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A Vice Presidential Debate That Actually Matters

In previous election cycles, most Vice Presidential debates have been of little consequence to the outcome of the election. Yes, it's a chance for...

“Silver” Linings and Thunder Clouds for Trump

Nate Silver, at FiveThirtyEight, has been seen as the “guru” of political and sports analysis since 2008, so when he speaks, he’s like EF...

Evan McMullin Still Looking for a ‘NeverTrump Miracle’

A few months ago, if you saw the name, McMullin, you might have thought they misspelled McDonald’s McMuffin. And Evan McMullin’s name recognition...

Sanders Wins Big in Utah and Idaho, Clinton Takes Arizona

The Democrats had three states on the line Tuesday night and Bernie Sanders came up winning two of them. Hillary Clinton took Arizona which,...

March 22nd Primary Results (Arizona, Utah, Idaho)

Both major parties are holding a primary in Arizona and a caucus in Utah today. In addition, Democrats in Idaho will also be holding...

Trump Plans to Skip March 21st Fox News Debate – Update: Debate Canceled

The event that would tentatively be last Republican debate of the primary cycle is scheduled for Monday, March 21, in Utah. Donald Trump said...