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White House Changing Communications Strategy

Now that we're beyond Memorial Day and the President has returned from his first big international trip, it looks like the White House will...

Looking Deeper in the Polls, Here’s the Good News for Trump

You'd think the end was near and the President will be handing in a resignation letter soon depending on which media outlet you watch....

Why Did Trump Fire Comey? That is the Question

In our last article, we said we’d have to wait for the polls to see how the public is reacting to Donald Trump’s firing...

White House Offers Conflicting Messages on Comey Firing

Day by day, we're learning more about the seeming disconnect between the explanations offered by the White House communications team, an the explanations offered...

Is this the first Biden for President ad?

Courtesy of the White House, no less. Give it a watch and you tell me what the Vice President is selling other than himself...