Following the 2014 midterm elections in which Republicans gained control of the United States Senate, the legislative body will have a new look and feel come 2015. With majority control of the Senate comes majority control of the important committees which can make or break any piece of legislation before it even reaches the Senate floor.

Report from Yahoo News:

Republican senators poised to lead major committees when the GOP takes charge are intent on pushing back many of President Barack Obama’s policies, setting up potential showdowns over environmental rules, financial regulations and national security.

The all-GOP Congress — Republicans also have a commanding majority in the House — gives the powerful Senate committee heads a newfound opportunity to steer legislation and help shape the national debate.

With Republicans winning control of the Senate in the November election, all the committees will get new leaders, though all have been around for years.

The heads of the 13 major committees and Veterans’ Affairs are some of the most senior members of the Senate. Three are octogenarians and four are in their late 70s. Only one new leader will be a woman; Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski is in line to take over the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Control of committees is what leads to legislation moving to a vote by the full Senate. Depending on which party controls these committees will determine the direction of the Senate in many respects. While the Majority Leader retains a great deal of control, the committees have the power to kill a bill before it can even be considered by the full body. Check the article for a full run-down of the new committee leaders if you’re interested for some deeper background.


  1. Well the establishment republicans made sure no Tea Party members won a primary so therefore the ball is entirely in there court. They however don’t want to dismantle the corporate welfare state but like the Bush family they believe in re-thinking government not shrinking government. They don’t even believe in free markets but a strong government hand. And that hand belongs to and will be benevolent toward their friends. In other words they believe in a large government that serves their ends. All one has to look at is the past election that they supposedly won yet since the election two months ago they have given the left a trillion dollar budget and amnesty. If they spent half the time attacking President Obama that they do attacking Sen. Cruz and Paul they may accomplish something. It’s not statecraft they practice but stagecraft.×363.gif

    • As I said elsewhere, Americans like action. Indications are that the new Congress will hit the ground running, pushing the pipeline immediately, for example. They should unveil another “Contract For America,” and focus on specific programs.

      Of course, they don’t have the presidency, and they don’t have 60 votes in the senate, and his latest surge in popularity should embolden Obama to veto bills.

      So if the GOP Congress wants to get things done, they’ll have to either (a) garner overwhelming public support on specific issues, or (b) negotiate with Obama. If they let Obama claim credit, the way Bill Clinton did, they could probably do quite a bit. But, of course, ego will get in the way, and if they think Obama will get any credit, they’ll likely pack it in and pout.

  2. In simple terms:

    If a conservative miracle happens, and Neocons Boehner and Mitch McConnell do not win, but Tea Party reps do, we’ll finally have both houses GOOD for the American people.

    Since this is unlikely — our votes kicking out the Dems would have been for naught — and these two Establishment Leaders will keep again the houses BAD for We the People.

    If at least one of them gets the boot — we might have a fighting chance to save Our Republic.

  3. There is still a chance to dump John Boehner — contact your Representatives NOW, THIS MORNING, and tell them that a vote FOR Boehner will result in your vote AGAINST them come next election!

    Find Your Representative below:


    !!! Under House rules, a speaker can be challenged at any time. Any of the
    435 House members can introduce a bill to boot a speaker—and obtain a
    quick vote. According to the House rules, “A resolution declaring vacant
    the office of Speaker is presented as a matter of high constitutional
    privilege.” This means that such a measure essentially goes to the front
    of the line. It doesn’t have to wind its way through the rules
    committee, where the speaker and his allies could smother the
    legislation. Nor would this privileged motion require unanimous consent
    to reach the House floor. A House member need only announce his or her
    intention to place this resolution on the floor, and the speaker must
    schedule a vote within two legislative days. The measure then can pass
    on a majority vote, as long as a quorum (that is, half the House) is
    present. !!!

    Stand by this, American Patriots:

    “If Rep. John Boehner remains the new
    House Speaker, old establishment Republican policies of going along to
    get along will continue. If Sen. Mitch McConnell remains the Senate
    Majority Leader, it will be business as usual,” said another email blast
    issued Monday night by the U.S. Patriots Union. “The message sent by
    the American people in the 2014 election is that we will no longer
    tolerate business as usual in Washington D.C. and we will hold
    politicians accountable for ignoring that message!”

    • p.s. forgot to add:

      Bylaws allow a Senator, such as Ted Cruz, to be elected House Speaker!

