A few months ago, if you saw the name, McMullin, you might have thought they misspelled McDonald’s McMuffin. And Evan McMullin’s name recognition hasn’t increased much since then. He was probably counting on Bill Kristol, of the Weekly Standard, to rush to his support, since Kristol “guaranteed” an “impressive” conservative candidate—and gave us. . .David French, of National Review.

French went down in flames (and considerable laughter), so you’d think Kristol would embrace McMullin—a “true conservative,” former CIA agent, and exactly the kind of person Kristol said he was looking for. So what was the response from Kristol and the Weekly Standard? (Crickets.) There have been a few articles about McMullin since then, but Kristol has certainly not championed the McMullin cause.

According to the Christian Post, French says he was intimidated out of the race.

Conservative National Review writer David French, who last week contemplated launching an independent run for president, claimed Tuesday that Donald Trump supporters harassed his family members after being asked by the Trump campaign to intimidate them, while racist trolls took to social media to lambaste his adopted Ethiopian daughter.

After French announced Sunday that he will not be running for president despite pressure from Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, the Iraq War veteran told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that members of his wife’s family were personally accosted by Trump supporters over the phone, while racist trolls on the internet have disparagingly insulted his adopted Ethiopian daughter.

Well, how is McMullin doing? Last we heard, he had gotten on the ballot in enough states to earn only one-tenth of the 270 electoral votes needed. Of course, as we’ve said elsewhere, if no one gets 270, the election will be thrown into the Republican House of Representatives, and if McMullin earns even one electoral vote, he could become president. In fact, he wouldn’t need any popular votes at all—if a “faithless” elector decides to “vote his conscience,” like Chris Suprun, from Texas.

Still, McMullin is looking for “a NeverTrump miracle.”

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are unacceptable. Jill Stein is full of “weirdness.” And Gary Johnson is “astonishingly weak and dangerous.” But Evan McMullin, according to a memo the independent conservative candidate’s campaign is using to woo anti-Trump Republicans, is a miracle worker — and the one who can work the miracle America needs.

“The great American experiment has been challenges by war, economic disruption and cultural crisis before,” reads the memo, which was written by McMullin campaign manager and chief strategist Joel Searby. “Each time it seemed the great American experiment was on the ropes, someone stepped up. In this moment, that someone is Evan McMullin.”

Unfortunately for McMullin, he’s not doing well in the one state that is best suited to him. He’s a Mormon, and could appeal to Mormon Utah. But despite slamming and being slammed by Utah’s favorite Mormon, Mitt Romney, Trump still leads there, according to Hot Air.

The point of McMullin’s candidacy, I thought, was to peel off enough Republican votes in Utah to give Clinton a fighting chance at the upset there. Trump is unpopular among Mormons; McMullin is Mormon himself, was born in Provo, attended BYU, and is much more of a traditional conservative than Trump is. If he can pull, say, 20 percent in the state, a freaky-deaky outcome in which Clinton wins with 35 percent of the vote in a four-way race with Trump, McMullin, and Gary Johnson isn’t unthinkable. (A poll taken earlier this summer, months before McMullin got in, had Trump leading Clinton 29/26 in Utah with gobs of voters undecided between the two.). . .

McMullin’s barely made a dent — yet. A month ago, Utah Policy had Trump ahead of Clinton 37/25 with Johnson pulling 16 percent and another 21 percent divided between “other” and “don’t know.” Today’s it’s … Trump 39/24, with Johnson at 13 percent and McMullin at nine. Most of McMullin’s votes are coming out of the “other” and “don’t know” categories. If that trend continues, he may yet get to 20 percent but Trump could win the state easily regardless.

As noted, McMullin is battling Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for NeverTrump votes, according to The Hill. So he has turned his attention to Johnson, in the same way Republican candidates knocked each other, instead of Trump in the primaries.

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin says he doesn’t consider Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson to be a “serious candidate.”

“I just don’t see Gary Johnson as a serious candidate and I think Americans are realizing that,” McMullin said Friday on CNN’s “At This Hour.”

“He has no knowledge of foreign policy, he spends his time advocating for legalized prostitution and for a drug culture here in America, rather than dealing with problems that are really big like our economy and our national security and government reform,” McMullin said.

That’s not to say that he has backed off on criticizing Trump, whom McMullin says has, “the judgment of a squirrel, according to Fox News.

McMullin is hoping that there can be an “undercard debate,” as there were in the Republican primaries.

Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin is challenging Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein to an undercard debate.

McMullin on Wednesday told The Hill in a Facebook Live interview that he’d be happy to throw down with Johnson and Stein in a separate debate. It appears increasingly likely that only Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton will make the cut for the first presidential debate later this month.


  1. McMullin criticises the other candidates. He says Clinton and Trump are unacceptable, Jill Stein is weird and Gary Johnson is weak and dangerous. What has Evan McMullin done??

