In terms of the 2014 midterm election, today is the Super Bowl for primaries around the country. Some of the biggest races will see nominees decided tonight.

Report from ABC News:

Today is the big one, the Super Tuesday of the primary season, with six states holding primaries across the country, including Arkansas, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Oregon,and Pennsylvania.

Today’s key race features the senate minority leader pummeling a tea party challenger in Kentucky, setting up perhaps the marquee matchup of 2014. A pediatric neurosurgeon is trying to get the GOP nomination in Oregon after a weekend of stories about her personal life. Children and grandchildren of politicians are trying to send another generation to elected office. And a Clinton in-law is eager to get her old House seat back. That’s just a taste of the variety of choices voters have in the six states voting today.

Looks like Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is cruising to an easy victory over Tea Party-backed challenger Matt Bevin. This had been a tightening race but Bevin’s stumbles in recent months opened up a double-digit lead for McConnell.

Starting tomorrow, in most cases, the general race for control of the US Senate will begin now that a good portion of the primaries are over.


    • And more lessons to be learned from an Establishment Politician vs a true Patriot:

      “McConnell is speaking from a teleprompter. Bevin didn’t even appear to be speaking from notes.”

      During the [concession] speech, Bevin said only that he had “no intention of supporting the Democrat platform.”

      With his family around him (him, choked up; his wife crying) Bevin told his supporters to take the high road despite the false attacks from his opponent. Politico’s James Hohmann quoted Bevin: “If we return fire for fire, then we will burn our great nation to the ground. And we deserve better than that.” At the end of the speech, Hohmann notes, Bevin encouraged the crowd to introduce themselves to someone nearby they didn’t know.

  1. Good news:

    “Clinton-backed candidate Margolies loses to Boyle in Pa.”

    Former congresswoman Marjorie Margolies will not be making a return to Congress next year after a 20-year absence.

    Margolies, the mother-in-law of Chelsea Clinton, was defeated in the Democratic primary for the U.S. House in Pennsylvania’s 13th district Tuesday by state Rep. Brendan Boyle, who was carrying 58 percent of the vote when the Associated Press called the race for him with most precincts reporting. Margolies was second with 22 percent.

    Boyle had strong backing from organized labor, which allowed him to overcome Margolies’s high-profile support from Bill and Hillary Clinton, who helped her raise money. Bill Clinton even cut an ad for Margolies.

    The good news is that the Clinton’s’ support gives obvious stigma, not boost, for a Dem candidate!

    Hopefully, this will mean that Hitlery being a Clinton, won’t get to 2016!

  2. Election Lab Model predicts for 2014 Senate: 48 Dems and 52 Repubs

    This may sound good, but the question is how many of these Repubs will be Neocons and how many true patriots…i.e. Tea Party, so a REAL difference could be swung in the direction of what’s best for real Americans!

    How Election Lab works:

    I see this as a conservative estimate — my prediction is 46 Dems and 54 Repubs — (many more young people will be eligible to vote Nov 2014, that despise Obama and his ilk)!

  3. We need more such Patriots:

    *Rep. Paul Broun (GA) voiced his support for impeaching President Obama. Broun has also said he doesn’t know if Obama is a U.S. citizen.*

    When will Obama show his Real Birth Certificate.. instead of a made up phoney copy the White House released on his behalf?!

  4. Speaking of Clinton, William Kristol has a great editorial in the May 19th Weekly Standard. It explains how careless her foreign affairs policies were and makes another case for the need of a powerful Republican to succeed as President in 2016.

    • Bill Clinton is the most corrupt president of our time. he is praying for a Republican president to be elect, so the Republican party can be blame for the collapse of the country. Most Americans are misinform and in complete denial of the whole economic situation in the USA. We are going down and our hope for a new America is the people of faith, they will restore our moral principles and values and a new America will be born from all this mess we are in.

  5. I’m having a hard time understanding . . . it appears that Kentuckians are as Low Information as most of the Democrats – MSM advertising and access to MSM wins once more – his troubles are just beginning as he he faces a Dem and their her MSM backing and $$. being good enough isn’t good enuff you have to shred your opponent, even if it is your own party.

    • sam — spot on.

      Sadly, this is a prequel of things to come….

      GOP/RNC are primarily interested in destroying the Tea Party, winning elections is shamefully their secondary goal!

    • sam — this will be my new handle…until we get it done (than back to Surfisher)!

  6. Either way the primaries go, (rhino or conservative/libertarian) there are troubles for the democratic party. Nobody cares about their hot button issues anymore. The things that are moving the country now are a desire to either moderate (get less liberal), or become more conservative/libertarian.

    I think America was done with liberalism some time in the late 70’s. It crescendoed (sp) with Bill Clinton attempting to go Obama’s route, losing the house and senate, then finally proclaiming the age of big government was over, worked with Republicans to cut spending and taxes…resulting in 4 years of surplus. America put faith in the republican party with the election of GWB, but after their moderate reversal on spending (never went back to the Reagan years, nor anywhere close to Obama years), America lost faith with republicans…but still didn’t turn to liberalism.

    Obama was elected using moderate terminology, his liberalism cost him the House, and almost the Senate…it may cost him the Senate in 2014…low information voters re-elected him. Now Obamacare has put more people off of their coverage than signed up (nobody knows if the uninsured have really been helped in any significant way), the nation has had its right to choose taken away…what do you think is going to happen in 2014?

    Passionate Ignorance (or cynical indifference) may win again, all points show toward a 3rd republican revolution in the past 30 20 years.

    • Josh — spot on!

      The Democrooks have outlived their liberal tripe. No one buys into their crap any longer! So the Dems are now the Party of The Marching Morons!

      Let’s hope the Repubs don’t follow the same path of ignominiousness, and allow the Tea Party to carry them on in the 21st century instead …replacing the shameless RINOS/DINOS…in order to save the Republican Party’s original path, and SAVE OUR NATION!

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