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2020 DNC Day 3: Speaking Schedule, Start Time, Live Stream (August 19)

Tonight is the night that Sen. Kamala Harris will make her big debut on national television to make her case as Joe Biden's choice...

When Will We Elect an African-American President or VP?

Back in 2008, there was a lot of talk about the end of racial discrimination. Disappointed white people, whose stereotypical, corporate white...

Democrats Would Like to Run Obama Against Trump

Even former Vice President Joe Biden personally evoked the name of President Obama early and often during the Democratic debates of last year trying...

Would Michelle Obama Accept Biden’s VP Spot?

The "Veepstakes," as it's known, runs far and wide in the weeks after a nomination appears to be wrapped up and the presumptive nominee...

Joe Biden Has His Biggest Campaign Week of 2020

There was a lot of 2020 Democratic primary news last week and this week. So much news, in fact, that it would have generated...

Could We See a “Joebama” Ticket in 2020?

Joe Biden appears on track to win the Democratic presidential nomination, even if by virus default. The discussion has moved to whom he might...

Report: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Fear a Bernie Sanders Nomination

Is it happening again for Bernie? With just days to go before the Iowa caucuses, the establishment wing of the Democratic Party, made up...

Obama: Democrats Need to “Chill Out” Over Primary Field

President Obama has stayed largely out of the 2020 Democratic primary for obvious reasons since former presidents don't usually endorse candidates early on, but...
Trump Biden Midterm Rally 2018

Will Trump’s Midterm Barnstorming Save the House?

In the remaining days of the 2018 midterm campaign, President Trump is attempting to completely capture the narrative and will spend a lot of...

Midterms Becoming Trump vs. Obama

Last week, President Obama released a list of 81 candidates across the country which have received his endorsement for their midterm election in November....

Iran Deal on the Chopping Block

Donald Trump spent lots of time on the campaign trail vowing to "tear up" the Iran deal made by President Obama to avert Iran's...
Facebook privacy

The End of Data-Driven Politics?

With the recent uproar over Facebook's privacy practices when it comes to allowing political organizations access to mountains of data, we may be coming...