    Evan McMullin says he is a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN. His goal in this campaign of his is to peel off enough votes from Trump in Utah so that Clinton wins the state. What about that goal shows he is a Republican at all? If his goal is to cost the Republicans the election, he should reconsider relabeling himself as a SPOILER!!!?

    Finally there never will be an UNDERCARD DEBATE. McMullin, Johnson and Stein have done nothing to deserve one. I am a Trump supporter and would never vote for Clinton, but both of them have been on the campaign trail for over a year. For that I can and do respect them both for their effort.?

    • I disagree with your premise. Trump and Hillary are the least popular candidates in American history. If someone else grabs the public’s attention and approval, bully for them. I certainly wouldn’t vote for the other major party candidate–who is least like what I want–just because they have gone through our insane process.,

      • We are presently stuck with this process. The way I see it, I would rather go to WAR with somebody who has experienced combat.

        I can’t say for sure, but I’ll wager that many regardless of political affiliation, feel as I do.

        • No doubt. But if there were an undercard debate, and people actually got to hear the third party candidates–and a majority of the country said. “YES! THAT’S JUST HOW I THINK!” Do you then think we shouldn’t be able to vote our conscience??

          By the way, McMullin never said he wanted to help Hillary. That was HotAir’s spin, trying to make him out to be a spoiler. At one point, the polls in Utah showed Trump, Hillary, and Johnson at 28, 27, 25. McMullin thought he could grab a majority of the 72% no-trump.

          • I went off the article you posted. First off if McMullin wants to keep Trump from winning Utah, neither he nor Stein or Johnson would win the state. By my calculations that only leaves Clinton. He may not have said that HE WANTED CLINTON TO WIN, but the implication of what he did say are all but apparent.

            Having an UNDERCARD DEBATE wouldn’t be a bad idea. It however would be a colossal waste of time, this election cycle. From what I have read and seen on TV from the three who would be in such a debate, they have little to offer. If as you say there are people who want to know more about any of them, they better hit the books, Internet or newspapers to get more information about them.

            • What did McMullin say that makes you think he’s for Hillary?

              I think the threshold should be that the candidate is on enough state ballots to win 270 electoral votes. To say “you can’t be heard by the people–because the people haven’t heard from you” is insane.

  2. I’d love to see an undercard debate. Intelligent people interacting with each other in a professional and respectful manner would likely shock the poor millenials, who’ve probably never heard anyone referred to as “my worthy opponent” in politics in their lifetime. I’d welcome the chance to see all the third-party candidates debate, not just the main three. #StandUpWithEvan #VoteYourConscience

  3. I totally disagree. I believe the American people are looking for something different than Trump and Clinton, who they both consider to be marginal candidates. McMullin fits that bill, having more experience in international counter terrorism, international corporate banking experience, and experience in working as the Policy Director for the United States Congress.

    He knows the issues has stood on Middle Eastern streets and learned the culture. He has worked directly with soldiers and is very familiar with military procedures. Today, we are fighting a different type of war, not the war we saw in Vietnam, which had evolved from the war our fathers fought in World War II. It is a far different war than the one Trump is familiar, when as a child, he attended a posh military academy. Trump has experience, as a child, attending a military school fifty three years ago, but he doesn’t have the experience of today’s military and what is effective in fighting small armies of terrorists.

    McMullin has a special sense of compassion toward people, which isn’t seen within Trump or Clinton. He has the background of an everyday American. He attended American schools, local colleges, and lived in an everyday neighborhood. He drove a car and rode in the cars of his friends. He played sports and interacted with everyday kids in high school. He lived the lives many of us have lived.

    On the other hand, Trump grew up in a mansion, rode in his father’s limousine and has spent the last thirty years secluded in his New York tower. He doesn’t shop for groceries or even know the cost of heating a small home in everyday America. He hasn’t faced the problem of whether to pay for his child’s sixth grade educational camp at school or the medical bills. He hasn’t had to make the tough decisions people in everyday families make.

    And, unlike McMullin, he hasn’t had to make the decisions of life or death, of putting one’s self at risk for protection of one’s country. He hasn’t made the sacrifices of our troops. In fact, no member of his family has ever served in the military since coming to the United States in the past three generations. No person in his family has significantly stood up in their communities and took an active lead on behalf of the people.

    McMullin is different than Clinton. While Clinton was bringing out the negative in society and others, McMullin was out there working on the positive. He worked a relief effort in Jordan and pounded the middle eastern streets to find the people who held the clues and answers to how to best protect the American people and fight terrorism. He worked on contributing to America most of his lifetime.

    Unlike either Trump or Clinton, McMullin did not aspire to become a President. He is a natural leader. He did it because the American people wanted a choice other than Trump or Clinton. He felt the same responsibility toward his country in making that choice as he did in making the choice to put his life at risk and serve us, in hostile conditions, for ten years, as a CIA agent. He did so at our request. We strongly needed someone to stand up.