      I’ll take Cruz over Boehner ANYTIME!!!

    • 560,000 letters tell House GOP Boehner must go! Will Congress notice stack nearly 19 stories high?

      1/2 Million plus letters over the slowest year-end political weekend says it ALL — No More Boehner!

      “The campaign
      that allows voters to tell their representatives in the U.S. House they
      should find another speaker for the coming session of Congress, and
      “Dump Boehner,” already has generated 560,000 letters – or a stack that will be nearly 19 stories tall on delivery.

      “Unfortunately, they won’t all arrive
      before Tuesday’s vote. However, if Boehner wins the speakership, the
      campaign will continue, since the House can hold a no-confidence vote on
      the speaker at any time while in session. So Boehner won’t be out of
      the woods if he survives Tuesday’s challenge.”

  4. The Speaker of the House is the only vote for leadership in Congress that is held in the open, with cameras watching as each member stands up and audibly casts his or her vote. Twenty five votes were cast against John Boehner, in the biggest defection from an incumbent speaker in at least 100 years. A vote was cast for Senator Rand Paul to be Speaker, also a vote for Colin Powell, ironically, no vote for Ted Cruz.

    The new Republican Congress says it is ready to vote and pass the XL Keystone Project. The 2,639-mile Keystone Pipeline System already transports almost one-quarter of Canada’s crude oil exports to the United States. This pipeline is owned by TransCanada, a Canadian Company, who will reap the major financial windfalls. The US State Department has said it will create 42,000 construction jobs but will create only 50 permanent posts once it is completed. TransCanada’s Keystone XL would carry up to 830,000 barrels
    per day of tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada more than two thousand miles to refineries on our Gulf Coast. The pipeline would cross six Americanstates including Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, directly through America’s agricultural heartland. Tar sands oil is one of the most
    polluting and carbon-intensive fuels in the world. Why make the Canadian’s rich at the expensive
    of our environment?

    • FORBES investigated.

      They show projections of an averaging about 10,000 temporary jobs (the feds think we’ll get about 6,000, and a Cornell study said it could be as low as 2.500). Once competed, the State Department projects only 35 (thirty-five) jobs in permanent maintenance and inspection.

      Forbes warns that the real problem in states along the pipeline trail will be boom-bust, noting that the trans-Canada pipeline produced some good times–for awhile–followed by high unemployment.

      Forbes still promotes energy development, but notes that “jobs” is not a legit argument.

      • Goethe…The predominately Republican House of Representatives stepped to the plate, as promised’ and passed the infamous XL Keystone project. As Josh Green aptly reported “A State Department study last year concluded that Keystone would create 35 permanent, full-time U.S. jobs – about what you’d get from opening a new Denny’s franchise.” The pipeline will carry heavy tar sand oil from a landlocked Canadian area and cross several U.S. states to refineries along the Texas Gulf Coast where it would be refined and exported to foreign countries. The financial winners are Canadian Oil Companies, the Koch Interests, and the Representatives and Senators who received large contributions. Unbelievable, but
        Grover Nordquist was one of their paid Lobbyist.

        Being from an oil producing state, my greatest concern is the water supply. The proposed first leg of the Project would impact waterbodies across the states of Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska. The proposed Project claims it will avoid surface water whenever possible; however, the proposed Project route would still cross approximately 1,073 waterbodies, including 56 perennial rivers and streams, as well as approximately 25 miles of mapped floodplains. All pipelines are subject to leaks, spills and explosions. This pipeline is
        inherently dangerous, the fuel that it will carry is inherently poisonous to our landscape and to the very air we breathe. The Project would disturb approximately 15,493 acres of land, many American’s will lose their land through forced sales. The pipeline will go through a portion of the Ogallala Aquifer in Nebraska. The Ogallala system covers 174,000 square miles beneath eight different states, ranging north-south from North Dakota to Texas, and from Nebraska in the east all the way west to parts of New Mexico.

        Senator Mitch McConnell recently said it would not cost taxpayer any money. Well, not really. The Keystone XL tar sands pipeline as committed shippers will receive between $1 billion and $1.8 billion in tax breaks. They are paid specifically for investing in equipment to process the heavy sour oil the pipeline promises to deliver. The largest of these refineries, Motiva, is half owned by Saudi Refining Inc andcwill receive between $680 million and $1.1 billion in U.S. taxpayer support. Now, that’s a lot of taxpayer dollars.

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