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2020 RNC Day 4: President Trump Nomination Speech Live Stream (August 27)

President Trump will formally accept the Republican Party nomination tonight with a speech on the south lawn of the White House. The speech will...

Biden Advisers: Joe Will Serve One Term, No 2024 Campaign (Updated)

As far back as March, it was reported that former vice president Joe Biden had been considering, in his inner circle, a strategy to...

Which Candidate is “Most Electable” in 2020?

Well, for Republicans, it eventually didn't matter in 2016. The arguments against Donald Trump all started with the premise that he was unelectable in...

The World is Working Around US

Barack Obama received a load of criticism for his preference to “lead from behind.” It was about encouraging others to take some responsibility, and...

Woodward Trump Book Instant Best-Seller

Bob Woodward, famed Watergate reporter, release his new book, “Fear,” about the Trump White House, Tuesday. But the praise and denials were flying last...

Who Wrote the New York Times OpEd?

Washington loves a “Whodunnit.” And we now have a humdinger. Someone high in the White House has written an OpEd about the Administration for...

Fine, Let’s Talk About this Omarosa Thing

Some salacious news exploded this weekend when Omarosa, full name Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former reality TV-star who became famous on Donald Trump's reality...

Will Trump Ditch The White House In 2020?

Despite the President having already announced his intention to run for re-election, some commentators and analysts seem bent in explaining why, in their opinion,...
Trump Bannon Wolffe

Trump-Bannon-Wolff Soap Opera Continues

Donald Trump did a lot during 2017, but most people don’t know that, because most of the news was about the White House soap...

The Inevitable Breakup of Trump’s CEO Advisory Councils

Frankly, I'm surprised most of the CEOs stuck around this long on President Trump's business advisory panels. The interests of most big businesses and...

Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary

We knew this was coming for a while, right? Spicer seemed unhappy at the White House and he was working day in and day...

White House Changing Communications Strategy

Now that we're beyond Memorial Day and the President has returned from his first big international trip, it looks like the White House will...