In terms of the 2014 midterm election, today is the Super Bowl for primaries around the country. Some of the biggest races will see nominees decided tonight.

Report from ABC News:

Today is the big one, the Super Tuesday of the primary season, with six states holding primaries across the country, including Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Oregon,and Pennsylvania.

Today’s key race features the senate minority leader pummeling a tea party challenger in Kentucky, setting up perhaps the marquee matchup of 2014. A pediatric neurosurgeon is trying to get the GOP nomination in Oregon after a weekend of stories about her personal life. Children and grandchildren of politicians are trying to send another generation to elected office. And a Clinton in-law is eager to get her old House seat back. That’s just a taste of the variety of choices voters have in the six states voting today.

Looks like Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is cruising to an easy victory over Tea Party-backed challenger Matt Bevin. This had been a tightening race but Bevin’s stumbles in recent months opened up a double-digit lead for McConnell.

Starting tomorrow, in most cases, the general race for control of the US Senate will begin now that a good portion of the primaries are over.