

    I need the text (or sound/video) of this early interview, for an article I’m writing on Trilatarist Bush, and the rotten apple GW that didn’t fall far from the family crabtree:

    Trilateralist George Bush Sr — wanted NWO (New World Order) in his own words:


    His son, GW, expended on his father’s anti-American designs — one must be blind not to see the freedoms we’ve lost from these creatures.

  3. Funny stuff — talking to a laconic friend of mine on Obama’s anti-American actions and his disregard for the Constitution, he said:

    Bush 2.0 with suntan….

    • Goethe Behr — not any more….

      btw, if you’ve seen this interview with Bush Sr. let me know.

    • Goethe Behr — no.

      It wasn’t a speech, but an interview on Maryland Public TV (channel 22 back then, if I recall correctly), or possibly C-SPAN.

      Reconstructing the time table when I was in DC, it had to be 1983, or later.

      I clearly recall what Bush Sr said — because it was so shocking! He spoke of the need of a One World Government and One World Monetary Unit as the ultimate goal (in detail) in order to assure complete safety, total peace (under One World Gov where the United nations would police the world) and everlasting prosperity by a non-manipulative single monetary unit for the world.

      It was so incredulous to hear an US office holder state that his goal is to use the USA as a spring board to a New World Order under One World Gov and a Single Monetary Unit (the Euro springs to mind — European Union’s Monetary Unit that replaced the actual currencies of many sovereign European nations) that this interview still remains fresh in my mind.

      Here was an US official that instead of supporting the US Constitution he was sworn to do, actually wanted the opposite — no US sovereignty and no US dollars, but total globalism instead!

      This opened my eyes to what the Bushes were, and are, all about (and their actions are to be seen by how much they’ve managed to erode the US Constitution and limit our freedoms)!

      I hope someone can locate this George Bush Sr interview in its entirety, and post it — would be much appreciated!

      • RRRC: That’s ironic. I was in DC in 1983, too–for a convention. And Bush spoke there, too. But it was a bit scary. They had two Secret Service agents, on either side of him, and they were scanning the audience as if to say, “go ahead, make my day.” That’s probably why I don’t remember his speech.

        But here’s an interesting thing: I got to the hotel and couldn’t sleep, so I walked around DC at about 2am. I went to the White House. Since it was the middle of the night, and I didn’t have a tripod, I lay down on the sidewalk, right in front of the White House, and aimed my LONG lens camera.

        I actually got some wonderful time-lapse photos. It looked like daylight, with very green grass and beautiful flowers. But later, I wondered how many snipers were aiming at me.

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