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The Top Six Senate Races To Watch On Election Day

As I discussed in a previous article of mine, the eyes of the nation (and indeed the world) are quite rightly fixed on the White...

Ted Cruz Still in the News

Yes, Ted Cruz’ “non-endorsement endorsement” of Donald Trump is “last week’s news,” but Cruz has made headlines since then, which is what he always...

McCain Faces Primary Opponent (and Breitbart)

The “elderly” presidential candidates (as Ben Carson calls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton) are not the only candidates whose health is being questioned. ...

Rand Paul may filibuster Patriot Act vote – Update: Live Video

He says he'll do "everything humanly possible" to try and stop the Patriot Act from being expanded or passed as-is in the US Senate....

What Will the U.S. Senate Look Like in 2015?

Following the 2014 midterm elections in which Republicans gained control of the United States Senate, the legislative body will have a new look and...

Tortured Again: By The Senate

Intellectual torture is back, generated by a fully partisan effort by Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s insistence on releasing an...

2014 Primary Super Tuesday: KY, GA, PA, OR, AR, and ID

In terms of the 2014 midterm election, today is the Super Bowl for primaries around the country. Some of the biggest races will see...