    Unlike either Trump or Clinton, McMullin is like most Americans and offers the best voice for Americans. He represents the best in us and is solid and stable. There is a strong undercard debate which is existing in America today. It is simply being masked by the media and by articles such as this, denying it exists. Over 40% of all Americans now hold independent status. That, in itself, indicates there is a strong undercard debate.

    McMullin’s campaign is one month old. In that time, he holds over 9% of the Utah vote. When polling begins to recognize him, I believe perhaps it would be time to revisit this. In the meantime, it is important that voters realize they have a choice and a voice in what will happen in their America, as well as in the America of the Trumps and of the Clintons.

    The media needs to address this voice as equally as they address the voice of the Trumps and of the Clintons and if they do so, out of ethical responsibilities, there will be equality in America and the question of whether or not the undercard debate exists will be answered….strongly.

  4. McMullin is already a hero. He doesn’t need this, he just cares so much he was compelled to do something, to fulfill his duty as a true patriot. I wasn’t about to support him when a friend who went to highschool with him in Texas suggested I check him out. It took me a couple weeks, but I am all in. This is not just about winning an election, this is amount changing the course of America by the smallest of degrees, and it matters. I dare your to listen, to watch, to read about Evan McMullin and see if it doesn’t affect you.

  5. I’m voting for Evan McMullin. Here’s why. He’s pro life, supports our second amendment rights, experienced in foreign policy as well as compassionate to refugees, served our country in fighting terrorism as a CIA operative, Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University(Top 100 Universities) in International law and diplomacy, Master’s degree from the Wharton school of business (Top 4 business school), Business experience in the investment banking division of Goldman/Sachs, Mormon/LDS volunteer missionary in Brazil for 2 years, Volunteer Refugee Resettlement Officer in Amman, Jordan, experience as a senior advisor to the House committee on foreign affairs and chief policy director of the House Republican conference, Constitutional originalist. He’s intelligent AND He’s ARTICULATE. He’s an example to children! In my book, all of these qualify him to be president ahead of all the other candidates running. I am proud to support Evan McMullin for President. If you aren’t proud of the candidate you support, give Evan a long hard look. To those who say he has no chance at winning…he doesn’t have to win to be successful. If enough people will get behind him to help him win as few as one state’s delegates, depending on the vote split between H and DT, we can BLOCK the two candidates from getting 270 delegates which would throw the election to the House of Representatives. To those who say I’m wasting my vote, my vote would indeed be wasted if I voted for someone against my conscience. There are many people who are sick about their choices this election. Here’s a choice you don’t have to be sick about. Join me in rejecting EVIL. I invite you to join me in not only voting for Evan but in volunteering to give him the needed support to be successful. Donate to his campaign…even a little helps. Speak up for Evan. #EndorseEvan. Encourage our country’s leaders to StandUpWithEvan. He’s been gaining momentum. In one short month he has gained ballot access either on the ballot or as an official write-in candidate in at least 21 states, with more to be added. Don’t through negativism give up this one best chance to do something good for our country. One person can make a difference. Help me spread the word to those who don’t yet know about Evan McMullin. He stood up to run. Let’s #StandUpwithEvan.

  6. If McMullin comes off as someone who complains but never speaks on the issues, it is because the Media only asks him about his thoughts concerning the other candidates. The media needs to ask McMullin where he stands on the issues and let him talk so the American Public knows where he stands and what type of a person he is.

    In reality, McMullin has been gathering support quickly over a short period of time. None of the other candidates have picked up their support as quickly. He is currently a candidate in 21 states and expects to be on 40-45 states by the time the election rolls around. That means he can most definitely win the election if people vote their conscience.

    Why do I support McMullin:

    His background: He has explicit knowledge of the Middle East, Finances, and Congress, while actually knowing that judges don’t make laws.

    His Immigration policy: He is reasonable in how he would handle immigration. He won’t deport 11 million people and he won’t grant amnesty to 11 million people. Instead, he will 1st secure the border, 2nd provide a path to immigrants who have not broken the law after arriving illegally, 3rd will deal with undocumented criminals w/o leniency.

    I agree with his thoughts on ISIS – that we need to pick up the pace and use strategies that do not immediately include ground troops, while still protecting those people who are not at fault.

    I agree with his Pro-life stance

    I agree with a simplified tax – and the House Plan

    I agree with expanding the military as necessary according to strategic plans and providing them with the supplies they need, while not spending money without thought of needs.

    I agree with treating people humanely.

    Most importantly, I agree that we need to become unified as a country. We cannot do that if we side with someone who does not understand the importance of treating all citizens with respect. We cannot be unified if we continually knock each other over by making unnecessary and ruthless comments toward each other. We need to come together through a mutual respect and love for our differences and our similarities. McMullin is the only candidate who believes in unity.

  7. McMuffin is just a pawn and was sold a bill of good’s by the jealous establishment folks. Get Trump in the White House and I guarantee he will surround himself with wise and good people who know much more about individualized topics than most anyone.

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